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1988 Les Saisons du plaisir 4 Reviews

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Les Saisons du plaisir (1988)
megabushman was written on August 26, 2006

Well, at least the best movie bush of the last 100 years...

As BushLeague stated, all you see is bush...well, I'm a bush connoisseur, and almost all my reviews will be based on bush (I like breasts, buns, whatever as well; but in this day of ubiquitous trimmed or shaved pubes, I am going to focus my efforts for all those lovers of natural, unshaven--and especially overgrown--pubic mounds)...I don't care how long it appears on screen (it lasts as long as I want with the pause button)...all I care about is how impressed I am with the bush...that being said, in my extensive quest for movie bush, Nathalie Aussant's has made the longest lasting impression on me so far...(I have seen and am impressed with all of the usual favorites--Suzanna Hamilton, Maria Schneider, Maruschka Detmers, Pam Grier...but as I find more of the obscure actresses out there--many of them French and Spanish--my "top-rated list" keeps expanding...there are many tremendous bushes out there, and I intend to see them all)...Mr. BushLeague--please list some of the bushes that you find to be more impressive...I am eager to compare. (Again, I am basing my opinion purely on the merit of the bush alone--not the quality of the movie, the exposure time, the relative visibility, star-power, or any other factor.)

megabushman was written on August 24, 2006

The Best Movie Bush Of All Time!

I've only seen clips, not the entire film. But what you get is the holy grail of movie bush! At approximately the 26:00 mark, Nathalie is seen taking a shower--although her chest is obscured by a towel, you can take in her gorgeous face...and a view of her body from the stomach down. You are not treated to a monster triangle, but a monster diamond! Her thick, dark bush extends well up onto her stomach--not just a treasure trail, but a full tapering of pubic hair that easily makes this my favorite movie bush of all time! My nightly prayers always end with the hope that, after the world is free of hunger and violence, I will someday find a clear copy of this movie on VHS or DVD.

BushLeague was written on August 25, 2006

Another over hyped nude review

All you see is her bush. Although it is impressive, it is hardly the "greatest bush of all time" by a long shot.

PAT-RICK was written on August 27, 2006

Partially faked bush ?

Sorry megabushman, but I think that part of Miss
Aussant's bush is faked. I'm talking about the higher part of her bush. The movie's make-up department probably created this huge bush.
I watched the bush scene attentively and that's my opinion.

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