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Model Solution, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Yates, Kim 3 Reviews
Washington, Candace 1 Review
Russell, Regina 3 Reviews
Peralto, Sasha 3 Reviews
Lohman, Katie 3 Reviews
Hollywood, Holly 4 Reviews
Flowers, April 2 Reviews
Fisher, Kimberly 3 Reviews
Baker, Kitana 4 Reviews
Abbott, Antoinette 3 Reviews

Model Solution, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Schnuit, Jason 1 Review
Guy, Sebastien 1 Review

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Kim Yates
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Lesbo jacuzzi fun

Billed as Kim Laurel. Has bit of bubbly with another woman. She is a little older, but has a gorgeous face. It is almost wasted on a slightly "mature", but not flabby body and some 36c's glad bags on her chest. She also shows a nice firm ass when she is on top during the sex scene.

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Negotiating a contract

Kim looks really good in this movie, which is pretty necessary since she can't act to save....well, whatever. She gets one sex scene with Kitana in a pool that is tepid on the heat scale (the sex, not the pool). The camera doesn't pay too much attention to her body. I mean you see it all, plus a glimpse between her legs, but Kim fans have seen better.

superhero was written on October 4, 2002

Unrated Version Reviewed

This blonde looks better in this movie than any of the others that I have seen her in probably because her hair is a bit longer than usual. She has a lesbian sex scene by the pool at night where she is fully nude. The brunette that she is with shows more explicit nudity than Kim Yates does.

Candace Washington
SCRTD1967 was written on January 15, 2014

Group of photo models

She is posing for a photographer and shows both breasts.

Regina Russell
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Shortest of the sex scenes

She is the head of a rival model agency. When she and the male star get together on the couch in her office, she shows her nice symmetrical, round 36c's while getting out of her bra. Then more chest balloons while she gets simu-head (his head is shown in her crotch, but no contact). She them does a ride'em cowgirl and shows butt cheeks, pubes and tits while she humps. Very smooth skin.

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Forming a business partnership

Every woman in the film gets a nude scene, so she gets hers banging Scott in her office. All of her body is there, like with with everybody else, but it seems she is just going through the motions. You can fast forward through her scene and not be sorry.

superhero was written on October 4, 2002

Unrated Version Reviewed

Her hair is shorter and darker than in previous movies. She has a sex scene in office where she shows full frontal nudity.

Sasha Peralto
icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Employment interview

The first salvo in this onslaught of nudity which features actress after actress with shaved pussies and no-holds-barred shots thereof. Sasha has quite nice medium to big breasts that sit real high on her torso. I like 'em. You'll like 'em. She boffs Scott right off as her way of asking for a job as a model. All is revealed. All. Then gets a few more nude scenes at a photo shoot and in the pool. She's a nice way to start things off, for my money the cutest girl in the film.

superhero was written on October 4, 2002

Unrated Version Reviewed

This amazingly beautiful young brunette (although I am not fond of her 2 tattoos) At start of film has closeups of twat & bush. Then shows breasts getting out of the tub. Then is fully nude having sex in tub with a guy.

BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Stripping in titles and bathtub/sex scene

Super duper cute brunette with a little baby fat, slightly saggy 34b's and a round, but slightly jiggly butt. During the titles she strips first to bra and thong and her nice, but not firm ass is shown. She then removes bra and thong and the thong sticks in her puffy pussy lips for a nice view from the rear (several seconds long). She then shows her mohawk pubic grass, although she has a tatoo on her upper crotch. She is in a very soapy bath and her tits are briefly seen just above the bubbles. She then stands in the bath and shows more of her ta-tas, then a brief, wet full length rear shot. She then gets into a grope session with the male star with more jigglies and pubic scratch pad. When the camera goes behind, her puff-daddy pussy lips show again from behind. She has a long bra and panty scene in bed the morning after showcasing her nice legs.

Katie Lohman
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Modelling by a pool and sex scene with star's friend (male)

Super hot to trot blonde with a killer set of saline inflated chest balloons (you could almost see the plastic through the bottom of her tatas).
Unfortunately, the carpets don't match the curtains. She is one of the models of "jewelry" poolside at a photo shoot. When they strip to topless, her pointy pontoons are freed and almost float like hot air balloons off her chest. Then the thong is pulled half way down and her black pubic "down" is seen briefly before she "shyly" covers them with her hand. Then it is full nakedness time, and although she is often obscured by other girls, she does manage to show us her naked pimento loaves of buns and a peak of her crotch clam from the rear before the scene ends. Then its some sexy fun with a guy and you make out her really pink nipples, the outlines of her saline breast beef up and her sliver of a pubic carpet while doing a ride'em cowgirl sex scene. Her round ass globes are shown in a thong when she strips out of a mini-skirt. Where are all these thong panties when I am hanging out at the bottom of the stairwell at the BART station?

