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year title
2010 Milf 1 Review
2008 Pleasure Party 1 Review
2005 Forbidden Secrets 0 Reviews

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year title
2007 Co-Ed Confidential 2 Reviews
2006 Hotel Erotica Cabo 2 Reviews
2005 Sex Games Vegas 1 Review

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Co-Ed Confidential (2007)
Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2012

S1 Ep.12: Striptease

Ms Green teases a guy by lifting up her cropped top to expose her breasts (including nipples), then lowering her shorts at the rear to display most of her butt (she's wearing a thong).

Fully naked, she has sex in the locker room showers with a geeky looking guy. She leans against a wall as he goes down on her; his head obstructs our view of her bush, but her breasts are out for all to see. They then try a variety of sexual positions, beginning with her sitting on his lap and letting us enjoy both breasts and pencil-thin trimmed bush

For the record, her breasts appear smallish, which may be due to her tall, very slender frame.

Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2012

For the record...

The twelfth episode of Season 1 (reviewed here) is entitled "Butt Naked" and first aired in January 2008.

Hotel Erotica Cabo (2006)
McKinnon was written on July 28, 2011

Various; ep: Summer Lovers

Molinee has 3 sex scenes with Kevin Mans and one with Nikki Nova. The first two with Mans involve some role playing; the second has her with her hands tied up. The first 2 sex scenes have a different edge than the usual sex scenes where you can already guess all the positions, and they have some nice steam. The last is more generic. Her scene with Nikki has her laying in a deck chair as Nikki goes down on her and then they start scissoring. This has a quick frontal shot as her bikini bottoms are removed.

McKinnon was written on August 11, 2011

Various; episode: Primal Urge

Molinee has several scenes with Collier Landry, some in the room, others on the beach, in the usual manner on this show. The scene that is the most unique is when they're hallucinating and she's naked, sweaty, standing against and turning against the wall. They show a full frontal and some rear glimpses as well.

Sex Games Vegas (2005)
Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2012

S1, Ep.1: Two sex scenes

In the series opener, "Jack and Jill", Ms Green plays the female half. In the first sex scene, we see both breasts as he removes her dress and panties, then goes down on her (his face obscures her groin), then he bends her over a stair rail and does her from behind. In the second scene, the same guy again slips her dress off and tries a little oral; the material gets in the way this time, but she's soon naked and sitting on his lap, displaying breasts and what appears to be a fully shaven pussy. Incidentally, she already has that abdominal tattoo.

Milf (2010)
Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2012

360 degrees

Ms Green displays plenty of flesh in this movie: dancing in just a pair of panties for a webcam (the image is appropriately degraded); dropping her towel when surprised by a guy (both full front and rear nudity; she seems to have let her bush grow out slightly since 2007's Co-Ed Confidential); the side of her right breast when he hands her a towel; both breasts again as she rides a guy cowgirl-style (you can't quite see her bush, 'thanks' to the way it's shot).

Pleasure Party (2008)
McKinnon was written on December 16, 2011

Lawn and couch

At the start of the film, Molinee is totally naked, sitting by the pool (they generally keep her lower half blocked but there are some brief looks at her landing strip). There's a hot moment where her boyfriend rubs a "diamond" necklace over her small, firm breasts and against her mouth. They go to the lawn where she rides him (he keeps his hand covering her crotch) and then he does her doggy style. This lasts for about 4 minutes. A little dull but Green adds some heat. At about :26, she begins seducing Wendy Rice, who doesn't believe women actually have sex with each other. She teases and kisses her, which is the sexiest part of the scene. After this they take off their tops, Green, still in a leather skirt, climbs on top of Rice. More kissing of breasts, some playfulness, before she pretends to eat Rice out, then Rice returns the favor. Next Green is sitting behind Rice, fingering her, which looks awkward, as Rice's leg blocks any frontal view at all times.

Forbidden Secrets (2005)

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