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year title
1991 Under Surveillance 1 Review
1986 Boy in Blue, The 2 Reviews

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Under Surveillance (1991)
Striker was written on November 19, 1999

Sex scene

Near the end of the movie Melody gets her oats and we get to see her tits. 3 stars because it's Melody and she so rarely shows anything worthwhile.

Boy in Blue, The (1986)
beefcake was written on October 6, 2000

in bed

After a sex scene with Nicolas Cage she jumps up and you can see her nips for a split-second. Way too quick!

Striker was written on September 19, 1999

Lovemaking scene in a haybarn

Melody and Nick Cage are having a romp in a haybarn when they are disturbed by the police. There's a (very) brief glimpse of nipple as she pulls her blouse closed.P.S. For a much better look at Melody's tits see Under Surveillance

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