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1993 Boxing Helena 2 Reviews

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Boxing Helena (1993)
[email protected] was written on February 23, 2002

0:07-Julian Sands goes to some guy's house and she comes out of a room upstairs with her robe opened, so he could see her right breast.

I initially wanted to give her 2 stars, but I realized the previous reviewer was right. Although excellent, the view is too brief, like her presence in the film and she shows just one(large) tit.

Bay-Bee was written on November 10, 2000

Breif breast shot

Meg plays the mother of a boy who is having a flashback as a man years later. She comes out of her bedroom wearing a pair of panties and a robe covering her left breast. Her right breast is fully exposed and is seen fairly well in a well lighted scene. There is another scene later in the movie where you see her bare back only. Her total participation in this movie is mabee one minute.

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