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1997 Maslin Beach 2 Reviews

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Maslin Beach (1997)
buttlover21 was written on December 19, 2001

Totally naked

Michael getts totally naked at the beach... You see his whole body which is nice including his penis.

donby was written on December 14, 2005

Full frontals at the beach

Allen is the only major male character who exposes it all. His package is fine, but he is a nerdy guy who has a non-toned body. It looks like he would have worked out at least a little before doing this film !

The Australian picture takes place entirely at a nude beach. Therefore, it looks like the director would have let everything hang out. However, there is a sexual divide here. The women are in all stages of undress, including many frontal shots. But, other than Allen, the guys' lower halves are all carefully hidden by camera angles. Straight men will love the film, all others will be disappointed.

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