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Preston, Kelly 30 Reviews

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Kelly Preston
Jeritits was written on December 1, 2006

Sex scene in her bedroom

One review says Kelly’s tits are too small to be perfect. Excuse me, these are awesome!! In this age of silicon fakes everywhere some natural breasts that would fill any guy’s (or lesbian’s) mouth is more than ought, thank you very much. And yes you see the top of her bush—girls do have these things in the age before thongs (look at the 1:00 mark). This is a great scene that is worth a rental and many slow passes. This scene is particularly great BECAUSE of the realism (hitting her head while having sex; the dog in the room). Coming later in the film makes this scene much more natural and real. (Turning the Teddy bear is sooooo nice.) A very pleasant and joyful moment. We see them hanging as she stands an flaened out in bed. The only thing that keeps this ffrom four star nudity id th elast af a clear full bush shot. As far asa what is shown, however, its as good as it gets.

TheMovieBeast2008 was written on August 21, 2008

sex scene perfect 100% narural tits

i was sceptical to see this movie but i sat down and watched it and my god Kelly Preston has got the most juicy motorboating tits. it all starts when they strip each other down and we see her natural tits and then as shes starting to lay down we see the natural bush not everything but just enough to fall in love with kelly preston. the get started in some good ol fashionsed 80's baby makin and he forgets to pull out which is pricless if this was in real life i probaly would have said after it was over (I GUESS WERE GONNA HAVE TO NAME IT OOPPS).

korea66 was written on October 15, 2002

Very erotic flashback fo the 60's with the trashy Kelly.

Kelly did several scenes that were very professional to look that dumb blond and not that way in public life. The sex scenes were a teenage maies fantasy that comes true for him. The second female did a good job as a hopeless romantic waiting for Kellys boyfriend to let him go and come to her which they did.

Cumfiend was written on August 2, 2002

Kelly Preston nude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my lord, I shot my load when I saw this. It took a long while to clear up my sticky mess, but it was worth it!

VHSguy was written on April 29, 2002

Kelly does Middle America

This movie is fantastic. Kelly plays the most desirable girl in town again. The nude scene is so long you can sit back relax while her boobs perform countless waves of motion. There is also alot of flashing, groping, making out. Here is another sexy Kelly Preston movie.

beefcake was written on August 18, 2000

nude scene

Great great great scene. God is she hot or what? Her boobies are really big. You get to see them and some bush. Yowzy.


Moonie2 was written on September 5, 2001

The absolute best!!!

See all the 4 star reviews for this one? That should tell you how good it is. Beautiful display of one of most gorgeous actresses ever!

Armando was written on May 25, 1999

She takes her bra of and exposes her plentiful boosoms.

Oh My God! Kelly is absolutely beautiful. She's got a great face,nice body and stupendous Breasts. Great scene. Worth renting. Travolta is a lucky man.

Chicago was written on October 25, 2001

1 scene

Other reviewers do a good job of reviewing Kelly's scene or expressing their happiness. Kelly's scene comes at :58 and lasts 4 1/2 min. Several nice views of her breasts (front and side standing and lying down), and a brief shot of her ass and top pubes. Views are more gracious the first 2 min. I disagree that at any time she looks like she's enjoying it...more like she's helping the guy come of age and score with a girl above him. Though Kelly is uninhibited in this, giving us nice views of her bod, 4*'s is way too gracious.

Yeahok was written on January 23, 1999

sex scene

They strip each other down, and then weget a good look at her tits for quite a while, and we get a slight glimpse between her legs (very remote)

Htr was written on January 27, 1999

Stripping Scene

Kelly and this other guy strip each other down and we see her breasts, butt and the top of her pubic hair (not between her legs). Her also feels her breasts and I'm actually suprised how incredible her breasts really looked. She is one sexy woman.

Omni was written on August 9, 2000

Amazing! Just a hair away from full frontal, huge melons

Agreed, this is one of the best nude scenes ever. Kelly undresses with her boyfriend to show her magnificent bazooms and a little muff. Then they get into bed and have sex - still showing some more of her breasts. Nice long scene with especially clear and close-up shots of Kelly's nipples and ass. Excellent!

soulman was written on October 25, 2001

A Real Good View Of Kelly's Breasts.

