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Maximum Risk's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Henstridge, Natasha 15 Reviews

Maximum Risk's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Van Damme, Jean-Claude 4 Reviews
Grenier, Zach 1 Review

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Natasha Henstridge
Chaz was written on January 3, 2001

Sex on a bathroom cabinet

Natasha goes topless and wears great lingerie as Van Damme fucks her. She whines with sheer pleasure as he grabs a hold of her hair. Could have been helluva lot better than this. If you want to se a good love scene with Natasha go for the Species films, not this. Still definitely worth a look though.

Rudeboy was written on January 3, 2003

Saucy Natasha Takes MAXIMUM RISK In Bath Room!

Another GREAT and HOT Sex Scene from the Saucy and might I add Sexy Natasha Henstridge. These Two Character were made for each other and this scene Prooves IT. On one side we've got the Strong Muscular Van Damme and on the other The Stunning Femme Fatal Natasha. Earliear on Van damm is spying on Natasha who is changing in the Bathroom then he decides to go in and take care of some Biusness. He starts by Kissing Her then removes her Top while they passionatly Kiss She removes her Black Bra to Revel those Beautifull Silicon Knockers and they carry on Kissing when he Picks her up and Places her Gorgouse Butt on to the palm of the Sink which we get a Glimpse of. She still has her Sexy black Stocking on and He starts to have Fuck her standing up while he Kisses her their is alot of heavy Breathing and Thurusting by Natasha who is really getting battered. Nice to see two Great actors go At IT!

Omni was written on August 8, 2000

Public bathroom sex - bleck!

Not much to add other than: the scene is just ok. It has a good view of Natasha's breasts but is short and not all that sexy.

Chicago was written on November 16, 2002

2 scenes

At :46, Jean-Claude glances over at Natasha in time to see her doffing her bra and putting on another shirt seen in a mirror...breasts from a distance for 8 sec. At 1:11.25, Jean-Claude takes off Natasha's bra in the bathroom while their captors are outside; her right breast is seen from the side before he spins her around to sit on the sink giving somewhat better views of both her breasts for 35 sec. as she willingly spreads her legs for him.

soulman was written on July 6, 2002

Tit Shot.

Henstridge is a beatiful woman with a fantastic bod. You get a decent look at her tits while she's getting nailed by JCVD in a bathroom. The scene could've been longer.

Gordon was written on November 13, 1999

Banging in the bathroom

This is an okay scene, but it needs to be longer. You get a pretty decent look at Natasha'sbreasts and you get to see her spread her legs so VanDamme can knock her up on the sink,but there's just not enough.

DrPhibes was written on July 22, 2000

Van Damme Gets His Rocks Off

In the midst of this absurd Van Damme vehicle, things perk up briefly when he's alone with Natasha Henstridge in the bathroom. She takes her bra off, showing off her fabulous breasts, and, wearing some fetching stockings, wraps her legs around V-D (that's Van Damme, not the STD), who pushes her up against the sink and begins to shag her. She's hot though the scene is abruptly truncated.

Amit was written on October 23, 1998

Natasha being banged on a sink in the washroom

First Natasha sits on the sink then spreads her legs wide open, then goes topeless. Van Damme then starts banging her. It's a short scene though, maybe for 5 seconds you see Natasha's tits, but it's worth it. A scene before the previous one is where Natasha changes tops, she's topless for 2 seconds only.

Dan was written on January 9, 1999

in bathroom with Van-Damme

this is a great scene, it does last longer than five seconds, maybe 10-15, and it is great. Natasha squeals with pleasure while Van-Damme does her. Would be better if it were longer

Khawaja30 was written on December 5, 2001

Nat is hot!

The film is trash, but Nats brief 'unbra-ing' makes it worthwhile. She has a great rack, always a treat!

Htr was written on May 15, 1999

Why do they ALWAYS do that?

Would you have sex if your captors are in the room right next to you? well Jean Claude and Natasha thought it was a good idea.Anyway, the two start doing it on a bathroom sink in (compared to Species) a rather short scene. You see a bit of her but and some glimpses of her lovely breasts, but it's not much.Earlier, Van Damme spies on her as see changes clothes (with the door open for our viewing pleasure) and see a medium distance shot of both her breasts.Two star scenes, but I gave it three because I really like this woman!

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

2 Scenes in This Flick From One of Henstridge's Best

nudity_elitist is crazy. Henstridge is a true hottie. She shows her breasts while changing at Jean Claude's brother's house. We see breasts from long range in clear light while she is in panties. We then see her have sex with Jean Claude and we get a well lit close range view of her ass and tits. The movie is a typical mass produced recycle from the Jean Claude factory of action wanta be movies.

defry33 was written on July 7, 1999

best banger scene

well thanku van damme for having sex with natasha on a sink i had so much fun over watching it i you know what. it's a great scene nat's tits ohhhhhh baby they are fine. love ya natasha

nudity_elitist was written on July 16, 2002

she's not on my favorites list but definately deserves honorable mention

As described by other viewers here, Natasha has a sex scene with Dog Gone Van Damn and gives a good look at her glorious mammaries while takin one for the team. But nobody seems to remember that there was another nude scene involving Natasha. It comes about 15 minutes before the sex scene. She does the old cliche' changing scene in plain view for Jean Claude, first taking her top off facing away from the camera, but then turns around to show off those blow-your-mind breasts. At least *1/2.

boba was written on April 28, 2001

dumb blonde

Natasha is one of these whores who thinks she's got a brain. Wrong. She is so damn hot though. He takes off her shirt, and we see her amazing perfect tits. She's got the most incredible breasts, and her nipples are even better. Her face is like an angel's. He grabs her by the back of her hair and jerks her head backwards, as her mouth hangs open, almost manhandles.

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Derek was written on October 18, 1998

Love making

You don't really see his ass so much as the top of his hips. A wasted opportunity.

Electrix was written on March 14, 2007

sex scene

In a quick and short sex scene after the middle of the movie you can see a little shot of Van Damme's butt. A woman take out his clothes and you can see his muscled perfect body, but just a little view of the ass.

Bubble_Butt was written on July 14, 1999

nothing much!

A pretty unrevealing scene for VAN DAMME. Surprisingly, we only get to see his crack for like 1 second as he makes love to Natasha Henstridge on a bathroom sink. It could have been way better!

Mark_Mcgrath32 was written on November 14, 2002

Brief Rear (Only in Full-Frame)

During a sex scene with Natasha Henstridge about an hour and eleven minutes in, we get a brief view of Jean-Claude's rear from a side angle. Oddly, what we can see doesn't look like the normal great Jean-Claude butt we've seen in other films. (If you are watching the DVD, here's something to note. You can only see this nudity in the full-frame version. The film was originally shot in 1.85:1, and then matted to 2.35:1, so if you watch the widescreen version, Jean-Claude's nudity won't appear as it's at the bottom of the screen. Luckly, both versions of the film are included in the R1 DVD release.)

Zach Grenier
Mark_Mcgrath32 was written on November 14, 2002

Surprising, but brief, rear from heavy

Zach Grenier plays the villanious Ivan in this Van-Damme actioner, and about an hour in, he shows his only career nudity. In a bath house, Van Damme has made him upset, and Grenier leaves the room to change. He enters a changing booth, and unlike everyone else who changes in the scene, he does NOT pull the curtain for privacy, so, as he changes, he rips his towel off and throws it to the ground in a huff. For a brief moment, we can see a full rear exposure. Grenier, who is in his fourties, has a pretty good body, and is attractive if you like a more Russian look. We are also treated to lengthy shirtless scenes in this passage of the film.

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