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year title
1976 Nashville Girl 1 Review
1971 Southern Comforts 1 Review
1971 Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio, The 1 Review
1970 Roxanna 0 Reviews
1969 Stewardesses, The 1 Review

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Nashville Girl (1976)
cecil was written on March 6, 2004

skinny dipping; massage parlor; shower

At the start of the movie we see her heading towards the lake, with a full rear shot from a medium distance. Several minutes later she walks out of the lake, hands over her lower region, but a clear view of her breasts. Then she is chased by her boyfriend Adrian Marshall for a minute or so with several views of her bare rear and brief close ups of her breasts as she runs. Quick breasts shot as she lays on the ground and he forces himself on her. At about 40 minutes a guy is giving her a massage at the "massage parlor" where she works. She is lying face down on the table, nude, and we see several brief close ups of her rear as he massages her body. He gets too friendly with his hands, she sits up with her back to the camera, and runs him off. At 43 minutes she is in the prison farm shower with Shirley Jo Finney. The scene is only head and shoulders until she finishes. Then we see a clear full rear view as the matron of the farm approaches her and propositions her. A close brief look at breasts as the matron kisses her.

Southern Comforts (1971)
vizier was written on March 19, 2016

naked alot

in the beginning her and the other 2 main actresses strip by a stream and skinny dip full frontal.
at 19:00 she and Julie are naked in the barn massaging each other and she walks outside naked several times to get water.
at 34:00 she and Brenda are naked,kissing and skinny dipping then have sex with some bumpkin
at 54:00 all the girls get naked in the barn and have sex with yokels
at 1:15:00 her and 6 other girls strip down and walk around the barn naked for several minutes in a "beauty contest"

Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio, The (1971)
Immy was written on August 1, 2008

Nude (0:03)

Ultra-cutie Monica has a tremendous nude scene that lasts almost eight minutes! Once she creates Pinocchio she slips off her clothes, takes him to bed and has as much fun as you can with a guy made of wood, though it's done very tenderly. Outstanding Playmate-quality body on Monica. Her boobs are mostly on display but her muff can be glimpsed a couple of times. Sadly, she doesn't return until the final minutes and shows no more skin.

Roxanna (1970)
Stewardesses, The (1969)
12-string was written on March 30, 2001

just a bit

Seen briefly, early on, in the 72-minute "R" version, doing exercises while full-frontal nude at an apartment shared by several stewardesses. She didn't reappear in this cut but may have had other footage in the original 1970 (soft) X-rated print. Very good-looking girl; if you know her you'll spot her easily.

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