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Jennifer Welles
Rebecca Brooke
icebag2 was written on March 15, 2010

Swinging hostess

Rebecca plays Esther Harrington, a swinging hostess and friend of Mrs. Barrington. She has her nude scene getting it on with a guy in one of those 70s egg-shell chairs. There is a close-up of him mangling her right breast and sucking in on it. Lucky him. The other breast can be seen from time to time, but her face is hidden. Switch to his face in her crotch and we see her breasts front on as she arches back in ecstasy. There’s something about her face. When she’s acting, it’s rather plain--good-looking plain. But when she is nude acting out (?) sexual pleasure, she becomes absolutely gorgeous. This happens in film after film. The final shot of her is from the back, seated, so her buns don’t really show, and all we get of her breasts is the side of her full right one, but no nipple. She’s a beautiful woman who should have been shown off more than she was here. Also appearing in this movie are Chris Jordan, Jennifer Welles, Eric Edwards, and David Hausman, who all did a few Joseph Sarno movies with her.

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