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year title
1998 Bug Buster 1 Review
1988 Kiss, The 4 Reviews
1971 Matters of Consequence 0 Reviews

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Bug Buster (1998)
palmbreeze was written on July 2, 1999

Moonlight swim

OK not really nude but great bod .

Kiss, The (1988)
rbelkin was written on March 26, 2007

No Nudity - Wet Bikini Bottom Riding Up

While her dad playfully psuhes into the pool, there is a 1-2 second shot as her one piece rides up - revealing 1/4 of her rear - and her wet crack easily visible - cute, not really nudity.

Xeyes was written on February 20, 2007

in the swimming pool

she gets out of a pool.Her right bare buttocks muscle descends deliciously...No real nudity, but Meredith Salenger is a beautiful girl.

Harker was written on October 20, 1999

no nudity

Meredith was still pretty young here (like 16-17) and there is some sexual tension between Joanna Pacula (playing a step-mom type who is possessed by some alien parasite looking for a new host: Meredith) as the parasite needs to kiss it's new host to go into them through the mouth. However, there is absolutely no nudity. I think, -maybe- there was some white t-shirt no bra action going on, but that's it. Lousy movie, too. Avoid.

Sburt4 was written on April 24, 2006

when she is hanging at the pool/in her room

Meredith Salanger can be seen wearing bathing suits in this film. She wears a red bathing suit with shorts, no bra and you can see her back. later in the film she can be seen wearing a white bathing suit in a few scenes when she is swimming and then later snooping in Felice's suitcase. Later in the film after Terry tells Amy about Felice, after her dad leaves the room, Amy sits in the chair you can see her legs.

Matters of Consequence (1971)

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