Kelly has just one nude scene in this teen coming-of-age film. You get a good 3 to 4 minute look at her breasts in a scene where she helps the "hero" of the film lose his virginity.

Cyclone was written on May 3, 2002

Excellent body

Just past the halfway point of the movie we get to see Kelly in all her naked glory. There are several great looks at her magnificent tits, but we also get some brief ass and a clear shot of her dark bush. Once she gets into bed, the shots are limited to the occasional nipple/breast peek, but the exposure seconds earlier when she's getting undressed makes this a must-see scene. She's an absolutely gorgeous woman, and even now, 17 years later, she still looks great.

swellsystem was written on March 22, 2006

NOT over-rated

This one deserves yet another mention, especially as it's now available on DVD. Tremendous! Marred only by extensive close-ups of Doug McKeon's "pleasure face".

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on September 22, 2002

my mistake

my review above is for kelly preston

Alphonse was written on September 17, 2001

beautiful tits

Kelly has some really lovely breasts, folks. There's absolutely no way around how perfect-looking they are. A little more than an hour into this movie, she and a dorky guy are getting ready to have sex. Her bra comes off, and for the next four or five minutes we get several great looks at her tits from various angles. Excellent. Also a very brief shot of her ass. Unfortunately, the Cinemax version of this movie cuts off the pubes. Still, definitely worth the watch if you have a thing for Kelly.

inthecrease was written on April 5, 2001

Beautiful Breasts and a touch of Bush

You guys have to see this scene! I almost "came" myself from looking at the beauty that God has created in Kelly Preston! Recomend Seriously!


[email protected] was written on April 5, 2002

0:56-she invites the blond boy to her house to have sex, which they do; she takes off her bra in front of him and then lies on the bed.

This is a very good scene. There are 5 excellent shots of Ms. Preston's excellent breasts, 3 of them while she stands up taking off her bra(the 3rd one even shows a little bit of bush at the bottom of the screen as she gets into bed) and 2 of them while she is lying on the bed. The great views take place in the first 2 minutes of this scene; the other 2 minutes contain about 5 other quick glimpses of her tit(s)/nipples.

Brokencake was written on March 1, 2000

Certainly one of the Top 5 nude scenes ever

I cannot imagine anyone not giving this scene ****----what is your problem? Do you want the camera to actually probe her lower regions or is it her 80's hair you don't like? Kelly Preston takes off her bra, shows us possibly the best breasts on any major actress (Angelina Jolie is battling for her crown), then we see an awe-inspiring shot of her sliding down her panties as we see her awesome bum revealed with the botton of her lucious breasts bobbing down form the top of the screen. Then we see her turn to the bed and get a lovely shot of her muff. This is four stars through and through and through and over and under again plus a couple more stars.

TuReid89 was written on February 27, 2002

On my top 10...

This is on my top 10 sex scenes list. I adore Kelly Preston's character in this film and she is incredibly hot. One of my favorite moments is when they get undressed and she slips out of her outfit and slides her panties off exposing her pubic hair. The sex scene is very realistic and funny and I enjoyed the humor of Marilyns head hitting the headboard and watching her shoo the dog away during the act. Most of us have been caught in the act and the conclusion of the scene is also quite funny.

p_arquette was written on August 22, 1999

Great scene

She is stripped down and then the guy feels her breasts. Wonderful breasts, wonderful scene.

sirspread was written on May 8, 2005


a good look at her nicely shaped boobs (a little smaller and they would be perfect)
we also get a very quick glimpse of her ample bush and gorgeous ass
not quite 4 stars and certainly not in top 5 scenes ever but a nice scene all the same

StevieY was written on September 3, 2000

gorgeous body

Kelly Preston is a very beautiful woman. Her gorgeous body is on full display here. Her large, perfect breasts, thick dark pubes and cute shapely ass. I'm so glad Kelly did a scene like this. At the time, she was young and not yet famous. John Travolta is one of my favorite actors and is a truly lucky man to be married to her.

mapete was written on July 30, 2002

Bedroom scene nudity

I haven't attempted to create a top 10 list of nude scenes yet but I guarantee this will be on it. Kelly is one of the most gorgeous women ever and this scene blew my mind. John Travolta is a very lucky man!

nudity_elitist was written on September 13, 2001

good. but.....

