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1998 Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter 3 Reviews

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Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter (1998)
BushLeague was written on November 16, 2002

Entire time next to a pool

Her entire screen time consists of laying in a chaise lounge in and out of a skimpy bikini, either masturbating of having lesbian sex with the same girl (keane) in the chair and/or in or around the same pool. Her body and tits are as firm, round, and tight and almost as hypnotic as Keane's. Her pussy lips show on several occasions and some explicit northern to southern lip contact gets through. The scenes go on longer than you can stand and show very little originality or passion (although they seemed to get used to each other by the end of the film)--great tan!

rocco-rules was written on April 28, 2005

Sunbathing and carpet munching

24:00 She strips off her bikini and rubs suntan lotion all over herself while Katie watches her from a distance. She has nice, tanned B-cups, a small butt and a six-pack tummy. Her legs and back are muscular – there’s not an ounce of extra fat on her body. For the next FIVE AND ONE HALF MINUTES she proceeds to rub lotion all over herself, to masturbate quite explicitly, to lick her own nipples many times, and to spread her legs wide, giving us a great view of her luscious love-nest. We also get a quick look at her bung-hole. Katie has been busy too (see my review of her). Nice long solo scene of a nice babe.

42:16 Nat is sunbathing again (what a life!) and this time Katie isn’t content to be just a voyeur. The two blonde beauties commence to make whoopee for a full 8 minutes ! There’s the usual caressing, nipple licking, French kissing, but this time there’s some explicit cunnilingus (they generally kept their tongues just a half-inch above the clit but on 6 or 7 occasions I saw them slide down an inch or two or three). Very, very hot scene.

73:36 Katie and Natalia have another love feast, and once again, it’s poolside. It lasts 9 minutes and is very similar to their last encounter, including more semi-explicit carpet-munching.

NekkidChix was written on October 3, 2000

Three Poolside Scenes

First scene:

Full explicit nudity masturbating while being watched by Katie Keane

Second/third scenes:

Full explicit nudity showing Katie Keane how Earth girls have sex. Occasional glimpse of explicit oral/vaginal contact.

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