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1997 Corporate Ladder, The 3 Reviews
1996 Hard Time 2 Reviews
1995 Call Girl 1 Review

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Corporate Ladder, The (1997)
Serna was written on November 30, 2001

She plays Bianca

Quite a few shots of her in underwear or swimwear from what I remember as she plays a model. Fake breasts but they look alright.

fubar was written on March 13, 2000

Another scene

Along with the above mentioned scene, you also get to see a frontal topless scene (wearing panties) when she takes off her dress to enter the swimming pool with Ben Cross.

Gordon was written on December 3, 1999

Seducing a man

Meilani strips down to her underpants, revealing her large, beautiful breasts. She then lays down on a bed and sexily beckons the man to join her. Meilani has an exotic look about her, and her body is quite shapely.

Hard Time (1996)
dogbreath was written on December 2, 2000

3 scenes

There are 3 scenes in which this gorgeous actress shows us the goods (there may be more, since I haven't seen this flick in a long time). 1st scene, she's lays back on a table while a guys gets her out of her skivies--brief but decent views of her breasts and stomach from the side. They make love for a bit, but the scene is cuts away. 2nd scene, making love to a guy in bed. You get a decent full frontal shot of her on top, and a nice, but brief, view of her booty. 3rd scene, she makes love with a guy who sits in a chair. She's wearing a shear nightgown and teddy here, so she's isn't technically nude, but you get to see side views of her tight butt as she grinds away. This is the most nudity Meilani has ever shown in a flick, and its her best. However, the scenes are just too brief, and the camera never stays still enough for you to enjoy her to the utmost. But she's a true hottie, and this movie is worth a look.

Evoken was written on November 9, 2002

Lots of breasts

Meilani is topless all over this movie. The first two nude scenes are lengthy, and are dream sequences of her stripping for her husband who's in jail. We get long frontal views of her big fake tits and great body. Meilani's boobs are very round and fake looking. We again see Meilani topless later in the movie when her husband shows up at her house. They have sex twice, and we get some more scenes of Meilani's tits, mostly side shots. Meilani is topless yet again in a threesome scene, and we again get a side shot of her boobs. -Evoken

Call Girl (1995)
louisgara was written on December 3, 1999

Breasts and butt in steamy opening sex scene

The incredibly beautiful Meilani Pall shows a good deal of skin in the memorable opening sex scene. Five minutes through, when she takes a guy to her apartment, they begin having making love against the wall. We see nice glimpses of her big breasts and a couple rear shots during the scene. Then it cuts to her on top of him in bed straddling him with nice glimpses of her ass. Thats the only scene where she really shows off her body, but through the most of it, she shows a good amount of cleavage when disguising herself as a call girl. Its worth renting for the opening scene, but not much else was really special. This is probably one of the most gorgeous actress' I've seen and lets hope she's in more of these films.

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