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Albert Finney
thejoshuatree was written on March 11, 2011

Fat old Finney\'s bum

Albert Finney is taking a bath in this really enjoyable British TV series. Sue Johnson helps bathe the reluctant and cantankerous Silas.
We see Finney\'s behind a few times as he stands in the bathtub and gets out.
The young lad in the room makes certain the scene is totally innocent nudity and non-sexual and it\'s really just a fun naked bum scene.

mcgeezer was written on August 26, 2004

Naked in the bathtub

Only for Finney fans.He stands up in the bathtub and we see his old,fat bum in all it's glory as Sue Johnson towel dries him all over.This is a light-hearted British TV comic-drama so no sexual connetations here.But you do see his arse on screen a good few seconds.

silverfoxbear was written on January 22, 2009

Finney in the tub

Finney gets a sponge bath and we get some great rear shots of him. The lady scrubbing him down scrubs his toes, but we don't really get to see his feet that well. I recommend it for Finney fans.

WileyPark was written on October 10, 2010

Ass during bath scene

In episode six ("The Revelation"), Finney takes a bath and is shown standing in the tub for several seconds. The camera pans up his body, and his ass is in close-up. He even bends over slightly as a woman smacks his butt (in a completely non-sexual, humorous fashion). Later when he finishes bathing, we see his ass again as he gets out of the tub and puts on his nightshirt. Finney was about 65 here and quite fat, although his body is surprisingly smooth. He's a long way off from the beautiful young man of the 1960s, but for anyone who ever wanted to see him naked, he is definitely not shy in this scene.

A few minutes later, there is a flashback to his youth when he went skinnydipping with three other young men. We see actor Marc Baylis playing young Silas. All four men come out of the water naked to find their clothes missing. Unfortunately, there's no outright nudity as they all have their hands over their genitals and never show their butts. There are some glimpses of pubic hair, however. Baylis sees the woman who stole their clothes and chases her, giving us some good, brief glimpses of his body and pubic hair, but again no ass or penis. He's a handsome actor, and its too bad he didn't show off as much as Finney did.

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