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Naomi Watts
slavedriver was written on May 7, 2003

Sex? What sex? I don't see any sex?

Yes, She's hot. Better looking than Laura, to be sure. But do not say there's lesbian sex where it does NOT exist. A little bit of kissing and a quick boob-fondle does not a sex scene make! There is nothing even close to a sex scene in this film. Here I was, reading these reviews and getting all worked up about seeing this, and when I finally do... BAM!!! Big let-down. At best they just cuddle. ALERT: NO LESBIAN SEX IS PRESENT ON THIS DVD. Nice boob shots, though. David Lynch is capable of much more than this.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 23, 2004


nothing like a hot lesbian scene i by accidentally called this movie mulholland falls in my the ring review but anyway nice scene wear naomi takes her shirt off and you get a brief shot just knowing she is in a lesbian scene is great

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Nice up tops from the girl down under

Great outline of her heart shaped big ass climbing into a window. Brief look during first sex scene and longer look at almost circular 34b's during second sappho with Laura. She does some of the most serious self clit buffing through her pants (not explicitly shown) of any film porno or not--It should almost go down as a classic with Sharon Stone's leg crossing.

boobman04 was written on May 18, 2005

she looks fine

About half way through the film Naomi and another girl take part in a lesbian scene. The other girls boobs are much larger than Naomis, yet Mr. Watts look very nice. Her nipples are rather pokie, as usual, and about 30 minutes later she shows them off in an extended scene. Her boobs are a nice size and look very natural.

Ryan was written on September 27, 2001

A Star Is (Hopefully) Born

First of all, Naomi Watts is simply brilliant in this movie and deserves to become a very in demand actress. Now, the reason she's in the database is for the tender lesbian love scene with co-star Laura Harring in which Naomi bares her small but nice breasts. Also, in a later scene she masturbates while thinking of Laura, we see her hands go into her jean shorts but nothing and some writing and moaning. Plus, another rougher nude scene between the girls with more breast exposure. Naomi is very cute and although her breasts are not as large as Laura's they are very nice and the two women compliment each other very nicely. Check it out.

BigPoppaSmurf was written on October 18, 2002

Love scenes

This DVD sat on my video store shelf virtually unrented, which is disappointing. Ms. Harring and Ms. Watts have two very touching, very topless love scenes together, the second being the superior one. Although not completely nude, I thought a four-star rating was applicable for the sheer balls of David Lynch and beauty of Naomi Watts. If you enjoyed her in this, try out The Ring. She is superb, but don't expect to sleep (or watch TV) ever again.

ernststavro was written on November 20, 2002


In my point of view it´s almost impossible to get three star without showing some pussy. So Naomi shows us her lovely real tits (which are smaller but much more beautiful than Laura Harrings, or what she was called). The second scene is well lit and the nipple are beatifully visible.


soulman was written on May 24, 2002

Tit Shots.

Naomi is a cute blonde with a nice little body. Her first scene is a brief tit shot during a lesbo scene with Harring. The next scene is much better with a better view of her nice sized puppies in another flashback lesbo scene harring. Not as good as Harring but still not bad.

krusty was written on October 19, 2001

Two Lesbian Scenes

I'm in love. Naomi is simply stunning - but I'm a sucker for blondes - even dye blondes. Naomi has a tender kissing love scene with Laura about 90 minutes in. While we get a brief glimpse of Naomi's perky young breasts, the camera spends more time on Laura's body here. The next one is an hour later when Naomi confronts Laura on the couch. We finally get some lingering shots of Naomi and her lovely boobs. She also has perky nipples here as well. Shortly after, we're treated to a shot of Naomi masturbating on the couch. The camera spends most of the time on her face, as she pleases herself, but we do get a brief shot of her hand in her open pants. If you like Lynch, you'll like this flick. If you like perky breasts on adorable women, you'll love Naomi Watts.

lattara was written on January 8, 2002

Girl-Girl Fun

Naomi looks really cute even clothed in (most of) this film. Her first lesbian scene is dark and we only briefly see her small breasts and pink nipples. The second is more brightly lit and has better breast exposure. I believe that the two parts of this film were shot some time apart and if I'm not mistaken Naomi looks more full in the bust in the second scene. I hope this is a natural gain. There's also a semi-nude scene when she is masturbating - her top is as good as transparent and as the camera pans down there is a close-up of a perky nipple.

