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Misty Mundae's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Vibrating Maid, The 2 Reviews
2007 Rage, The 1 Review
2005 Masters of Horror 2 Reviews
2004 Seduction of Misty Mundae, The 1 Review
2004 Lust for Dracula 1 Review
2003 That 70's Girl 1 Review
2003 Spiderbabe 2 Reviews
2003 Screaming Dead 2 Reviews
2003 Lustful Addiction 1 Review
2003 Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String, The 3 Reviews
2003 Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde 2 Reviews
2002 Satan's School for Lust 1 Review
2002 Play-Mate of the Apes 2 Reviews
2002 Mummy Raider 1 Review
2002 Lust in the Mummy's Tomb 2 Reviews
2002 Erotic Vampire in Paris, An 1 Review
2002 Erotic Mirror, The 1 Review
2001 Gladiator Eroticvs: The Lesbian Warriors 1 Review
2000 Misty's Secret 1 Review
1999 Vampire Strangler 7 Reviews
1998 Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society 1 Review

Misty Mundae's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Lingerie 1 Review

nudity reviews for Misty Mundae member submitted

Lingerie (2009)
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Lana Taylor

Lana Tailor standing fully nude in a shower as Milena May removes her own clothes and then gets into the shower with her and lesbian kisses her and goes down on her and kisses her breasts and nipples before Lana kisses Milena's breasts and goes down on her as well and then stands up and rubs Milena between the legs all while they continue to make out.

Vibrating Maid, The (2009)
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

Nude masturbation with Lily Tiger

In this short Misty discovers her French maid (Lily Tiger) masturbating in her closet. To punish her she makes her show her how to masturbate properly. Misty gets hardcore naked as the two girls lay on a bed and begin to masturbate. Misty kneels over the maid, who is diddling herself with a vibrator, and rubs herself manually. Pretty good short that ends with the maid using the vibrator on Misty.

rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Maturbating manually and electro-mechanically

Misty’s wearing a one-piece nighty whose shoulder straps just can’t seem to stay up. She plays with her breasts for a while before hearing her maid moaning. She shows user awesome butt in the abbreviated bottom of her nighty, as she walks towards the maid’s room. As she watches her maid use a vibrator, she masturbates herself, showing hairy bush and occassional hairy p-lips. The camera zoomed in prettty close for a few seconds, giving us a nice look-see. Her fingers dug pretty long and deep into her love-nest, so I think her moans were real ! This lasts for 10 minutes, then the maid turns the vibrator on her.

Misty plays with her boobs, while the maid slides the silver rocket in and out, and the mirror in the background gives us a nice look at Misty’s background as it bucks back and forth. Once again, the camera zooms in for a few seconds giving us a few seconds view of her hairy snatch and p-lips as she grinds away, though you can’t see very much. This scene lasts about 8 minutes.

Rage, The (2007)
Ghostwords was written on September 24, 2011

Waste of videotape

Former pornstar Ms Mundae (billed here as "Erin Brown") will disappoint fans of her previous work with this outing. Chased by zombies and mutant vultures, she ends up circa 0:45 washing blood off herself at a waterfall. Her t-shirt gets wet, so her nipples poke through the material for the next couple of minutes (oddly, she appears to be wearing a bra or slip beneath in later shots, which would surely have prevented this effect). Other than a little cleavage in the subsequent fight scenes, that is it. Some might argue for a half-star, but that would be overly generous. There's a hint very early on that she and her boyfriend were going to take part in a post-rock gig threesome with another girl, but the script jumps to the following day and it's left ambiguous as to whether it occurred; a pity, since that might have earned those elusive points.

Masters of Horror (2005)
tickledick was written on March 10, 2006

Episode: Sick Girl

Cockroach crunching, bug munching, ear melting, lesbo lovin' titty nudity. Before midway, she takes off her top revealing both breasts, frontally, while standing. One breast also shows on the sofa. About twelve minutes from the end, she is woken up and speaks about her dream in which she appears full frontal. However, the dream, in which she is either on her back or on her side, is over-lit and looks like a piece of animation out of 'Yellow Submarine'.

swellsystem was written on March 30, 2006


Great review. Misty's not my type in the nudity department but I love her in any sort of out-takes or extra footage in an unscripted way; she's delightful.

Seduction of Misty Mundae, The (2004)
rocco-rules was written on April 27, 2006

Many, many nude scenes

These reviews are from the UNRATED DVD.

0:04:15 - Misty disrobes for a bath. We get 2 minutes of mostly boobs, some bush and a brief butt. The last 20 seconds she stands up covered by soap suds but still showing a nice full-frontal.