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Getting acquainted sex

Here are some tits to write home about – very big and shapely in an artificial sort of way, but quite nice to look at. Nice shape, pointy at the nips, a real chest full o' boobs. Do I need to say that there are lots of pussy shots in her sex scene with Steve? Former Playmate, she would be hard to say no to if she just walked in the door and asked for a good time (which she does here). Nude in the photo shoot (with the sunglasses), but that's peanuts compared to her sex scene.

superhero was written on October 4, 2002

Unrated Version Reviewed

Good looking blonde who is Fully nude having sex with a guy on bed in cabin

Holly Hollywood
Hamilton was written on November 30, 2002

Unrated DVD

Holly Hollywood has two hot scenes in this movies. The first is a solo shower scene that pushes the limits of softcore. The camera pans all over her fit, slim body and occasionally lingers on her vaginal area. Her fingers wander down there and clearly touch the lips. Then she uses the shower massager there and it actually pushes the lips apart for some definite pink action... you never would have seen this in a softcore movie a few years back. Her other scene is a boy-girl on a bed... when she takes her panties off while lying down she gives us another very clear view of her vagina. Then there's another close up shot of her vagina and it's the most explicit open shot I've seen in a softcore movie... it's akin to a Penthouse video. It's an average scene otherwise, just very graphic with a couple shots.

superhero was written on October 4, 2002

Unrated Version Reviewed

Topless while taking off shirt then top of ass while entering bathroom then fully nude in shower including close up of twat & some masterbation. Scene is intercut with a guy swimming in a pool.-- Also is fully nude on bed having sex with a guy. The scene includes nice closeup of her twat.

BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Leave it to Beaver!

She plays the secretary and although cute without her glasses, she has the saggiest mambas of the bunch (34b). Getting ready for a shower, she lifts off shirt and lifts ups tits and she is topless briefly. Then a brief look at her pert, firm butt when she enters shower naked. She then soaps up her chest bags and then proceeds to lather up her snatch (hair and medium thick lips are shown while she does it). She then fingers her love garden (explicitly shown) and the turns on the shower massager to "pulse" and squats down and gives a spread eagle full length view of her double pubic lips and vaginal portal as she masturbats with the massager (well lit, in focus and medium shot so you see her entire frontitude). She later repeats the tit, bush, ass, pussy lip show during a love making session. This broad can't keep her knees together!

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Lovelorn secretary

Holly plays the Scott's supposedly unsexy, and unattached secretary. Well. Being alone doesn't mean she doesn't have fun. In the shower while fantasizing about Steve, she hoses herself to abandon and ends up sitting on the floor of the stall spraying the hot water right on target. She opens her legs wide so there are no secrets and unlike the other crotch shots in this movie, she is in a state of serious arousal. And yes, this is a real O. You can tell by the flush on her upper chest. Way to go Holly! Near the end of the movie, she finally has her naked tryst with Steve. Flesh galore.

April Flowers
limacharliewhiskey was written on October 16, 2002

only one scene, but very nice & hot

She is the hot B-cup sized, silicone-free blonde who appears in a flashback scene with the guy. Her scene appears at around the 20 minute mark in a simulated sex romp with a guy. Lasts about 3-to-4 minutes, full frontal of her trimmed pubes. Nice shot from the rear, as she gives a simulated oral to the guy. She is shown in just about every position possible. Too bad this scene isn't longer. Almost looks like a hardcore scene that was filmed in softcore style.

She looks a lot like hardcore pornstar, April Flowers. I think it's the same girl, and Diana Espen is her stage name for her softcore appearances.

BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Love is screwing before you say goodbye

Before she blows off (in more ways than one) the stars friend, she makes love to him in a weird fashion. She has some nice firm 34b's and shows them throughout the scene. They are covered with a nice creamy skin and have pencil eraser nipples. She shows her naked heart shaped ass with outrageously slim waist while giving some simu-head (full backal nudity as well). Her pussy ring is shown embedded in her lips as we see them jut out from under her ass crack. She then shows full back nudity with butt as she does an inverted reverse cowgirl while shagging her boyfriend on the couch. Afterwards we get to see her lickable tits and a slight sliver of blonde peach fuzz when she lays on her back.

