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Brinke Stevens
dwightfy was written on July 12, 2000

getting on a horse bottomless

in the early '80s, alan funt did a candid camera show for playboytv.the best scenes are available on videos. there are either 5 or 6 out. in the second video "more candid cadid camera" , the first scene has brinke stevens going to differnt horseback riding places. she wants to ride bareback, so she takes of her pants. you get great butt and pubic scenes as she's getting on the horses.

The_Beav was written on January 26, 2005


While there are a lot of great looks at Brinke's butt, there is only one shot of pubes and it's partially obscurred and from a fair distance away. I wouldn't reccomend this for Brinke fans, only completists.

(And since I can't add new performers to the database) The rest of the movie is pretty good on nudity, especially if you like 'em natural, with tanlines, and a bit of bush. After Brinke's bottomless scene, they use a redhead for the barback stunt except she goes completely nude except for her hat and boots. Good shot of her natural red firecrotch after she feigns falling off the horse. Next is a group of 4 girls at a studio, 2 brunettes and 2 blondes, all nude. Only one fails to show any bush. Next is a woman napping on a couch completely nude. Short blonde permed hair, fake tits, nice tanlines, a few full body shots of dark pubes. Another pale brunette comes in and gets completely nude but I thought she was forgettable. Next is my favorite scene with 2 blonde hot tubbers. They try to pull one of the marks in with them but he's strong enough to pull one of the girls out of the tub. He tries to carry her away and lifts one of her legs up for a great shot of her natural blonde crotch critter. Later in the same scene she comes in and takes off her robe, then dances and shakes her golden squirrel cover for like a minute before finally getting in the tub. Her blonde friend isn't too bad either but has a darker, trimmed pubic patch and is a little paler so her tanlines aren't as quality. Then it's a nude sleepwalker. Her hair appears more reddish and she's got a robo-rack. She does the zombie bit at first before taking off her nightie and doing a completely nude sleep-dance and posedown for the mark. Then they "catch" one of their camermen ogling the four girls from the studio scene above when he's supposed to be doing some sort of camera test on a tone sheet. Seems dubious to me as I doubt the girls just hung around naked but you get great close-up shots of all of them so who am I to argue? Great tape if you're a fan of natural breasts, bush, and tanlines and like your nudity in a campy, cutsey way, like me.

Uncredited Actress
Ghostwords was written on July 14, 2012

If in doubt, get a woman to take her clothes off

See [The_Beav]'s review of Brinke Stevens' participation in this film for a list of many other uncredited actresses who also get naked.

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