Chelsey Reist in Embrace of the Vampire (2013)
cecil was written on January 25, 2015

sex scenes

At 28 minutes, we see her in her dorm room, nude, side view of her sitting atop a guy (think it's Anthony Konechny). Clearly lit and good breast exposure, mostly from a medium distance. Close up as he reaches up and caresses her breasts. Doesn't last very long. Then at 34 minutes she leads a drunk Sharon Hinnendael back to the dorm room and they make out. She removes her bra and exposes her bare breasts, but that's about all we see as this scene focuses on Sharon.

Sharon Hinnendael in Embrace of the Vampire (2013)
cecil was written on January 25, 2015

sex scenes

She is college student Charlotte. At about 34 minutes, she is drunk and led back to the dorm by Chelsey Reist. She lies on a bed and Chelsey slowly undresses her. Lots of breast exposure and Chelsey explores her body with her tongue - breasts, stomach, and oral sex. We also see a side view of her bare rear, but no actual lower nudity. Scene lasts for over a minutes. Another scene at about 77 minutes. She is on a camping trip with several other students. That night she's in the woods with her boyfriend (Ryan Kennedy) who's also her boss at work, but this doesn't seem to be a problem. She's lying on her back and lowers her top. He climbs on top and caresses her left breast. He lowers her panties and removes them, though no lower nudity as it's covered by a skirt. Then the camera focuses on her upper body nudity.

Kaniehtiio Horn in Embrace of the Vampire (2013)
cecil was written on January 25, 2015


At about 15 minutes, Sharon Hinnendael enters her dorm room to see that Kaniehtiio Horn and her boyfriend (Steven Richmond) are in the room and he is pulling her top over her head. Brief breast exposure before she covers up with a bedspread and he leaves the room. About two minutes later she drops the cover and stands there with breasts exposed.

C. C. Sheffield in Embrace of the Vampire (2013)
cecil was written on January 25, 2015

sex in the woods

Possible spoiler ahead. She's one of the college students who go camping for the weekend. At about 75 minutes she is seated out in the woods, with her boyfriend (Travis Nelson) standing behind her. As he is kissing her neck, he starts pulling her top over her head. Close up as her breasts are revealed. He continues to nuzzle her. Another close up of her breasts as hands reach around and start caressing her breasts. The camera backs off and we see that it is suddenly college professor Cole (Victor Webster) behind her. We return to this scene at about 77 minutes, more breast exposure. Decently lit for a night scene.

Stormie Shelbie in After Sex (2000)
cecil was written on January 25, 2015


D. B. Sweeney, Johnathon Schaech, and Dan Cortese are sitting on a sofa at a strip club. Close up as Stormie sticks her breasts right in the face of Dan. She backs off and stands in front of him as he stuffs money in her undies strap. Also a few seconds view of most of her bare rear in a thong bottom.

Henry Garrett in Wicker Tree, The (2010)
Ghostwords was written on January 22, 2015

Tempted off the straight and narrow

00:33:30: Evangelical missionary Steve (Garrett) ditches his pledge of chastity when he spots the lovely Lolly (Honeysuckle Weeks) bathing in a local river. She soon persuades him to join her, so he strips and there's a decent shot of his butt as he slides his underwear down in front of her eager (and topless) gaze. Can't say I blame him.

Honeysuckle Weeks in Wicker Tree, The (2010)
Ghostwords was written on January 22, 2015

Good golly, Miss Lolly

Ms Weeks supplies all of the memorable nudity in this rehash of the original Wicker Man by its director, Robin Hardy, playing Scots temptress Lolly.

00:30:00: Lolly is having sex with the local policeman, reverse cowgirl. At first, her breasts are out of frame in the foreground, but then we see her left breast in profile (with a noticeably prominent nipple). She then turns to lie on top of him, and we see first her back, then full rear nudity, followed by her right breast in profile. Finally, she momentarily gives us a brief and limited view of her bush before standing up and displaying both smallish breasts in good light. (Contrary to Couthron's review, I saw no covering other than Ms Weeks' own pubic hair, and would not wish to speculate upon the state of her vulva.)

00:33:30: Lolly takes a timely skinny dip as her prey Steve (Henry Garrett) rides past on a borrowed horse. She's up to her waist in the water, but we get plenty of views of both breasts before he wades in and the scene cuts. Later, she's seen during a post-coital conversation on dry ground, wearing a shirt which is casually unbuttoned.

01:00:30: Lolly's back with the policeman. sitting on his bed, wearing his cap and a scarf. At first, we only see her left breast in profile, but then she takes off the scarf and both are visible from her left side.

Uncredited Actress in Wicker Tree, The (2010)
Ghostwords was written on January 22, 2015

Naked rituals

01:20:20: A dark-haired woman briefly shows full rear nudity as a group of the villagers are seen running about in various states of dress. We do not see her face.

01:23:45: Several of the female villagers are shown topless as Beth (Britannia Nicol) makes her way towards the final ritual. None appear to be members of the main cast.

Although the latter scene is set at night, it was filmed in daylight, as we see at 00:05:40 in the Blu-ray edition's 'making of' feature, where three or four actresses display their breasts during a set-up. According to Ms Nicol, the dancers include doctors and lawyers, but she doesn't specify which gender that applies to.

You can see rather more topless female dancers in chapter eight of the Blu-ray's 'deleted scenes' (I counted more than a half-dozen in what appears to be a longer edit or alternative version of the second scene).

In addition, please check my note ref the possible use of an uncredited body double during Ms Nicol's main nude scene.

Britannia Nicol in Wicker Tree, The (2010)
Ghostwords was written on January 22, 2015

Sacrifice (body double?)