Sinnema was written on October 21, 2001

Topless lesbian sex!

She has a couple good lesbian sex scenes with Laura Elena Harring. The first is dark and doesn't show much. The second is brightly lit and offers several good, lingering shots of her firm, perky breasts. In addition, this cute blonde is actually a very good actress, both with and without clothes. She makes the two and a half hours of this David Lynch-directed nightmare bearable to watch.

bigirl2282 was written on June 7, 2004

Naomi's breasts and the lesbian scene

While Naomi Watts breasts are not as large and not as wonderful as Laura Harring's, she still has amazing looking breasts. The lack of sex in the lesbian sex scene between Laura Harring and Naomi Watts was a bit dissappointing.

VincentD1979 was written on June 2, 2005

Lesbian sex, and Masturbation

What a beautiful creature. She shows her small breasts while having sex with Rita in this movie. She also shows her breasts through a see-through tank top while she masturbates violently, crying out loud.

Rena Riffel
soulman was written on May 24, 2002

Why Bother.

Rena's scene is a waste of time if you're expected to see her naked. Sure you can see her nipples about to poke through her top but you can swing a dead cat and come across a film from her with better nudity. Skip it. Rent SCANDALOUS BEHAVIOR, THE PORNOGRAPHER or SHOWGIRLS instead.

Sinnema was written on October 21, 2001

No nudity (but no bra, either)

Rena once again plays a bimbo, but surprisingly keeps her clothes on in her brief scene in this movie. She is, however, wearing a tight T-shirt with no bra, with her perky nipples poking out conspicuously. You can see Rena in more prominent (and more naked) bimbo roles in "Showgirls" and "The Pornographer."

Laura Harring
Psuedo_Saint was written on March 30, 2002

An obsession

If you are a film enthusiast, you'll appreciate this movie for it's exposition of one of David Lynch's frequent themes, obsession, in this case jealous obsession. If, on the other hand, you're obsessed with celebrity nudity, you'll become thoroughly obsessed with Laura Harring. She's absolutely gorgeous here with or without clothes

Fleischmann was written on December 20, 2004

Lesbian sex, twice

There are two hot scenes of lesbian sex between Laura Harring and Naomi Watts, and both of them give us long, clear views of both women. One minor complaint: the first full-body shot of Laura, totally nude and viewed from the front, deliberately fuzzes her exposed pubic hair. Four stars anyway.

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003


When she is taking a shower, you can make out her shower door obscured tits and large fanny. Later when she is getting into bed with Naomi, her 36c's seem to hang naturally, but David has put a censorship patch over her crotch to obstruct and otherwise full frontal(she must be *really* hairy, because the patch is gigantic!). You get the barest glimpse of the tops of her pubes when she gets under the covers and more boobula's making love to Naomi. When she has a second lesbo with Naomi, they look entirely fake. (plastic surgery while filming?). P.S. If you want to see what her ass looked like 10 or so years ago, see "The Forbidden Dance".

Ryan was written on September 27, 2001

Killer bod; lesbian scene

About a hour and a half into this trippy David Lynch film Laura walks into her roommate's bedroom and drops her robe revealing her spectacular nude body (full frontal view, slightly shadowed but good enough to see the goods). They then have a rather tender love scene with more views of Laura's lovely full breasts. This is a bit of a surprising development in the film but the marketing has already been making a big deal of it so unfortunately I'm not ruining anything... (if it had stayed a secret I wouldn't even be posting this). Later, there is another scene between the women with another view of Laura's breasts, this one is not so tender. Great movie, great beauty, great body.

soulman was written on May 24, 2002

This Chick Is Hot.