0:10:58 - Misty tries on various articles of clothing, flashes her boobs several times and her bush once, each time for only a few seconds. Whole scene lasts 3 minutes in excellent light at medium distance.

0:17:11 - Misty opens her robe while sitting up in bed, displaying her mini-boobs and the top of her bush. She starts touching herself in an amateurish attempt at masturbation. She’s listening to Julian playing with herself in the next room, and being unable to sleep, she gets up and starts brushing her hair, while her robe opens and her pink-nippled nuggets make another appearance. This 3 minute scene is intercut with Julian masturbating in bed.

0:19:20 - Misty fantasizes about entering Julian’s room, dropping her robe, giving an awesome full-frontal view for a few seconds and utters the phrase that I’ve always wanted to hear from a young girl "teach me how to f..k".

0:22:16 - While preparing for a date with a guy, Misty once again tries on some clothes. She flashed her boobs and butt for just a few seconds, but we can see her bush thru her transparent thong panties for most of this 60 second scene.

0:27:30 - A blindfolded Misty gives Billy a 60 second BJ on their first date, then he throws her out !?! No nudity.

0:33:21 - After Julian shows her how to properly play with herself, Misty pulls her blouse up, exposing her tiny titties and caresses them for a few seconds before sliding her pants off and rubbing her pantied crotch. Every few seconds, as her hand slides up, we get an excellent camel-toe view of her snatch. Three minutes later she comes.

0:58:00 - Misty has another love scene with Billy, at a party. He plays with her boobs, licks her nipples, and then eats her out (not explicitly) for about a minute, before he enters her and gives her a proper schtumping. The whole scene lasts 5 minutes. All we see of Billy is his bare chest.

1:06:00 - The Final 15-minute love scene with Julian. It’s a slow, tasteful scene and we get to sample Misty’s boobs again, for a relatively long time, in close-up and good lighting. If you appreciate small natural breasts, you’ll love the way this director captures and focuses on Misty’s beautiful A-cups. Julian’s lovely pair are also prominently on display as well. There’s a lot (several minutes) of breast and nipple-play in this scene. There’s a lot of panty-tease here as well and when Misty’s panties are finally pulled down you can see her shaved p-lips for a few seconds - Julian’s p-lips are much more prominent and we get to see them for several seconds longer and at a more direct angle ... yummmmm. Julian plants a big kiss right in the middle of Misty’s fur-patch, a scant few millimeters from her clit. The final, mutual oral sex scene that follows has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. The moaning and writhing is very realistic. Their faces and chests are flushed red, their nipples fully erect and swollen, their limbs twitching. Tears slide down Misty’s cheek at one point. When Misty orals Julian her body is positioned at right angles and we get a nice, reclined full frontal view of Misty for a few minutes while her face is buried in Julian’s loins.

Lust for Dracula (2004)
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

nude throughout

as in all of her films Misty is nude numerous times doing simulated lesbian sex scenes.there is jusr something about her petit body with small breasts and full bush that made her perfect for her films

That 70's Girl (2003)
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

classic Misty

her first scene is at 8:00 where Kelli Summers ans then Julien Wells spy on her in the shower.full frontal with some nice bush close ups.
at 14:00 she and A.J Khan have a love scene but only show breasts
at 25:00 she A.J. and Kelli Summers have a 3 way but just breasts from Misty,you do get to see Kellis bush though
there is a brief,breasts only 4 way at 24:00
in the last scene Mist calls for a "beaver check"and she ,Kelli and Julien lift there skirts and show bush(see my Julien review for an opinion on the trueness of the bushes shown)

Spiderbabe (2003)
Coptional was written on April 26, 2005

entire movie

Say what you like about her skills as an actress, if you enjoy looking at Misty as much as I do, you'll love this entire film. It's refreshing to see an actress go au naturel in her natural, non-surgically-enhanced state. Misty is a small-breast lover's dream come true.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on November 25, 2004


I actually loved this movie this chick is hot and it is a total bust on spiderman if anybody has a chance to watch it do it.She is naked throughout the whole movie plus alot of other good scenes

Screaming Dead (2003)
rocco-rules was written on February 23, 2005

Nude interview and torture

Near the start of the movie, Misty is being interviewed by an extreme photographer. She's completely nude, sitting in a chair, legs crossed and arms covering her tiny titties. The guy asks her to put her hands behind her back giving us a fairly long & unobstructed view of her A-cups. You can also see the very top of her brown bush. The interview lasts about 5 minutes. At the end of the interview she stands up, grabs her clothes and walks away. You see a quick shot of her hairy V and 2 second glimpse of her bounteous butt - both from a long distance away.

