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2006 Distancia, La 1 Review

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Distancia, La (2006)
mcjw2011 was written on April 20, 2008

Butt and brief full-frontal

This beautiful Spanish actor certainly takes it off three times in this thriller from Spain. First scene is of him undressing in front of his girlfriend, down to tighty-whities. His girlfriend also strips down to her underwear and guides him (by his waistband) to the bathroom where he obligingly slips them off (brief view of his flaccid cock and a side view of his firm ass) as he sits down in the tub. Second time is when he vigorously humping the girlfriend on the bed, his scrumptious ass is seen flexing as he thrusts into her. And lastly, he's taking a shower in the locker room and you get a side view of his cock again and a brief glimpse of his ass as he grabs a towel to dry off.

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