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Jed Rees
Ryan was written on November 19, 2002


Jed may be recognizable to some for his regular role as the goofy guy on The Chris Isaak Show. In the group skinnydipping scene here he is the first out of the water and surprisingly enough has a pretty nice butt. He provides probably the best view of all four as he starts to climb up the rock and stays out of the water. I wouldn't have guessed but even though he's next to Paul Gross you'll definitely keep your eye on Jed's bare behind.

Peter Outerbridge
Ryan was written on November 19, 2002


Peter is on the far right and has an alright rear but nothing too special. The view is from somewhat of a distance and not very interesting, especially considering his extensive exposure in the film Paris, France. Check that out instead in you're interested in him.

Paul Gross
Ryan was written on November 19, 2002


Gross, who also wrote and directed this film, is very cute although he's starting to put on a little weight. He's the second one out of the water, second from the left among the four guys, and has a nice full backside. The best view is immediately as he gets out of the water. Considering this is from a distance the scene is best viewed on dvd.

donby was written on October 29, 2002

Paul plus the other three young male leads jump naked into a lake.

About a half hour into the film, the four guys take off their clothes, jump off a cliff into the lake, and climb up a cliff on the other side.
There is one frontal shot, but it is taken from a great distance. The backside shots are much closer, more varied and give very good views.------

Paul Gross, who is probably best remembered for Tales of the City, wrote & directed this film. For my taste, there is too much macho posturing in it. And the attempts at humor (including animated beavers !) fall short.------

Maybe if you're a fan of curling (There must be some out there!), you can relate to this Canadian film. One question-- since curlers don't use those straw things anymore, can they still be called 'brooms'?

James Allodi
Ryan was written on November 19, 2002


24 minutes into this not so great Canadian comedy the four man curling teams strips off and jumps off a cliff into water below. The actual fall in to the water is probably body doubles (including the VERY VERY distant frontal views) but when the resurface and start to climb out it appears to be the actual actors. James is second from the right and the last person out of the water so shows the least amount of bare butt, but what we do see is decent.

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