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Misty Mundae
superhero was written on June 21, 2003

Nude Raider

This short movie is actually only about 45 minutes. Misty shows her breasts a few times at the start of the movie as highlights of what will be shown later. There is no nudity again till about half way thru. Her first scene she takes off her top and we get several good well lit views of her breasts as she distracts two guys that have her at gunpoint. Shortly afterward her top comes off again during a struggle & stays at least topless for the remainder of the short movie where there is some gunfire, another struggle, then some lesbo action.She is topless then fully nude in the lesbian scene with Darian Caine which then turnes into a 3 way lesbian scene.

This short movie is a very poorly done soft porn parody of Tomb Raider

Darian Caine
superhero was written on June 21, 2003

nude in lesbo scene

She doesn't get naked til the end of the movie where she has a lesbian scene with Misty Mundae which shortly afterward becomes a theeway with another unknown woman

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