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2012 The Divide 2 Reviews
2012 That's My Boy 1 Review
2008 Pathology 5 Reviews

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The Divide (2012)
tarie77 was written on May 23, 2013

Side nudity when he's about to rape one of the females

I've give it zero stars for showing nothing but Milo strips his briefs off to rape one of the females. The scene is brief and all you see for a few frames is naked hips and waist. If you want some real nudity from this obviously NOT shy actor, check out the clip from That's My Boy. While it was a waste of a movie, you get a full, freezable and clear shot of his beautiful booty!

MarcioGore was written on April 29, 2012

Big bulge in boxers

In this dark and strong movie we see mr. ventimiglia's cute body some scenes,he's hot!!!But in exact 1:37min we can see he wearing boxers and he has a HUGE bulge,look it!!! Unfortunately he's naked on this movie.

That's My Boy (2012)
mcjw2011 was written on June 22, 2012

Having incest with on-screen sister

Although he's barely recognizable in the movie (he has a buzzcut for his Marine character), his butt is in even finer shape this time around. It's probably midway through the movie, when Adam Sandler spies on him and Leighton Meester having sex in a hotel room. Sandler busts in, realizes they're in an incestual relationship and starts gagging. Ventimiglia gets out of bed to stop him, and you get a good, well-lit view of his butt.

Pathology (2008)
MarcioGore was written on March 19, 2011

Milo\'s hot ass and more

In the middle of the movie we can see his hot ass and his virgin anus too while he is making love with a girl on the floor.That scene is very hot,don\'t miss it!

d4u_here was written on January 12, 2009

Milo's Butt shots

Milo has a wonderfully shaped bubble butt.At 46 minutes into the movie you get to see the first sex scene showing Milo's super hot butt. You also get to see to see his anus hole as mentioned by other reviewers. Again at 51 minutes there is a side view of his butt. The film has sufficient nudity from this handsome actor.

Mattg was written on October 28, 2008

Great ass shots

Milo is an uber-babe, so it's great to finally see some nudity from him. Great ass shots are seen in two love scenes, one rather sick one immediately following the death of some guy who's still in the room as they have sex. This scene happens to be the best look at Milo's ass, including as another reviewer stated, a clear look at his anus in one shot. Very nice. Later we see his bubble butt thrusting as he has sex again on top. Not bad overall. Some straight guys have commented that there is way too much of Milo's butt in this movie; I have no idea what they're talking about, there are just a couple of scenes. As for the movie, it's not entertaining so fast forward to these scenes and be done with it.

Hamm_Sodomy was written on September 28, 2008

delicious butt AND HOLE!?

This is a dark, sadistic, unrealistic movie. Milo has a nice azzz that you see twice. In fact, I think you can even see his anus hole, not just crack, but inner-azzz action! Still, one time he's screwing a woman after they just killed a person whose body is still in the room. Gross! Nice body and booty.

mcjw2011 was written on April 14, 2008

Peter Petrelli screwing LLS on a operating table

The red-band trailer of the film does show more explicit footage than the regular trailer -- one of Milo Ventimiglia vigorously humping Lauren Lee Smith on an operating table. Her legs are bent upwards as he thrusts, somewhat obscuring a side view of his pale, tight buns but what the trailer offers is certainly appetizing. Maybe we'll get a better view of that tight ass with the full film release.

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