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My Bloody Valentine's Sexy Actors

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Betsy Rue
KevLar was written on January 18, 2009

Let me give a better description

About 25 minutes into the movie We first see Betsy Rue naked as she is screwing some truck driver in a motel room. At first all we see is her boobs but as she notices his video camera that was recording their sex, she stands up full frontal and angry at time.
As he leaves she still naked as she goes looking for a pocket sized gun and we see her buns and she follows him to his truck while still starkers and still angry at him.
She finds him just in time and tells her to get her clothes on but she doesn't care.
The masked killer shows up and kills the trucker and she runs back to the motel room to hide from him.
At this point she is still naked as she hides under a bed.
Eventually he finds her, tries to pull her out but she uses the wire bed as a shield but and we see it all once again as he kills here.
All this spanning at least 5 minutes of seeing a very nice naked woman.
We see her again full frontal as her bloody corpse laying in a heart-shaped bathtub and in evidence pictures and the dead truckers video footage.

mcjw2011 was written on January 15, 2009

5-minute full-frontal

This will be the best nude scene of 2009, bar none. As this is Betsy's first nude debut, she does a spectacular job. She's completely nude while being stalked by the killer for a five-minute sequence -- and all three 'B's are visible and beautiful to behold. I'm still astounded Betsy's nude scene scored an 'R' rating while Eva Green's equally graituitous scenes in "The Dreamers" scored an NC-17. (Although to be fair, Green's nudity was balanced with Garrel's and Pitt's equally explicit scenes.)

cheeseburger was written on January 18, 2009

In the motel and out by the truck

See this in 3-D! It is absolutely fantastic.

First she is screwing some guy, she is on top. Her C cups are shown sticking right out, in your face, in eye-popping 3-D! Also her shaven bush is dimly visible.

Then she gets up and discovers the guy was filming her, shows full frontal while arguing with him, her boobs bouncing up and down as she shouts and gesticulates.

As he proceeds to leave the room, she finds her gun and follows him into the parking lot. She is still totally nude, points her gun at him, her full frontal and rear are shown repeatedly. The killer then kills the dude, and chases her back to the motel, she runs inside, all 3 B's shown bouncing along again from the front and rear.

Back in the room, she gets under the bed but the killer eventually finds her a struggle ensues. No more bush shots but some good close-up boobs.

All this in 3-D, it is awesome, like she is right in front of you showing it all off. The scene is very long and well lit.

Later in the movie there are some clips from the recovered camera, showing her boobs as she screws the guy and her butt as she runs from the killer. Also some bush and boob shots of her hacked-up corpse. But these scenes pale in comparison to the former.

Evoken was written on January 26, 2009

Excellent full frontal but not NC17 worthy

KevLar's review is right on the mark. The full frontal is long and nice. The pubic area is dimly lit in most scenes, tits are small but excellent. There is no way this scene would be worthy of an NC17 as btyal implies ... there is nothing comparable to Eva Green's close up labia shot in "The Dreamers." There is also a nice cameltoe by Megan Boone early in the movie when she's having an affair with the sheriff. No nudity though.

Todd Farmer
MarcioGore was written on September 21, 2012

Ass while he gets dressed

We can see his normal and white ass while he gets dressed after make love with a chick.He's producer and co-writer of the horror's movies,I think he handsome,I hope see him naked again in others horror movies!!!!

mcjw2011 was written on January 15, 2009

Brief butt

The co-writer of the horror remake has a brief cameo as the trucker who fucks Betsy Rue's character. You see a brief view of his average ass as he gets dressed afterwards.

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