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1994 Scorned 2 Reviews

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Scorned (1994)
lorenzo was written on September 3, 1999

sex scenes

This boy shows his buns in several scenes of this great movie.Michael is really attractive.

DQKY22 was written on September 5, 1999

Bad Grades

I wish There was more Michael movies but for now there's only Scorned and Scorned 2 which is great because I get to see him naked alot then there is the fact that he gets spanked (My fave scene)He tells her he is passin frenchbut she finds a test where he made a FWhat's ThisYou said you was passin an F ain't passinBend overWhat are you going to do spank meYou'll going to learn frenh.Then he spanks him a few times shows him a cock ring and they have sex yet again :-)

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