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1993 Desert Passion 4 Reviews

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Desert Passion (1993)
Chicago was written on February 11, 2001

4 scenes

At :09.25, Missy has a 1.25 min. daydream sex scene with a guy in the desert by a cactus. She reveals her large breasts and areola, as well as the side of her ass and top of her bush in the scene. While she does a horrible grinding job, her breasts are terrific, full and very sexy. At :35.5, Missy does a long and fantastic Roman pool sex scene while supposedly drugged. She takes off her toga revealing her wonderfully large breasts, mohawk bush, ass—mostly from a distance—while a blonde girl watches her kiss a guy. The distant shots give way to close-ups of her ass and several great breast close-ups from different angles! Probably the best nude scene of the movie. At :54.75 Missy has a 30 sec. full frontal scene (dark coming out of the shower) and again at :56 (naked by the pool). Missy has wonderful breasts and a shapely figure which helps offset the bad dialogue and acting.

nivek73 was written on December 25, 1999

whole film

Missy Browning is absolutely splendid in this movie. Her superb curvy body is shown off in several scenes, the best of which is a very sexy Roman bath scene. Actually, this whole movie has great nudity, with several stunning actresses displayed. Lots of full frontal.

Cyclone was written on October 2, 2001

Several GREAT scenes

The best exposure in this movie is courtesy of Missy. In particular, two sex scenes stand out when we get a bit of ass, a few shots of bush, and all kinds of views of her amazing tits. She also gives us a quick full frontal in the showers, and a brief breast shot by the pool, but they don't compare to the sex scenes. It's definitely worth checking this movie out to see her incredible body.

crazy was written on September 17, 1999

simply unbelievable!

Don't miss this hot babe. She does full frontal nude sex scenes in the unrated version that will just make you sweat! Her extra full breasts with large rosy nipples and thin figure are first displayed in an desert mirage sex dream. Then, later in the movie there is another long sex scene in a pool. Another brief scene, poorly lit in the shower room, has her again completely nude. One of the other women held captive is also really good looking who appears in the desert sex scene - but she just compare to Missy!

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