Kimberly Fisher
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Modeling bikini and less for jewlry add

She is a dead ringer for a chubby Shannon Doherty. She is one of several models that starts out in a bikini modelling jewelry and later strips to topless then full nude with just jewelry on. She has some slightly saggy 34a's and a crew cut pubic patch in an isoceles triangle and a nice round set of ass knockers. I could not tell if she was one of the chicks that showed pussy lips.

superhero was written on October 4, 2002

Unrated Version Reviewed

Credited as Kimberly Kay. This beautiful brunette swimsuit model shows full frontal nudity in an outside model shoot with 3 other women.-- Later in the movie she can be seen briefly topless in a hottub from a mid to far distance with another woman (kinda blurry)

BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Pucker up (skirt)

She is the photographer that shoots the "jewelry" models by a pool. Afterwards she has a "conference" with the boss in the sack. While they start the roly-poly, her mini skirt hikes up and reveals her puffy blonde vise-like clams from the back and spread eagle (slightly dark, but you can easily see the luscious details). Off comes the skirt and her 38DD melons, along with her firm abs and legs are shown while the boss muff dives her Bermuda Triangle. They slightly sag and sway as she gets it fully nude doggy style. Then more casabas and brief pubis while she rides on top.

Kitana Baker
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Here Kitty, kitty!

During a lesbo scene in and out of a Jacuzzi, her thick lipped hairless pussy is given a lot of air. On top and in front, she has a pair of over inflated 38d's that seem about to burst. Below and in front she has the slightest sliver of a pubic median strip leading to some of the biggest, thickest p-lips ever shown. First getting out of the jacuzzi (R), we get a brief glimpse. The other broad fingers them (they almost wrap around her entire finger). Second when Kitana gets on top, we are treated to many well lit, medium shots of her unbearded clam and glass smooth rump from the rear--outstanding!

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Corporate raider

She has really big tits. That's all there is to say about them. And a smile that says, “Hi! I have really big tits. Want to play?” She does a nude scene with Kim in the pool, and since she has the bigger pair of the two, the camera pays lots of attention to her. This a rather sisterly lesbian scene, not much panting or moaning, just two beautiful women enjoying each other's nakedness. We do get shot after shot of Kitana's bare, puffy pussy to make up for the lack of heat.

BushLeague was written on December 4, 2002

Lesbo lickin' good

Shows ass, tits, bush, and large hairy pussy lips from the rear. Scene is kind of dark.

Evoken was written on January 21, 2003

Miller Light "Catfight" Girl Totally Nude

Kitana Baker is one of the two chicks in the Miller Light "Catfight" commercial. In this movie, Kitana shows everything ... we get full frontal nudity and even a closeup of her pussy from behind. She does a lesbo scene with another girl, and we see her big fake tits, pussy from the front, and pussy from the rear. Kitana hardly has any "bush" at all ... her lips are completely shaved, with just a patch of hair above. This scene really leaves nothing to the imagination. -Evoken

Antoinette Abbott
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Modelling "jewelry"

Very cute skinny blonde with blonde pubic hair and very slim waist and skinny thighs. She has a slight bit of sagitude in the chest region (32a's) and a firm heart shaped butt. I call her Tina, because the photographer tells "Tina" to move and the girl who was later called "Kelsy" followed the instructions. "Antionette" shows her tits, ass, and puffy pussy lips while standing nude and shows her "W"'s of lips peeking from bottom of ass cheeks when she turns around. During the scene, all girls strip from bikinis to nude.

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Nude modelling

She is nude in a photo shoot scene. She's the platinum blond who tends to be on the left side of the group. OK medium sized breasts, too bad she didn't get more screen time. Yes, we see her nude full frontal, but her thighs are shut tight and by the standards of this movie, that doesn't earn a fourth star.

Silverfish was written on May 10, 2002

posing for photos

she plays "tina," a beautiful blonde model in a pink bikini, posing for a photo shoot, along with a number of other models. once the "european" pictures are taken, she and the other models take off their tops.

Jason Schnuit
celebman02 was written on April 3, 2002

Brief rear nudity

(Credited as Dave Valeo) Jason appears in 2 or 3 love scenes in this Playboy Original movie, however, most of his nudity is scene when he gets up from soaking in a bath tub. When he stands up, we get a clear view of his wet butt dripping with water. In his love scenes you're lucky to get a side shot.

Sebastien Guy
celebman02 was written on April 3, 2002

Plenty of rear nudity

(Credited as Scott Duke) Guy plays the main character in this Playboy Orig. Movie. He appears nude in a number of love scenes. In them, we get plenty of side and full rear nudity. In his last love scene, we get a well-lit closeup of his butt while he is serviced by the female in the scene (Regina Russell). In the first love scene, which takes place in a bathtub, you get another close view of his wet-bubble covered butt. No frontal nudity in this movie-following his appearence in Voyuer Confessions-but still worth watching!

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