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2010 Pirahna 1 Review
1978 Piranha 2 Reviews

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Pirahna (2010)
Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2010

Two forms of topless

Ms Walters plays the unfortunate victim of a flailing electrical cable, which slices her in half - but the top half pauses before sliding off, so that her bra can fall apart first.

Piranha (1978)
Ghostwords was written on August 13, 2012

Wrong film

Ms Walters was in Piranha 3D (2010), not the 1978 original.

NekkidChix was written on August 24, 2010

Getting cut by flying wire

Blonde with incredible breasts. A wire snaps from a nearby floating stage. At first you see a red line from the right side of her neck to the bottom of her rib cage on her left side as she stares down at herself. Her bikini top's left cup has been cut free exposing an enormous, perfectly shaped, perky, at least DD breast. And then the top half of her body slides off and falls into the water and you see the same head, shoulder, and perfect breast (althought this time it's a fake one, too bad) sinking.

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