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1998 Sex and the City 1 Review

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Sex and the City (1998)
Ryan was written on June 27, 2000

Muscular buns of real life fireman

In the third season premiere, titled "Where There's Smoke" Samantha fufills her fireman fantasy by picking up hunky "Mr. December" from the firefighter beefcake calendar and making love with him in the firehouse. In that sequence the camera swirls past as they make love and provides clear shots of Lombardi's buns humping away. There's also an earlier scene with the two in bed that allows a partial glimpse of him making love on top of her. A real life fireman, Lombardi is currently in some hot water with the New York City fire department who believe it was somehow disgraceful of him to go nude on this acclaimed, popular, award winning series.

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