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James Wilby
Ozzie700 was written on September 28, 2004

Deleted scene

In another scene recreated from the book but deleted from the released film (you can see it on the DVD), Maurice stands naked in front of a full-length mirror, wanting to understand his attraction to a man's body. Wilby's lean body and average cock can be seen in a few frames, but what stands out most is his incredibly tight, firm, squeezable buttocks. You could bounce a quarter off of them, and it's a shame they went unseen in the released film. At least you get to see them now. Better late than never!

bmg was written on January 15, 2000


He's nude in a shower with a bunch of other young guys. We only see his butt, but we get good, clear views of everyone else's penises as well. **** for the scene.

Ozzie700 was written on June 23, 2001

Examination and After Sex

James isn't nude in the gym scene, although he does look at some of the nude men horsing (literally in a few cases) around. At about an hour and 15 minutes in, the family doctor examines his penis to see if he's "normal" (not seen), and he would seem to have a nice butt based on the way his shirttail drapes his backside. James IS nude after he and and Rupert have sex in the hotel. He sits up, and his average penis and balls are clearly seen for a few seconds. If you can take your eyes off Rupert Graves, he isn't bad to look at. A fairly boring performance from James, but then the role is somewhat dull. I can't state enough how much I love that both men are nude, since so many films have men in their underwear even after immediately having sex.

Adrian Ross Magenty
Ozzie700 was written on September 28, 2004

Butt = deleted scene

Boyish, twinky Adrian appears in a scene that was recreated from the book but deleted from the film (you can see it now on the Maurice DVD - thank you, producers, for showing courtesy that many filmmakes never even bother with!). He plays the nephew of Maurice's family doctor. Maurice becomes states at his firm, nude young body as he sleeps. His trim, small buns are briefly seen, mostly from a side angle. The eroticism and forbidden nature of the sequences is more memorable than the nudity.

Mattg was written on January 24, 2009

Adorable twink's butt in bed

Dreamy Adrain must have been 18 or 19 for this scene, which was cut from the original film but now appears as a lovely extra on the DVD. He plays some hot young twinkie guy, the son of somebody, who stays over at Maurice's family home for some reason. Maurice volunteers to wake the lad up and ventures upstairs into his bedroom, hoping to catch a flash of nudity on the young thing. He's not disappointed, Adrian appears nude lying on his stomach in bed, his bubble butt showing with the sheets strategically pulled back. He's got a great body, then he wakes and shyly pulls the sheets back amid Maurice's "apology". Wowser! Very yummy! Most nice of the producers to include this scene on the DVD.

Rupert Graves
MousseT was written on September 30, 1998

Jumps out of bed after love scene.

Working class youth leaves his male lover in bed to get up, do a couple of good turns around the room naked, and gets dressed.

jude was written on October 6, 1998

a really brave actor

Rupert shows everything in Maurice.. .a really professional but cute actor

yowza was written on June 30, 1999

Completely nude in bedroom

Rupert Graves is extremely cute, and unhurriedly shows full frontal in the nude scene. But the real treat is his extremely nice ass as he's putting his shirt on, and then his lover hugs him while he's still nude from the waist-down. Sweet!

FRuSTRaTeD was written on February 10, 2003

long full frontal in bedroom

This happens at the end of Chapter 13 on the DVD. Rupert and James are in bed together after "saying goodbye". Rupert jumps on top of his lover underneath the covers, then stands up showing a side view of his penis. He continues to walk around the bedpost, stopping to look at himself in the mirror, giving us a long look at him from front-on. He is quite long and uncut. As he picks up his shirt his penis moves out of frame, but the camera follows him to the front of the bed, and it can be seen again as he puts his shirt on, and hangs just below the bottom of his shirt. James sits up from the bed (fully nude) and hugs Rupert (nude from waist down) and we see a long shot of his butt as he presses himself against James' chest. When he again turns around there is another shot of his penis and balls hanging below his shirt. And to top it all off, as he pulls his underwear up, his penis flops up from under his shirt TWICE, and is on full display for a few more seconds. A perfect male nudity scene that even lasts a while.

rollotreadway was written on November 10, 2002


This wonderfully faithful adaptation of E.M Forster's posthumously publised novel contains one of the greatest nude scenes of all time. Gentlemanly, repressed Maurice (James Wilby) has finally experienced sexual fulfillment with Scudder (Rupert Graves)-- a swarthy, bold-eyed gameskeeper who is that one-in-a-million dreamboy we all wish we could find. Graves (currently seen on PBS in "The Forsyte Saga") is, as the previous reviewer indicated, smoothly, sleekly handsome and very well endowed. The scene is long, languid, and emphasizes the tenderness of the two embracing in their little hotel room both aware of the difficulty they will face sustaining their love in the outside world. (P.S. Wilby is nude as well, and is quite beautiful in his own right, but I can't imagine anyone being able to unglue their eyes off of Graves.)

Mattg was written on January 24, 2009

Graves' hottest nude scene

I heartily agree with other reviewers. Rupert Graves is at his most beautiful in this film, and in the key hotel room scene in particular. Graves' Scudder character lies in bed next to Maurice, then tossles with him and then, on cue, slowly gets out of bed revealing his naked ass and cock. His side buttocks, framing his gorgeous cock is a thing to behold - but he quickly darts behind a bed post, then walks toward the camera, putting on a shirt. We do get peeks at his cock and bubble butt under his shirt for a minute or two. Rupert was in his prime here - appearing fully naked in two James Ivory films in a row - Room With a View in 1986 in the infamous skinny dipping scene and this, in 1987. Ivory clearly had good taste in young men and gave us the gift of Rupert Graves's abundant and perfect nudity, which over 20 years later still simmers with eroticism.

punkboner was written on March 6, 2006

Beautiful young man and his nice perfect behind

I have to agree with Ozzy and just add that his character is what makes me love this film. Rupert is so honest and unabashedly real, that his nudity seems like is in the room with you. You smell is workingclass grim and love it all the same. He is a boy/man who acts on his desire. His body is perfect and the kind of body you want next to you on a cold night. Nice butt and all.

Ozzie700 was written on June 23, 2001


Rupert is Scudder, the boyish gameskeeper with the melting brogue who loves Maurice with soul and body. And what a body he has. Lush lips; big, soft brown eyes; a rosy-hued, lean body; the flesh seems to cover his frame as silk, not skin. He has a few sexual scenes with Maurice, the first being bare chests and some kissing, but no real nudity. The second, an illicit afternoon in a hotel room after Scudder tracked Maurice down, is in the last third of the film, and beautiful. After a little tussle with his lover, Scudder slowly gets out of bed, his long penis flopping as he walks to his clothes. He puts on his shirt first, so when Maurice turns him around for a hug, most of his smooth, dimpled bubble butt (SuperBubble might be a better word) is visible for a good 16 or 17 seconds. You can see his penis hanging down below the waistline, and to make the last glimpse even hotter, it bounces when he steps into his underwear. Rupert basically has to play the ultimate fantasy man (E.M. Foster, the author of the book, based the lead character on himself, and Scudder was there to give Maurice what E.M. could never have), and he does an amazing job. He's beautiful and a superb actor, I don't know why he hasn't had a bigger career. Warning: Look for the video. If you watch the letterboxed edition, part of Rupert's penis is cut off as he goes around the room.

Ozzie700 was written on June 23, 2001


That's E.M. Forster, not Foster, sorry.

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