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2007 Skins 2 Reviews

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Skins (2007)
Sexdemonno1 was written on February 20, 2008

WRONG! Naomi is Margeritte the neighbour!

Dumpiedong has the wrong woman. Naomi is actually the naked neighbour Tony pervs at through his window in episode 1.1. She's nude twice in the episode. Right at the beginning she stands topless for quite a long time. Then she's nude at the end where you see her full frontal as she talks to her boring husband and you see her lovely sexy round ass too. Great nudity and a damn shame she's not in series 1 again. So far hasn't been in series 2 yet either...

dumpiedong was written on March 9, 2007

Part 2 Cassie poseing on her side laying on a couch

Cassie's mum posing for her artist husband laying on her side on a couch you see her left tit clearly her right nipple is slightly obscured by a pillow you get a look at her bush trimmed landing strip style I gave this three as it makes a change to see a normal looking middle age body naked

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