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1996 Maui Heat 3 Reviews

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Maui Heat (1996)
Electrix was written on February 16, 2008

a lot of sex scenes (including penis)

This guy make a lot of sex in this movie. He isn't 'handsome', but he is very BIG. But there aren't many shot of his ass, but there are a swuinsuit scene (so, so...) and a penis scene, when he goes out of the water. In some sex scenes you can see quick shots of his penis too.

Derek was written on January 12, 1999

Love scenes, hot tub

The rare 4-star rating for the rare actor willing to do frontal. Actor is really hot, and bares bum many times. But he has a great scene including a frontal where he gets out of a hot tub! And lets just confirm the water isn't cold!

DearJessie was written on January 1, 2000


the scene inwhich him getting out of the tub did nothing for mewe saw him full frontal but i have tog o against the above commenti thought the water was extremely cold

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