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2000 Girlfriends 1 Review
1974 Harry and Tonto 3 Reviews

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Girlfriends (2000)
Immy was written on March 18, 2005

Butt, bush and left breast

Astounding for a PG film! Melanie walks to the bathroom (0:14, at night so it's a tad dark) to get dressed after sleeping with Chris Guest and all she's wearing is an unbuttoned shirt. Her butt is on display and briefly her muff and left breast come to view as she bends over to put her pants on. Later (1:04) she and Guest both run into the livingroom naked, but thru some creative shadows not much is seen except some fleeting muff. Melanie has great D-cups and if she weren't so meek and bookish these scenes would've been sexier, though she at least loses the coke bottle glasses about half-way thru.

Harry and Tonto (1974)
Jackelope was written on March 12, 2005

In Motel Room

Walter Matthau? That was Art Carney, in an Oscar-winning performance. She may not be beautiful herte (she later had plastic surgery and orthodontia for Thirtysomething), and the scene isn't very revealing, but it's sexy in its own charming way. She really looks like the girl next door, not some airbrushed Playboy Playmate. One of my all-time favorite nude scenes.

oneother was written on April 26, 2008

Quick breasts in her motel room

Ginger (Played by Melanie Mayron) comes out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and makes a quick change into her night clothes. In the process she removes her towel and exposes her breasts. Although you can see her breasts, they are quickly covered as she dresses herself. Her breasts are quite large but you have to look fast or you will miss them.

[email protected] was written on February 21, 1999

Bedroom scene with Walter Matthau

She comes out of the bathroom wearing a towel. Drops the towel to reveal her boobies and white panties. Well lit, but a long shot. Boobies are visible fora few frames. You can see they're a good size, but that's it. She puts on a shirt and you get a good shot of her pantied behind before she gets into bed.

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