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Naveen Andrews' Sexy Filmography

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year title
2003 Easy 1 Review
1996 Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love 5 Reviews
1993 Buddha of Suburbia, The 1 Review

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Easy (2003)
Hamm_Sodomy was written on February 27, 2009

South Asian booty!

Hello! Don't forget the male nudity! Near the start the main character and Naveen have sex. You see his delicious brown booty as he thrusts into her. He has hairy legs and chest for added scrumptiousness.

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996)
babon was written on January 1, 2000

Shows his butt

Shows his butt when his waistcloth slips while making love to Indira Verma

ajb was written on August 28, 1999


Apparently, the reviewer above is confused. Naveen Andrews is a guy! But we do get to see his butt in the movie, if I recall correctly. The female in the movie is Sarita Choudhury. You may remember Andrews as Juliette Binoche's lover in English Patient.

dvdcollector was written on February 13, 2003

Rear view while making love

Quite a handsome actor of Indian origin bares his bum as his loincloth slips. A few seconds later we get a full view of his buttocks as he is making love to Indira Varma. Given how rare nude shots of Indians are in the cinema, this is almost worth three stars!

BiBoySTL was written on August 4, 2001

Hairy bum

In the unrated/NC-17-rated version (I'm not sure about the R-rated version, since I have not seen it), Andrews bares his hairy arse when "deflowering" the lovely servant girl Indira Varma. The lacking male nudity is thankfully replaced by gorgeously clad (and-un-clad) Indian women.

kosn was written on August 28, 1999

love scenes

there are 2 love scenes for Andrews in this movie. Andrew's of mixed Indian-European parentage, fair, has a great body and perky breasts. Pity the love scenes are too short to admire her body fully. Not much of a storyline either

Buddha of Suburbia, The (1993)
jerker was written on September 27, 1999

penis and ass

this guy may not be that good looking, but he is real sexy, plus has a good body! this is a 4 part series. in the first episode he jerks off a guy. u dont actually see anything except his dark hand rubbing the guy's crotch and then the hand slipping in. in the second episode he is lying in a clear bath and the camera pans over his body. we get to see two large round balls and his brown uncut penis. it has obviously shrunk but is still terrific! later in the episode u get to see his penis dangling about after he gets up from having sex with his friend. this seen is very dark, hardly worth mentioning. in the third episode he has sex with a woman. we see him humping her from a side view. next we see him on top with his hot butt in view. it is dark, hard, masculine and it humps well! makes u wanna fill it, if u know what i mean. next we see them in a 'froggie' style position. it appears that he has some cum on his arm but this could be lubricant or saliva. he sucks her breasts with a slobbery mouth and nearly gulps a whole breast into his mouth. this is a very short but very erotic sex scene. i have jacked off to it many times!

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