Look, this is great nudity from a well-known, beautiful actress and definately worth seeing, but..... some of the things the other reviewers are saying are a stretch. "One of the best 5 nude scenes ever," I don't think so. Not even worthy of 4 stars. First of all, the content of the scene ruins the mood. I mean, come on, she is doin' a geek, plus there is too much comic relief (she gets this goofy look on her face as her head bangs the headboard). Nonetheless, her breasts are great and I must have missed the bush shot that others are talking about.....it's that brief. Still, it gets a recommendation.

kamnikar was written on July 25, 2000


Though I saw this along time ago,I can still remember how great it is. You get to see it all and all of her is perfect especially her tits. They are some of the best tits I have seen in my life. Don't rent this movie BUY it the scene is that good.

RichT was written on November 19, 2001

Surely one more review of Kelly's bush can't hurt ???

Watch the widescreen version and you will see even more of Kelly's "hair-pie". It is only a brief flash, but with the help of PAUSE or SLOW-MO, in addition to the widescreen presentation, you can absolutely adore everything Kelly has to offer in this 80's sex-comedy. Kelly Preston is one of those lucky actresses who is actually getting BETTER with age. For proof, watch her in "Jerry Maguire", where she is just SO HOT !!!

DrPhibes was written on June 20, 2000

Kelly's breasts & bush for all to see!

In this surprisingly explicit teen movie sex scene, Kelly Preston takes off her bra and panties for the delectation of Doug McKeon, revealing her breasts (Oy!) and a glimpse of pubic hair (Oy! Oy!). He feels her breasts, and the two climb into bed, kissing and stuff, before he promises that, in the absence of condoms, he'll pull out before "anything happens". Unsurprisingly, they get carried away, and, after he initially has trouble finding the right entrance (it's his first time!), the two are at it, Kelly's wonderfully round breasts on display throughout. She keeps banging her head on the head board as he goes at her, but both seem to have a good time until Kelly realises he's failed to fulfill his promise (well, who could?) of pulling out.

xuxu was written on August 10, 2008

Great young tits and thick bush

Guy runs into his dream girl and she willingly strips off her bra and panties for us and him to see a set of huge, big titties and a curyly, sexy, nice bush covering a very tight, young supple pussy. She also gives a nice look at her tight, young, pert 18 year old butt cheeks she worked her ass off just so we could enjoy. When they went out drinking after the sets every guy had to be giving her their best game to try to be the first one to fuck her or at least eat her pussy out.

Doug McKeon
OptimusPrime was written on April 20, 2003

The best actress to ever wear a birthday suit!

I really admire Kelly Preston.The reason I like this fine girl is because she isn't afraid to take risks,she isn't afraid to take her clothes off in a movie. Mischief is a prime example of her in her nude glory,it all starts when she and the guy sit on the bed and begin to take their shirts off,then their dress and pants,then the real fun begins when she unsnaps her bra and the guy takes it off revealing the most beautiful (and most natural) tits I've ever seen.Then Kelly peels off her panties showing off her "pre-J-Lo" ass and quick shot of her lovely,thick,brown bush
while she climbs into bed.Kelly and the guy are going at it and we continue to see her tits bounce up and down like they were on a trampoline.
Great scene,get the movie and one more thing......
JOHN TRAVOLTA,YOU THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tushlover was written on December 3, 2006

quick butt scene

The guy is not real facially cute but has a nice ass. The scene is real brief.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on September 22, 2002


This was so close to 4 stars only if he would of did more to her like sucked her tits or grabbed them more. But he takes her close off and she is straight bangin this movie is hard to get go on ebay and buy it. It is a must see!!!!!!!!!

yowza was written on September 8, 1999

Brief Buns

After making love to his dream girl, Doug stands up and pulls on his underwear in one quick movement. It's a shame that it's such a brief scene, but Doug really does have a nice, round, smooth bubble butt.

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