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Brown, Megan 2 Reviews
Aylesworth, Reiko 1 Review

Mr. Brooks' Sexy Actors

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Francis, Ross 1 Review
Costner, Kevin 1 Review

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Megan Brown
ravenboy was written on May 31, 2007

much exposure

Brown shows breasts, full backside nudity during lovemaking scene and in flashback and pictures relatively often in the first portion of the film.

Bigdave2284 was written on October 24, 2007

Love Scene

Early in this film Brown has flashbacks and also shows full backside in a lovemaking scene. Pretty nice film work.

Reiko Aylesworth
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Cleavage scene

Playing someone who works for the title character (if I remember correctly) and she has very busty clothing in most of her scenes.

Ross Francis
ravenboy was written on May 31, 2007

full-length nudity from the side

As the "male dancer" Francis shows his beautiful, slender, flank full-length while making love to the "female dancer" and while dead (reappearing in flashback and photos throughout).

Kevin Costner
ravenboy was written on May 31, 2007

dark, shadowy but lengthy backside

Costener gives us a much more up-close and lenghthy backside view (full length) as he stands, naked feeding his clothes into a furnace. Artistically, the lighting is wonderful, designed not so much to conceal as to heighten the drama, and making his nudity all the more powerful as he squats, then stands to cleanse himself of his crimes.

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