Edwards, California, USA

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2011 Sexy Assassins 0 Reviews

Michelle Maylene's Sexy TV Shows

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2008 Zanes Sex Chronicles 1 Review
2007 Co-Ed Confidential 2 Reviews
2005 Sex Games Cancun 1 Review

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Zanes Sex Chronicles (2008)
McKinnon was written on October 30, 2011

Sex lab; ep: Body Chemistry 101

Exotic brunette shows a side view of her slender body, including breasts and backside, as she stands on a lab table and strips naked. Later the man she wants kisses her and has sex with her - most of their clothes stay on but her breasts are somewhat loose from her top. There's also a hot, clothed scene where she simulates masturbation with a test tube.

Co-Ed Confidential (2007)
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Lesbian love; ep: The Hunt Is On

Michelle, mostly showing her breasts, has a quick but satisfying lesbian scene with Olivia Alaina May in the opening scenes, going down on Olivia before Olivia does the same to her, then sitting and talking, again mostly topless views.

McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Various; ep: "What a Rush"

Michelle does not realize she is being spied on, and removes her towel, left in just her panties as she rubs her breasts and begins to pleasure herself through her panties with a small blue dildo (presumably this was simulated). Later in the episode she tricks the guy who was spying on her and has to have sex with her to make a frat. They get on the bed, her down to her pink panties as she's riding him. He gets on top of her and you see a side view as her panties are around her ankles. Then she's riding him, for more breast glimpses, before she sics her dog on the frat jock who's watching them, and kicks them both out of her room. Maylene plays these scenes with her usual humor and innate sensuality.

Sex Games Cancun (2005)
McKinnon was written on March 10, 2012

Various; ep: Phone Tag

Michelle steals the show in this episode, first as a "therapist" who entices her "patient" by uncrossing her legs long enough for a closeup of her pussy lips. He strips her out of her suit and pink bra and soon she's riding him on the couch. Later in the episode she has an f/f with Jacy Andrews, as they each take a turn at cunnilingus, then do some scissoring.

Sexy Assassins (2011)

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