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Sophie Séfériadès
BMac was written on May 22, 2009

Topless on table

Playing a patient of Fanny Ardant's doctor character, Sophie Séfériadès lies topless on a table at 35:26-29 and Ardant briefly feels her small breasts. The scene is clinical, not sexy.

Emmanuelle Béart
BMac was written on May 22, 2009

Much talk, limited action

For a sexy movie, there's relatively little on-screen nudity or sex in "Nathalie," but Emmauelle Béart does offer several looks at her commercially enlarged boobs. At 36:43-47, her right breast is seen while she's in the shower. At 41:11-13, Emmanuelle is walking away from the camera, topless, when she turns and shows her left tit. There's a good view of both breasts at 1:16.36-50 with a client in a sex club as she's standing and writhing. While there's also implied lesbian sex with the older but still handsome Fanny Ardant, nothing appears on screen. Once small-breasted but stunning, Béart got implants of much better quality than the typical Hollywood assembly line projectiles. Still, it's amazingly stupid for such a beautiful woman to add plastic. Between Emmanuelle's inflated boobies, her artificially over-puffed lips and dyed hair, the Guardian described her look here as "botoxed."

lattara was written on July 14, 2004

Bare Boobs

The previous reviewer describes the nude scenes well, though I'd suggest that the shower scene is well under a minute rather than 2. Emmanuelle looks gorgeous throughout, dressed and undressed, and in addition to the nude scenes has several scenes wearing skimpy lingerie or sexy outfits.

thefaceman32 was written on September 17, 2003


NOTE: Some idiot put her name under (Natalie X) and Natalie (neither were correct
IMBD shows as Nathalie X (aka Nathalie)

A lot of unexpressed lesbian tension between Emmanuelle Beart and Fanny Ardant. Fanny hires Beart to have an affair with her wayward husband Gerard Depardieu so she can keep tabs on him, but really she seems to enjoy the steamier and steamier stories Beart tells. At a private club, Ardant buys a drink for and makes her job offer to Beart, who plays a hot blonde hostess in a black gauzy mini-dress. Later, in a tight red dress, Beart tells about her first encounter with Fanny's hubby. In a hotel room, we see Beart for about two minutes taking a shower and get a great view of her amazing breasts. When she dresses, we get a side glimpse of her breasts again. Emmanuelle finally bares her breasts briefly while riding a client at the club while Fanny watches

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