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year title
1988 Emmanuelle 6 0 Reviews
1985 Drei und eine halbe Portion 1 Review
1984 Escape to Paradise 1 Review

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Emmanuelle 6 (1988)
Drei und eine halbe Portion (1985)
Squinsen was written on August 4, 2006

Topless sunbathing

About 40 minutes into the movie we see Natalie sunbathing topless in a pool chair when a guy comes over to talk to her. She then puts her top on. I you are quick, you will also notice a copy of the September 1984 edition of German Playboy she appeared in. A young boy is reading it as she sits besides him.

Escape to Paradise (1984)
Squinsen was written on August 4, 2006

Six great gratuitous scenes.

First Natalie strips off and has a shower providing us with a great full-frontal. Later she is sitting in a chair with her tits exposed being seduced by another woman.
There is a quick glimps of boobs as she flashes from a moving car closely followed by topless limbo dancing when she strips of at a party.
There are then two full-frontals as she frolics on the beach a guy and has sex with him.

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