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Michelle Forbes' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1995 Just Looking 1 Review
1993 Kalifornia 3 Reviews

Michelle Forbes' Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2011 Killing, The 1 Review
2001 24 1 Review

nudity reviews for Michelle Forbes member submitted

Killing, The (2011)
Ghostwords was written on July 20, 2011

Ep.3: Bathtime

Towards the close of the third episode, Ms Forbes is taking a bath. She holds her head under the water, echoing the death by drowning of her daughter, then hurriedly comes up for air. As she does, we see a great deal of her upper chest, including most of her left breast (but not the nipple).

24 (2001)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 2, 2012

No Nudity but again great lighting.

DAY 2: Again, for those who love her in her other shows, the camera crew and lighting gets an A+++ for capturing all her beauty and skill as a great actress.

However, there are no revealing outfits or explicit shots. There is however her pretty appealing nature.

Just Looking (1995)
scanman was written on June 19, 2001

Michelle does have some nudescenes, but nothing is visible.

One of them is in the bathtub, but nothing is shown.... Too bad!

Kalifornia (1993)
Antman was written on June 29, 1999

Very brief scene

You may have to view this scene frame by frame to catch a glimpse of Star Trek Next Gen's Ensign Ro's bush.

bula_gump was written on November 26, 2002

Sex Scene Brief

The dvd version I obtained Has both rated and unrated versions both full screen and wide screen.

On the fullscreen version I noticed that slightly more bush is noticeable. It is still very brief however. It is from a bad angle, and only for a fraction of a second.

They must have filmed at a slightly different angle for the fullscreen version.

Fling was written on November 7, 2003

Too dark

Even the unrated version shows just a hint of Michelle Forbes at 35:12-13, making this one of the few sex scenes where the male star (David Duchovny) is more exposed than the female.
Forbes is gorgeous, but unlike her co-stars, she keeps her clothes on.

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