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2008 Frost/Nixon 1 Review
1984 Perfect Strangers 2 Reviews

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Frost/Nixon (2008)
yowza was written on January 21, 2009

Running naked into the ocean

Toward the end of the movie, Matthew MacFadyen, playing Frost associate John Birt, celebrates the success of the Frost/Nixon interviews by running naked into the ocean. MacFadyen is a nice-looking Brit in his mid-30s, and looks slightly chunky as he's shown from the back. Not a good scene, as it's a little dark and the camera lingers above his waistline for the longest time; just when you think they're not going to show his butt, you get a quick, dark view of it. It looked pretty decent, all things considered.

Perfect Strangers (1984)
GDH was written on June 24, 2001

Less is more

Macfadyen is pretty in an unremarkable way, and has an alright body. In the second episode of this BBC serial, we seem him laying naked in bed. Although he's under the sheets, they only cover about two-thirds of his backside, exposing the top of the cleft between his buttocks. There may only be slightly more skin on display than that shown by your average pair of Speedos, but it's blatant titillation and very erotic.

Sommersonne10 was written on September 13, 2008

bath room scene

In the bathroom scene, you see that he is very very hairy! I love that! You can even see his hairy back in this movie! So it's a must for all fans! He's very brave to show all his body hair! Thank you for not shaving it and showing it to us!

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