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Sam Elliott
Opticon was written on October 5, 2005

Rising out of waterhole

Sorry, there's no nudity here -- or is there? Elliott, playing an escaped prisoner in the Old West, strips down for a bath in a waterhole. Vera Miles, his reluctant traveling companion, spies on him from a discreet distance. Elliott notices this, suddenly rises out of the water and turns toward her with an impudent grin on his face. Vera, registering shock, looks away. Since the camera rises with Elliott as he stands up, we don't see below his waist and we, as viewers, assume he probably wore a swimsuit for this scene. But actors are fond of playing jokes on each other. Perhaps, feeling his "oats" in his first leading-man part, Elliott decided to skip the swimsuit and thus give co-star Vera a real eyeful. Perhaps Vera's look of shock was genuine! This would be especially true if Elliott were not only stark naked but sporting an erection at the same time. One can only wonder.

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