Towards the end of the movie, the psycho photographer takes Misty down into a dungeon, chains her to a wall and strips her (not shown) naked. You can see everything EXCEPT her crotch !?! As the photographer starts shooting, some unseen evil force starts slicing up our poor heroine's body, causing lots of blood to drip down across her delectible boobies and belly. This scene and the subsequent group torture scene go on for about 10 minutes, and we see Misty's nude, bloody torso close up for at least 4 minutes.

My only complaint, other than the lack of bush, is the lack of butt-shots, and next to her gorgeous face, Misty's best asset is her ass ! I've done some research and I can't find an unrated version of this flick.

vizier was written on November 14, 2016

great line

nudity in this one was below par for Misty.beast part of movie is when she says"most of my fans watch my movies with the remote in one hand and their dick in the other".....so true,as i had my remote in one hand as she said this and.......

Lustful Addiction (2003)
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

One of Misty's worst : (

This is clearly one of Misty's worst performances. She is hardly naked in this pretentious "film." This "film" is better for Ruby LaRocca fans, who will love her nekkidness! See my review...

Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String, The (2003)
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

Usual lesbo stuff but 1 good scene riding a guy

As in any cheap E.I. spoof there is chock full of lesbo nudity in the film but the highlight (for me at least) appears near the beginning of the "film" when Misty rides some guy in the woods. Her small tits and bush are on display as she rides away. My only complaint is that the scene is too short. Shame...

humerus73 was written on January 15, 2005

the film as a whole

This movie is only average rated by me as it is pure lesbian stuff.Misty and others are just ok.

CD1982 was written on February 2, 2005


The very cute Misty Mundae, who has tightened up her already hot body since Playmate of the Apes, plays Dildo Saggins, and gets naked starting from 2:15-4:05 masturbating, removes her top, then her skirt, topless with peeks of her lightly trimmed, hairy bush, then full frontal for about a second at the end when she gets up to talk to Smirnoff the wizard. At 5:50-6:28 she starts dancing topless on a table with A.J Khan. Just after, she meets a guy who looks a little like Gary Oldman, and has sex with him to Bagpipe music in a scene from 9:00-12:24 Showing a great shot of her nice round ass when he removes her panties, and full frontal for a good part of the last minute of the scene while she rides him, and then topless as A.J. Khan interrupts. Then at 44:30 to 47:45 she has lesbian sex with Ruby Larocca that includes more great views of her ass in the G-string of the movies title. She is also topless. At 49:22-54:00 she has some more sex with A.J. Khan, Darian Caine and Barbara Joyce She is topless and spends most of the time sucking Barbara Joyce's nipples. Then at 1:01:29-1:10:00 (8 1/2 minutes!)the best scene in the movie she has sex with Anoushka, Allanah Rhodes, Barbara Joyce, A.J.Khan, Darian Caine, and another girl. Lots of scenes of her getting licked and kissed by Anoushka and Benadryl. Breasts and pubes throughout. her final scene is at 1:16:08-1:21:34 When she has lesbian sex with A.J.Khan and Juliette Charles, she spends most ot the time kissing A.J. Khan or Juliette. peeks of pubes, and breasts during the scene.

Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde (2003)
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Misty's best film for nudity

At 00:10:45, she's sitting on the office floor, wearing purple top and red panties, legs spread, showing off her plump thighs, masturbating herself under the panties. The camera gets up close and personal showing pubic hair peaking out the sides and 4 fingers pushing down and rubbing very hard (for about 3 seconds). This goes on for a full minute.

At 00:23:43, Julian lifts Misty's Catholic girl mini-skirt up showing us her hairy pussy for about 2 seconds, first from medium shot, then a close-up (no p-lips visible). Soon after, Ms Wells slips her hand under the back of the skirt and masturbates Misty from behind (she might be fingering her bung-hole because her hand doesn't go very far up). You can see the bottom of her bountiful butt-cheeks in several one-second exposures. After 15 seconds, she pulls her hands away and licks her fingers clean.... nasty, nasty, nasty, as Rocco would say.