Laura is a sexy brunette with a body so hot you can't wait for her to take off her clothes. There's a scene early in the film where she's behind a frosted glass shower door. Nothing much there (as usual). The next scene is much better as she drops her towel and shows a frontal of her gorgeous body (those complaning about the bad lighting of the scene need to turn up the brightness a bit on their TV sets). There's a another good view of her tits when she gets into bed for a lesbo session with Watts. One more excellent of her boobs in another brief session with Watts during a twisted flashback scene (and a point where the film lost me). Not too bad at all.

krusty was written on October 19, 2001

Two Lesbian Scenes

Laura and Naomi hook up twice in this film. The first time is in bed when a goodnight kiss from Laura is taken much further. Laura bares her 38D's fully, both standing and while in bed. The kissing goes on for a minute or so and the camera naturally wanders. This is a voluptuous woman. The second encounter is a brief one and on the couch about an hour later. Again, they are full, round and lovely. If you like Lynch, you'll enjoy this dizzy trip of a movie.

lattara was written on January 8, 2002

Lesbian double feature

Two lesbian scenes. The 1st is very dark, although Laura drops her towel and is full frontal I found this too shadowy to see more than her outline. The lighting is better when she gets into bed with Naomi Watts and her full round breasts get some hands on attention. The second scene is brightly lit and we get a good view of Laura's breasts which inclines me to agree that despite their fullness and roundness they are lovely and real. There's also a sort-of-nude scene early on in the movie when she is in the shower. The frosted glass means we can't really see properly but I spotted a black blur of what I took to be pubic hair.

Sinnema was written on October 21, 2001

Lesbian sex -- wow!

This voluptuous brunette has an amazing pair of torpedoes, which are displayed in two lesbian sex scenes. The first scene -- nearly two hours into this long, twisted movie -- is very dark, but offers a couple good close-ups of her huge breasts. Later there is a better, brightly lit scene with her lying on her back with Naomi Watts straddling her and caressing her bare breasts. In my opinion (and I am not a surgeon), Harring's enormous breasts are real, since I saw quite a bit of them, and I didn't see any signs of surgical scars.

bigirl2282 was written on June 7, 2004

Laura Harring's nice breasts, but not much of a lesbian scene

We get a great view of Laura Harring's fantastic breasts, but I was a bit disappointed with the lack of sex in the lesbian sex scene. There was only kissing and breasts fondling between Laura Harring and Naomi Watts.

jason123 was written on April 22, 2002

Laura Harring's Not-So-Full-Frontal-Scene On the DVD

sorry to tell you guys this, but the dark scene where Laura drops her towel and walks toward the bed, she was supposted to be full frontal there. But no, digital blurring of Laura Harring's pubic hair was used by the director David Lynch. If you do some captures of the scene and edit the pictures with better lighing, you can CLEARLY see the blurry on Laura's bottom. This really sux, what a wasted. And get this, David Lynch wrote this on his web site, he said and I quote: "We did that blurring for the dvd on purpose as we knew that pictures of Laura would be everywhere if we didn't".

VincentD1979 was written on June 2, 2005

Lesbian Scenes

Lovely lovely lovely breasts. In the scenes preceeding the actualy showing of Laura's breasts, I was curious to see how they might look naked. Then she took off her robe and i got to see for myself! Lovely. I love the scene where she and Naiome are kissing and her left breast is hanging down like a large perky teet.

Kimiwebber was written on November 10, 2012

Amazing jugs

Laura has amazingly beautiful and large jugs.

Scene 1- Laura removes her towel to become fully naked. Her boobs are clearly visible while her pussy is deliberately hidden by darkness. She gets in the bed with Naomi. Later, as she gets up to kiss good night to Naomi, her left boob comes out of the bed cover. Naomi kisses her lightly before they start sucking each others lips deeply. Laura then makes Naomi topless and presses, one of her boob. Her big trademark nipple is visible. Naomi plays with one of Laura's tits and then they french kiss.

Scene 2, Naomi and Laura are topless and Naomi is on top of Laura. She forcefully tries to finger her pussy.

Scene 3- Naomi is crying with frustration and masturbating. Her nipples are visible under her dress and her fingers are shown to be moving furiously in her panty.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 23, 2004

nice tits

she is know naomi watts but nice lesbo scene horrible movie

DOCTORX316 was written on February 8, 2002

bedroom scene

Best lesbian scene in the movies since Gia. Cant wait for the DVD

Chazz was written on June 3, 2003

I don't CARE if they're not real ! !


Oh...my...GOD! This is a sexy woman! I get the feeling from looking at her that she may have her doctor to thank for atleast part of it. SO WHAT! She got her money's worth! (Take that, Shauna O'Brien!)

This is THE single hottest lesbian scene ever capture in the 100+ years of the moving picture. Period.

By the way,


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