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1984 Hollywood Hot Tubs 1 Review

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Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984)
Violet was written on February 8, 2001

Hot bath house scene, plus boys in speedos

I don't reacall the lead actor in the film appearing nude, though I do remember him in speedos, tighty-whities and tight shorts quite alot!
But there is a scene where he goes to an all male bath house to fix a leaky pipe. Inside are a bunch of horny men waiting for an available guy. He zooms by them all because he is straight. But his parole officer soon follows, and walks down the same corridor, but this time he is taken.
A guy opens a door, buff and fully nude. The parole officer says, "I'm sorry, I'm not into boys." The nude man says, "Me neither, I'm into M-E-N!" and he yanks him in the room and shuts the door!
The room the nude man is in is quite dark, but you can make out his penis. Don't forget the other men in towels, no towels and bearing their ass-sets!
Also, cute blonde male co-star is in speedos, with his young, sexy physique and nice sized-bulge. Movie has female nudity as well but a surprizing amount of half nude to fully nude males!

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