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Meg Tilly's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1989 Valmont 1 Review
1988 Masquerade 4 Reviews
1988 Girl in a Swing, The 4 Reviews
1983 Psycho II 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Meg Tilly member submitted

Valmont (1989)
minstrel was written on December 24, 2011

Barely visible breast

Not hardly worth mentioning but since it is the gorgeous Ms. Tilly I had to write it up. At 1:48:53 I'm pretty sure Meg's left nipple and areola are exposed for a couple of frames. It is very very dark but it is definitely her as her face is visible at the same time.

Masquerade (1988)
taurus was written on July 2, 2008

Missionary sex

At :30 when the camera pans behind the headboard, looking thru the bars there are two quick shots of the side of her bush as Rob thrusts on top of her. This wouldn't have happened in today's world, where bushes have been reduced to a landing strip or less. She really does fake a nice orgasm.

vpup was written on April 16, 2002

No real nudity

As far as I'm concerned, Meg did not show any thing in this movie. Yes, she was in a love scene, but no nipples or bush was shown, only may be a hint of breast and thigh.

whiteraven was written on August 31, 2010

Very erotic passionate love scene apparently very nude but showing little

I saw this on VHS. I have mixed feelings as it is a very erotic, passionate creditable scene with much skin. If they claimed they were actually having sex would be easy to believe. And certainly Meg Tilly's facial expressions, body movements and moans could raise any male's temperature. But it also lacks T&A as to almost the PG-13 level. They certainly do seem to be totally nude groin to groin though a time or two, it seemed it was Rob Lowe's stomach against Tilly's crotch. So I would certainly disagree with the "most explicit nude sex outside of a porn flick" review. The music selection was interesting. The scene runs from about 30:18 - 31:56. As Sputum noted a showing of Tilly's very trimmed pubic hair in the first body to body shot (the first is facial with kissing). Whether this was an intentional showing or editing error, not known. There use to be a time in many places that just that little showing of pubic hair especially during a sex scene would have required an automatic X-rating. If Sputum had not mentioned the bush shot I might have missed it. Lowe's bare butt is shown. There is a moment about 31:34 when they seem to be close to climax that Tilly's brings up her right leg and runs her right heel down Lowe's butt crack. Depending on what Meg is or is not wearing underneath her knitted top in the next supposed continuing night scene, perhaps another crotch shot and hint of aerolas. Most of the lighting appears to be night time but a shot or two seems natural daylight. Supposedly Tilly is still nude as she puts on a pull over knit top which light can be seen through as her soon to be deceased stepfather opens the bedroom door (she does appear to have an undergarment on when she is putting it on). About 33:52 after the shooting, it appears her colored right aerola might be visible as she asks "Is he.... [dead]?" At about 34:44 as she nervously handles the bottom of the top there would be some bush showing if she is nude. About 35:30 as Tilly suddenly picks up the pistol and fires a shot, to set up an alibi for Lowe, the sound startles her and as she jumps causing the front of the top to rise quickly revealing a black patch which could either be pubic hair or panties. The lighting for this scene is suppose to be bright moonlight through the windows and a hallway light through the door. For the climactic ending when she is walking towards the pier after Lowe has unknowingly run by her, it does appears that her nipples/aerolas might be somewhat visible through her top (1:23:50) though later during a fight her top is torn down the back revealing a white bra.

derek22 was written on November 14, 2001

explicit nude sex

Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly perform the most explicit nude sex outside of a
porn flick. No genitals visible, of course, but if they aren't
actually going all the way then both should get a special award for
best all-time acting!

Girl in a Swing, The (1988)
vpup was written on April 16, 2002

Several Nude Scenes

The first was when the guy remove her dress revealing her breasts and bun. Then a skinny dipping scene showing her full frontal under water, then walking on shore, but was some what blocked by trees. A couple more love making scenes, but too bad her bush was not shown in these. Still, a pleasant surprise from this very, very pretty lady.

tazzie was written on November 24, 1999

several nude scenes

I'd never been a fan of Meg till seeing this movie.She has several nude and topless scenes, includingone unforgettable one skinnydipping naked with bothabove and underwater action. Also, the scene whereshe's standing in front of a mirror having herclothes taken off was enjoyable.

voyeur was written on February 5, 2002

several topless scenes

She has a pretty face, and a so-so figure with fairly small breasts. There was no full frontal in the version I saw.

Tiger Flux was written on January 10, 1999

Meg goes for it.

Meg is nude often in this extremely sensual film. Topless and full-frontal. And it's a well made film. You won't need to hit that forward search button because Meg is breathtakingly beautiful in every scene- even when her clothes are on.

Psycho II (1983)
Ladnermoviebuff3000 was written on October 15, 2012

Body double presents boobs and buns

Psycho II, while maintaining a respectable restraint that honors the original's relatively tame level of vilolence, here includes far more bloody stabbings and one touch of nudeness, it's concession to being made in the 80's. Meg Tilly takes a shower in the iconic Bates Mansion, while she is spied on by unknown character, after finishing up she, or rather her body double since her face isn't shown in relationship to the rest of the body, provide some hefty doses of T&A, with the double showing her large plump buttocks complete with an endless buttcrack & flat chested breast. This is the only bit of titillation in an otherwise nudity free slasher movie that puts emphasis on suspense instead of skin unlike it's Halloween or Friday The 13th cohorts.

Astutato was written on June 14, 2000

Of course

The astute reviewer above did notice that, yes, the unclothed women shown in this film is a body double. Though, I never understood the offense people take to that. Nonetheless, while the twisted Norman peers through a hole in the wall in this otherwise mediocre sequel, you see a woman getting out of the shower. Naturally, she is totally unclothed and you see a full frontal shot of her for several moments. Hitchcock must be turning in his grave.

John Thomas was written on January 17, 1999

The shower scene

Meg's character has a shower scene in this film, however it is apparently a body double-- that wretched curse of all too many modern movies.

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