At 00:28:00 Misty begins a strip-tease. You first see her tiny titties, then at 00:29:54 she loses her skirt and shows us her hairy pussy from a low angle, so that we can see the outline of her p-lips for a few seconds. She dances naked for another 90 seconds giving us nice long head-to-toe views of her beautiful body (and booty !). Next, she gets eaten out by Julian, in a standing position. We see her from the waist up, in alternating long, medium and close-up shots, writhing and moaning, until she comes, about 2 minutes later. Soon, Misty is completely naked except for leg warmers and shoes, lying on the floor, orgasming for the next minute. Then she attacks Julian, stripping her skirt and panties off and starts eating her. You can see Misty's beautiful butt in profile at a medium distance for about two minutes. Nice……..

At 1:05:40 Misty strips off her top, showing her itty-bitty titties, in Julian's office and the two of them make out. Soon, Julian's top comes off too, and they commence licking each other's nipples. They play together, topless, for another 3 minutes.

At 1:15:00 Misty & Julian appear at the home of the bad guy, stark naked, except for knee-highs. We see them from behind for several minutes, showing either full butts, or partial buns mixed with the occasional topless-titty bust shot. After 2 minutes a 4-way orgy starts, with Ruby and the guy involved. We see every square inch of the ladies, for long moments, with nipples being licked, pussies rubbed together, and masturbated manually. There are even a couple of close-ups of the 3 girls butts as they tie up the bad guy. I was in butt heaven ! This lasts about 5 minutes.

At 1:23:00, Julian is shot up with more aphrodisiac drug and falls to the floor convulsing, showing us her butt and spread pussy from several delicious angles at medium distance (use pause and single-frame to get a better view). A naked Ruby and Misty hold her down while the drug takes effect. We get another nice low-angle view of Misty's hairy mound and lips, and her butt after she stands up and walks away.

dwightfy was written on January 4, 2004

Good movie for Misty fans

She has mutiple nude scenes in this movie, including some good girl on girl action with Juliane Wells. Seduction Cinema movies in recent years aren'tas explictive with the nudity as the earlier ones, but this one is very satisfying, plus Misty has one of the best butts you'll see.

Satan's School for Lust (2002)
vizier was written on May 3, 2016

shows all,as usual

in her first scene she is seduced by Darian Caine showing her cute b-cups and furry bush in a dream sequence then showers full frontal.
later part of this scene is repeated with Darien supposedly inserting a cross into her.
at the end is a short scene showing just breasts as she is masturbated by another woman when Darien comes in and Misty goes down on her to end the film.
not one of Mistys best films for nudity

Play-Mate of the Apes (2002)
Chicago was written on March 27, 2003

7 scenes

At :15:20-:18:30, light-skinned brunette Misty and Sharon strip for a bathing in the creek...small breasts, dark pubes and ass before Misty rubs water on Sharon's breasts while Sharon hunches down with her knees spread (but pubes in shadows). After their clothes are stolen, Misty Sharon, and Anoushka are viewed with full frontals standing on the rocks looking at the apes before they're all chased through the woods, breasts flopping, and captured. At :19:40-:20:55 while in a cage, cavegirl Darian Caine gets frisky with Misty, pulling down her panties exposing her labia and dark pubes close-up as she moves to simu-oral her. Misty's top is removed before Darian's clothes come off and the two continue to kiss and feel each other...Darian licks Misty's breasts, Misty simu-orals her while she's standing (getting the cage rocking), Darian simu-orals an excited Misty while sitting down. The scene ends with a tender wet kiss. At :31:10-:32:30, Misty and Darian strip on a stage while apes play music...as they strip, Misty's breasts are seen. At :34:50-:39:40, Misty is seen stripping again on stage, this time with the other two space travellers...breasts and ass in thong. At :40:15-:47:10 while naked and chained with the other space travellers, the 3 girls go at a 3-way...breasts as all get simu-oraled. At :53:55-1:00, Misty and Shelby Taylor have a f/f in the woods...breasts and ass while standing and kissing. Misty kisses Shelby's ass a long time, Shelby kisses/sucks Misty's breasts while on a rock, and Misty simu-orals Shelby and feels her breasts. At 1:18:15-1:24:45, several pairs of people are seen having sex...in the mix, Misty's breasts and pubes are seen as she gets a hand-job and does a leg hump before they all collapse and lay on each other.

Chicago was written on March 27, 2003

time correction

Misty's 2nd nude scene runs from :19:40-:25:35. My apologies.