Ms Nicol, in what appears to so far be her only screen role, plays born again American Beth, trying to put her wild rockstar days behind her by performing missionary work in 'heathen' Scotland.

01:12:50: Beth is shown lying face down on a medical trolley, fully naked. There's a nice view up the crack of her arse, but her left arm avoids any view of her left breast. My main concern with this shot is that we do not see her face, so it could technically be a body double.

01:16:00: She wakes, still on the trolley, and we see her face from her right side; however, a large dress has now placed across her lower body. When she slides off the table, Ms Nicol is careful to give only a slight hint of her breasts, and then her left hip and the upper part of her buttocks (all in considerable shadow) as she slips into the dress.

I've given this two stars on the assumption that it's her in the first scene. If not, that should be a half-star at best.

Edward Norton in Birdman (2014)
Ghostwords was written on January 21, 2015

Changing room

Maverick actor Mike (Norton) is fitted for his costume, stripping down and revealing he does not favour underwear. Full rear nudity is shown and it certainly appears he is fully naked, even if careful angling of the camera prevents a clear view of his genitals. However, it's likely he had some kind of pubic covering. Given they're in the scene with him and would have had a clear view, maybe Emma Stone or Naomi Watts could confirm?

Elissa Neil in Deadly Spawn, The (1983)
Ghostwords was written on January 21, 2015

Nipple alert

Early in the movie, housewife Barb (Ms Neil) gets out of bed. She's wearing a semi-transparent nightie and her nipples are clearly visible through the material. So visible, in fact, that one wonders if she applied a little make-up to them beforehand. She then dons a gown and departs the cast shortly afterwards (it is a horror movie, after all). According to IMDb, this was her only screen appearance.

Tiffany Shepis in Dark Reel (2008)
cecil was written on January 18, 2015

Sex scene and a shower

She starts coming on to Edward Furlong and kisses him. She removes her top, but by now the camera is focused on shoulders and above, so no nudity. We then see her laying back on a bed with him on top. Her breasts are in clear view for about 15 seconds, but the lighting is poor. Later in the movie she takes a shower. Several one or two second glimpses of breasts. She covers up with a towel to get out of the shower. She drops the towel, exposing her breasts again, as she puts on a top. Good lighting in this scene, but doesn't last long.

Drew Moerlein in V/H/S (2012)
cecil was written on January 17, 2015

skinny dipping

He is Joey in the segment titled "Tuesday the 17th". He and three others head out to a wooded park. They come to a small pond, and he decides to go swimming. He strips and gives up a close up of his bare rear before he runs and jumps in. Clearly lit, good view, but brief. This is at about 66 minutes. We see him several times shirtless in boxers. His girlfriend offers to have sex with him, and it looks like he has a bulge. Since she is acting very strange, he declines.

Dino A. Muminovic in Alucard (2008)
cecil was written on January 17, 2015

full frontal

At about the 1 hour 54 minute mark, he is the young Alucard, attacking Rebecca Taylor. Several guys enter the room to rescue her. He is totally nude. Most of the scene shows him only from the waist up. Two quick shots of full frontal as he prepares to defend himself. Clearly lit, but very quick.

Rebecca Taylor in Alucard (2008)
cecil was written on January 17, 2015

vampire attack

She's being attacked by the young Alucard (Dino A. Muminovic) at about 1 hr 54 minute mark. If you are quick with a pause button, there are three or four split seconds when you can see one bare breast, including one close up. Clearly lit, but each view lasts only a few frames.

Mariah Smith in Deceptors (2005)
cecil was written on January 17, 2015

Kitchen sex

At about 25 minutes, she's lying back on a table in a kitchen. Her top is partially open revealing one breast. John Johnson is standing, having sex with her. Good view of her breast jiggling as he thrusts.

Oscar Redding in Top of the Lake (2013)
McKinnon was written on January 11, 2015

Towel drop; episode 2

Redding plays a skeevy local character propping up the pub. Early in the episode, when a woman marches in and offers money to a man who is willing to have sex with her for only 5 minutes, he agrees. He showers (offcamera) and is shown in a towel, which is soon removed. What follows is several well-lit glimpses of his tight, smooth, nicely muscled ass as he stands before the woman (even as she remains clothed). Jane Campion knew how to objectify male nudity in The Piano and I'm glad she still has it in her 20 years later.

Denny Kirkwood in This is How the World Ends (2000)
cecil was written on January 9, 2015

Mooning from a car

This is actually a pilot for a failed tv series for MTV, but imdb calls it a tv movie. Twins Bryan and Denny Kirkwood are driving down the highway, harassing a school bus load of their friends. Denny (I'm distinguishing them by an arm tattoo) is in the passenger seat. He stands up, bends over, and drops his pants. Clear view of his bare rear, but lasts only about one second. You'll need a pause button.

Cristi Harris in Night of the Demons 2 (1994)
dash77 was written on December 31, 2014

topless in front of her boyfriend

In this scene, Cristi goes topless in front of her boyfriend in a haunted house. She takes her top off as they begin to make love, and then later we get a good closeup of her tits as her boyfriend begins to kiss between them. Fairly long scene, and an excellent view of a great pair of breasts.

Elizabeth Berridge in Amadeus (1984)
dash77 was written on December 31, 2014

bare breasts in the director's cut

In this scene, which is available only in the director's cut of the movie, not the original theatrical release, Elizabeth is shown topless in front of Salieri. It is a good scene and a nice view of her breasts. Because she flaunts her cleavage a lot throughout the movie, and we didn't get to see this in the original movie, we are yearning for a peak at what Elizabeth has to offer. It is therefore a great feeling to finally see what has up top.

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