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year title
1981 Blow Out 2 Reviews
1980 Home Movies 1 Review
1980 Dressed to Kill 4 Reviews
1976 Carrie 12 Reviews
1975 Forced Entry 1 Review

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Blow Out (1981)
Immy was written on November 21, 2004

Almost left nipple in photo

Nancy's exposure is limited to a compromising photo of her in bed with the covers drawn up to her chest. There appears to be a slight shadow of her left nipple that the sheet doesn't cover, but I don't know.

taurus was written on October 26, 2006

Black and White photograph

Nothing much to see here. A photograph is shown at :59 where a bit of left nipple and about half of the right are peeking out of the sheet she's holding. Skip this one and watch Carrie.

Home Movies (1980)
Immy was written on February 2, 2009

Left areola slip (1:14)

Barely a nip blip on the radar nudity-wise, but Nancy completists may want to check out this De Palma curio for her scene with Keith Gordon and a rabbit hand puppet. After thrashing around on a bed with the rabbit (a brief upskirt too, but it's hard to tell what we're seeing) Nancy's dress is off her left shoulder. You can see most of her left areola above the edge of the neckline, and even a bit more when she reaches for Keith sitting next to her.

Dressed to Kill (1980)
troopers was written on October 1, 2002

a strip and and a shower

Nancy in another of her hooker roles for then-husband Brian De Palma...she strips for Michael Caine down to her bra and panties...she's relating a dirty story to one point her nipple peaks out....later she's seen in the shower from above.

Matt was written on January 9, 1999

a strip and and a shower

Nancy in another of her hooker roles for then-husband Brian De Palma...she strips for Michael Caine down to her bra and panties...she's relating a dirty story to one point her nipple peaks out....later she's seen in the shower from above.

schlitz40 was written on September 26, 2003

Shower Scene

As a fan of 70's and 80's film nudity, I think Nancy Allen is hot. She has a shower scene towards the end, I guess trying to be similar to Angie Dickinson's scene early on in the movie. You see glimpses of her breasts from several abstract angles. I think she's hot, I wish this scene would have been as well shot as Angie's scene.

sirspread was written on July 11, 2004

bra and panties

around 15 mins from the end she strips down to her black bra and panties and sits on caines desk where her nipple slightly pops out she has an average kind of body

Carrie (1976)
Gordon was written on February 10, 2000

locker room scene

Nancy is nude in a locker room and you can see the front of her attractive body.

derek22 was written on November 8, 2002


From Premier Magazine, Aug 2001.

NANCY ALLEN: "I didn't know anything about cameras. I saw this lens closer to me, so I thought it was filming me from the waist up. I was shocked when I went into dailies and, whoo! There I was, head to toe! All of the girls were freaked out. But it was shot beautifully. If you have to be filmed naked, it might as well be like that."

PAUL HIRSCH, editor of the film: "My credit comes on just as Nancy bounds toward the camera, completely naked. People said to me, "How come your name wasn't on the picture?" I resolved I'd never be upstaged in quite that way again."

diamonddog was written on August 24, 2001

Shower scene in the beginning

Besides nudity of many other girls in the shower scene ,we get to see full frontal nudity of Nancy Allen. The lighting is good and the shot clearly. That's how we want it!!

loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

opening shower scene

this shot is the only scene that she shows full frontal nudity.

moviestuff was written on July 27, 2003

full frontal including pussy

the nudity in a horror movie since embrace of the vampire

dvddish was written on March 21, 2003

full frontal !!!

In the beginning of the movie in the shower scene you see her beautiful tits and her bush!!! rent this movie or be a geek who can't get hard!

Nipal was written on May 16, 2003

wowwww !!!

At the beginning of the movie in the shower scene, shs's completely nude, she walks in direction of the camera, you see everything !!! She's very beautiful, don't miss that.

NDStriken84 was written on November 8, 2001

Tits, Pussy, plus bonus bouncage

This is the way they all should look. She shows her its and pussy all at once, then as the camera moves closer to her, she hits somebody with her towel, and her boobies bounce. Talk about Eye cansy, four stars isn't enough.

soulman was written on October 22, 2001

Full Frontal

Nancy was and still is pretty hot. She appears full frontal at the begining of the film during the shower scene. She has a very nice body with some very healthy looking thighs. Check it out!

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004

Full-frontal in opening locker room scene

The movie begins with a big bang as Nancy walks out of the shower totally nude. The lighting is very good, and the scene lasts for a few seconds. We get to see a clear view of Nancy nude from head to toe. Nancy’s tits are small but cute, and Nancy has pretty pubic hair.

schlitz40 was written on September 29, 2003

In The Opening Shower Scene

Great scene of Nancy in the opening segments. Its somewhat brief but you see her full frontal. Nice, somewhat small but cute breasts with lots of bounce and full bush. Several nude girls in the background don't hurt either.

Jeritits was written on November 30, 2006

Opening Shower Scene

One of the most natual scenes ever shot and Nancy's natural average tits bounce and her bush is lush--these are real girls and Nancy looks great.

Forced Entry (1975)
CV was written on July 13, 2000

Nancy tied up nude

Early in the film Nancy is tied up naked by a serial killer. The scene is deliberately grainy but still sexy never the less.

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