Mummy Raider (2002)
superhero was written on June 21, 2003

Nude Raider

This short movie is actually only about 45 minutes. Misty shows her breasts a few times at the start of the movie as highlights of what will be shown later. There is no nudity again till about half way thru. Her first scene she takes off her top and we get several good well lit views of her breasts as she distracts two guys that have her at gunpoint. Shortly afterward her top comes off again during a struggle & stays at least topless for the remainder of the short movie where there is some gunfire, another struggle, then some lesbo action.She is topless then fully nude in the lesbian scene with Darian Caine which then turnes into a 3 way lesbian scene.

This short movie is a very poorly done soft porn parody of Tomb Raider

Lust in the Mummy's Tomb (2002)
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

One of Misty's most erotic!

In this short Misty is left home alone and discover's her archeologist father's mummy. With the wrapped mummy laying on the floor of her father's study she begins to straddle it. Soon the mummy gets a mummy erection. Misty proceeds to suck his covered mummy hog. She remains clothed during this unfortunately, but after sucking it for a bit she inserts his mummy penis into her and rides him for a bit (still clothed dammit). This part ends with the mummy 'cumming' alive and chasing Misty through the house. She eventually defeats him by disrobing and turning the mummy into a pile of bandages. She heads back into her dad's study once again where she finds a mysterious Egyptian woman there. The two women then proceed to have a lesbian tryst.

rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Panty-less, she awakens the horny mummy !

At 00:01:05 Misty is lying in bed in a see-thru top and black thong panties. She plays with her boobs and then slips a hand down her panties and masturbates briefly. Two minutes in total.

At 00:04:18 Misty strips naked and as she’s pulling her panties off, she flashes her pussy lips for few frames. Then she takes a shower, soaping up her boobs, bush and butt. We get long lingering, wet, soapy views of all three. We are also given long slow pans up and down her full figure. Scene last 5 minutes.

At 00:10:42 she has entered her father’s library and is looking through his books, when she bends over and, from a low angle, show us her panty-less ass, and p-lips for about 8 seconds (probably the longest p-lip exposure she has ever done. It’s a little dark but you can see it all ! I thought I was gonna die … Soon she discovers a long-dead mummy on the floor and crouches down to examine it, giving us a two minute upskirt tease that’s just a little too dark to see anything. She pulls her skirt up just once, to remind us that her panties are nowhere to be found.

At 00:15:20 she lifts her skirt again, showing bush and straddles the mummy. We can also see her bare butt in profile. She pulls her blouse open, exposing her boobs and rubs the mummy’s hand on them.

At 00:17:17 she starts sucking the mummy’s bandaged cock !! for about 10 seconds, before sliding it inside her snatch (simulated, of course). After a couple minutes of this, she slides up towards his head, lifts her skirt again, flashing that hairy beast and sits on the mummy’s face.

At 00:22:10 the cameraman decides he wants a better look at Misty, so he changes our viewpoint to her rear ! We watch her grind her ass & pussy on the mummy’s face from the back !!! Her skirt lifts up a couple of times and I swear you can see something, but upon further review I really can’t say that you see anything (except possibly a black thong).

At 00:26:40 after being cornered by the now-living mummy, Misty strips naked and waits for the mummy to get her. You see her full-frontal for about 2 minutes, then we get a gratuitous full-backal as she returns to the library, and confronts Patty. The two make out and make love for about 4 boring minutes before Patty comes (and goes, poof!), The scene ends with Misty lying nude on her side, facing the camera, looking ravishing.

At 00:34:50 Misty removes a towel from her naked torso and starts dressing herself and then at 00:36:01 she gives us one last beaver shot, as she’s pulling her first stocking on. You can see pink, hairless p-lips for about 2 seconds at a medium distance. Her bare butt is also aired out several times with lingering close-ups, lasting 3 to 4 seconds. I’d marry this girl in a minute !

Erotic Vampire in Paris, An (2002)
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

One of Misty's most naked!

Eating food off the floor like a naked dog, cavorting in lesbian dances and trysts with Tina Krause (credited here as Mia Copia) and having a bathtub threesome with a dude. All of this and more in AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS, one of Misty's best and hottest. Highly recommended!

Erotic Mirror, The (2002)
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

Misty with other chicks only...

First scene is Misty in a three way with Ruby LaRocca and Laurie Wallace poolside. Pretty hot. Next is Misty and Ruby kissing and fondling on a couch. So-so. The finale of the "film" is an orgy where Misty teams up with Laurie Wallace to have some lesbo fun. Not one of Misty's best but its above average.

Gladiator Eroticvs: The Lesbian Warriors (2001)
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

Nude throughout but the best scene comes at the end

Nude throughout as usual but the best scene appears at the climax (literally). The conclusion of the "film" takes place in a large field and involves Misty and a large group of her girlfriends engaged in a full scale orgy. Full nudity from all. One of Misty's best scenes to date.

