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Pete Kasper
dvdcollector was written on January 5, 2007

Nude raping Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Reasonably muscular body, if a bit rough looking. Shows glimpses of his butt while having very rough sex, and eventually raping, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character. Fairly nice butt, though of course Gordon-Levitt is a much more attractive actor with much better nudity in this film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Mattg was written on September 14, 2004

Title is "Mysterious Skin"

Remembered the title of this great flick incorrectly - my apologies. The film is called "Mysterious Skin."

movies35 was written on November 11, 2005

Many Scenes

First of all, MYSTERIOUS SKIN is a great movie, it also has some surprisingly amazing nude scenes. There are many scenes with the lead actor shirtless, nude or performing sexual favors for older men. He's a real cutie too. Definetely recommended.

NewGuy2010 was written on August 5, 2010

his penis while taking off his clothes in the hotel room(?)

Well, there is a scene where he's taking off his clothes before having sex with some guy in the hotel room(?). This scene is around 59:20, first there is a close-up of his upper body, and than camera switches to the full body shot and this is the microsecond you have been waiting for(actually there are two or three frames); you can see his penis, or upper part of his penis at least, it looks kinda small and uncircumcised...

NewGuy2010 was written on August 23, 2013

Few frames of penis

You'll have to use frame by frame to be able to see it. Get HD (720p) version if you can.
(times might differ between versions so I described the scenes)

1:02:17 - he undresses standing up (3 frames: 1, then 2 with hand blocking it, then 2 with his penis)
1:21:32 - when he's thrown on the bed with his pants unbuttoned, he jumps up a little and so does his penis (3 frames, somewhat fuzzy view, seems thick and circumcised)

1:22:08 - 2 frames of pubes

Guiseppe was written on July 15, 2007

Joseph nude

A somewhat distubring scene in a gripping film has Joseph in the flesh. During a sex scene with one of his jons, Joseph is thrown on the bed where the camera pans up his body, giving us a tantalizing glimpse of his huuugggee, round behind. Later on in the scene he is thrown in the bathtub where we see another glimpse of his wholesome ass and a quickie of his balls. But...later on in the film is where we get to see a lingering shot of his behind. Joseph, bloodied and beaten, strips of his pants and sits down on the floor. It is a 30 second scene in slowmo with clear looks at his young ass.

Mattg was written on September 13, 2004

Lots of skin and a few butt shots from this cutie

I got a chance to see Gregg Araki's latest film, "Magnificent Skin" at the Toronto International Film Festival last night - and it was incredible. Araki's best film yet in my opinion. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been growing on me ever since his big kiss with Topher Grace on That 70s Show - plus roles in other gay positive films. In this flick, Joseph not only confirms his beauty, but also his amazing acting talent - he plays a gay hustler who was a victim of child abuse. Despite the tough subject matter, it's an extremely sexy and effective performance - and he shows off quite a lot of skin throughout the flick - including three nice butt shots (maybe four, I lost count), lots of scenes making out or having sex with men and tonnes of shirtless or muscle shirt shots. All the butt shots come in scenes where he's with various johns. One includes a scene where is character is practically being raped by one of them - naked, he thrown down on the bed on his stomach and we catch a quick glimpse. Recovering from the brutal scene later, with a bloodied face, he strips down in the bathroom for what is the best look at his butt (you can make out his balls between his legs during this shot) - however, considering the tragedy of this scene and the character's plight, it's not really that erotic. But still Joseph's amazing performance in this scene, as throughout the film, proves compelling.
Joseph's developed into a twink-lover's dream and clearly he's doing his best to play up to a gay audience. I say good on him - as he has as much talent as he does charisma.

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