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2006 Bella Block - Das Glück der anderen 1 Review

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Bella Block - Das Glück der anderen (2006)
liechti was written on January 27, 2006

Scene with boyfriend (on video that the neighbour filmed)

Mira plays a girl that disappeared. When Bella Block, a police investigator, is going through some video footage that a neighbour filmed she comes across one scene where Mira first dances in white shirt (no bra) in the rain on the balcony, later makes love with her boyfriend. In this scene her breast are visible. Though Mira is a very beautiful girl, only one star because the scene is very brief, a bit blurry because of video style and the pause button of the DVD player is needed to see her breasts well. Later in the movie another investigator looks at the video tapes as well, for another part of a second a nipple is visible.

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