Misty's Secret (2000)
rocco-rules was written on July 31, 2006

Lesbian bath

Misty is stark naked for most of this short film. She's completely naked in a bath while wathching Tina as she fixes her hair in a mirror. Later she joins Tina for a long lesbianiac bath, where we see the 3 B's once again. Later still, she and Tina have a quick lesbian encounter on a bed. Total (360 degrees) nudity lasts 15 minutes in good light at close distance.

Vampire Strangler (1999)
thefaceman32 was written on November 16, 2003

Oral - Masturbation (simu-penetration)

I was waiting for this lady to go hardcore, but this will have to do

00:30:00 Guy inserts finger into her vagina.

00:36:00 Wow! Oral scene. No doubt.

01:17:00 Another masturbation scene, although not as explicit as he hand is in her panties, but he is definately rubbing in the right area
(i mean once you've inserted, rubbing isn't as bad... odd that they showed the first insert, but not the second)

NOTE: there is a scene where she does simu-penetration, but only the good stuff for me.

slavedriver was written on October 3, 2003

Misty gets explicit on this one! The last half of this feature has her getting explicitly eaten out and explicitly sucking cock, besides the usual soft sex. Deleted scenes also have more of the same. Basically she's naked throughout. It begins w

There are also sex scenes where she's on top, but it isn't clear whether that's real or not. In one of the deleted scenes she's on top, but you can see that she's sliding back and forth on top of the guy's prick, so it's clearly not penetrating her.

Penis was written on October 4, 2003

Hey look everybody! Another incorrect entry in the database!

But don't worry, slavedriver. You were only four years off on the date of the film...

slavedriver was written on October 6, 2003

At least somebody put it in the database, dweeb. The box said copyright 2002, however I did discover afterward that it was actually supposed to be 1999. Unfortunately, there ain't a whole helluva lot I can do about that now, is there?

Okay, I'll fix it....

Penis was written on October 6, 2003

Punk and Dweeb??

Dweeb?? What is this 1985? You be a good boy and don't make me slap you silly. Next time just do a little more checking before adding something. Ya got that, "punk"? Have a pleasant day.

Coptional was written on June 12, 2005

Blowjob scene

This has to be Misty's hottest scene ever. First clear footage of being masturbated by her lover, including a finger inserted into her vagina, followed by a demonstration of her deep-throat oral technique. You have to love those little B-cups dangling as she gets between his legs and goes down...deep.

rocco-rules was written on June 25, 2005

Long, numerous spread shots and explicit fingering

I think it should be emphasized that Misty really delivers the goods in this semi-hardcore flick. Not only is she nude most of the time, but she spreads her pussy on many occasions giving us medium to close up views of her dark, hairy love nest. Then there are the long, explicit fingering scenes where Billy masturbates her for minutes at a time, pausing occasionally just so he can slip a finger inside (seen from a medium distance and from the side). On several occassions the cameraman gets right up close and personal and nothing is left to the imagination.

The deleted scenes look like retakes (sometimes with different clothes) of the main sex scene, that go on for (relatively) long periods of time (5 to 10 minutes). In one take, Billy explicitly eats her out for 8 straight minutes (I almost got bored :=). One time he lifts his head up and there's a stream of thick, sticky fluid dripping from his mouth. There's also a great line from Misty that made me lose it - Billy finishes one of his marathon eating sessions and Misty climbs up on top of him and says "I want to suck your f***ing c**k !" - Arthur Miller couldn't have written it better.

My only complaint is that there weren't enough shots of Misty's magnificent butt (_|_) .

Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society (1998)
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

Upskirt and tiny titties on display in love scene

Misty climbs into bed with her jock boyfriend, William Hellfire (the same guy she gave a BJ to in Vampire Strangler), and commences making out and stripping off her clothes. There's some early upskirt scenes with Misty's bulbous butt hanging out of her panties (very sexy), before the guy pulls them off. Next, off comes the sweater and the lucky bastard gets to squeeze and suck on her itty-bitties. After about 2 more minutes of heavy-petting, they get down to business, but, unfortunately, William pulls a sheet over them !?! Over the next 3 minutes all we see are Misty's little boobies, when she gets out of bed and enters the bathroom (and meets her doom). In the DVD extras, the love scene is extended to 5 minutes, but we see little extra except a brief view of her pubes. There's more kissing, squeezing and licking going on, and a few more close-ups of her tiny-tops.

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