Kelvin Wise in Penthouse Kama Sutra (2000)
Bullock was written on September 15, 2014

Penthouse Kama Sutra

Looked at this film again after a number of years. Stars are undoubtedly Wise & St.John, who have fabulous sexual chemistry and make love very naturally. The looks of bliss on St. John's face during the sex scenes make it clear she is not just acting it. No wonder, Wise is clearly a fantastic lover and very fit with it, he gives St. John the full range of his sexual technique. Wise went on to straight acting, shame he did not continue in the erotic genre, the shots of his backside are to die for!

Alec Bell in Girl's Guide to Depravity, The (2012)
cecil was written on September 14, 2014

Episode 2.3 The Bar Sex Rule

He meets Tessa Harnetiaux in an office, they hit it off because they like the same music group. They later meet at her apartment, crank up the music, dance, and start taking off clothes. If you have a pause button, you can see the top couple of inches of his bare rear. The rest of the time the camera stays above their waists. Then they have sex on the floor, but she's on top. Afterwards she moves her leg enough to see a side view of his bare hip for about a second.

Nick Clark in Girl's Guide to Depravity, The (2012)
cecil was written on September 14, 2014

Episode 2.3 The Bar Sex Rule

He picks up Lyssa Roberts at a bar and takes her home. They undress and jump into bed and go at it. He starts out on top, some good views of his bare rear thrusting into her. They roll over with him underneath, then later he's on top again, brief views of his rear.

Neal Craig in Girl's Guide to Depravity, The (2012)
cecil was written on September 14, 2014

Ep. 2.1 The Girl on Girl Rule

Meg Barrick is having revenge sex with him in a bar bathroom. A couple of times we see very brief side views of his bare rear, but you'll need a pause button. Really deserves about half a star.

Jesse Liebman in Girl's Guide to Depravity, The (2012)
cecil was written on September 14, 2014

Ep. 2.1 The Girl on Girl Rule

He's the steady boyfriend with Rebecca Blumhagen and they are having sex. He's on top and at least three times we see his bare rear. However, all three are very brief and the lighting is not too good.

Carson Aune in Stripped (2013)
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Three way sex scene

At about 41 minutes he is at a brothel and chooses Victoria De Mare and another women. They go to a private room. Part of the scene is from the point of view of his video camera, part is from the ceiling security camera which is black and white and grainy. The part of the scene that shows his bare rear end is not in all versions. At one point Victoria is lying face down on the bed, Carson is on top of her thrusting into her. The camera is to their side, so we mainly see a side view of his bare hip. The second woman is behind him. Then we switch to the ceiling camera and briefly see his full bare back side as he thrusts into her, but it is too grainy to make out any detail. Then the scene ends.

Josh Cole in Stripped (2013)
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Escaping the Brothel

He is one of several guys who go to an out-of-the way brothel, which turns out not to be a brothel. Part of this scene is from the view of security cameras in the place, which are black and white and grainy, and part from a camera that appears to be a video camera carried by Nicole Sienna as she tires to help him escape. At about 69 minutes, we see him in a tub after having organs removed, totally nude, covering his groin area with his hand. This scene is dimly lit. Nicole helps him out of the tub and over the next few minutes we follow him through various cameras as they try to escape. A few times we get some quick views of his bare rear.

Victoria De Mare in Stripped (2013)
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Three way sex scene

She works at the brothel. At about 41 minutes she and another woman are chosen by Cameron (Carson Aune). They go to a private room. Part of this scene is shown from the point of view of Cameron's video camera, part is shown from the ceiling security camera, which is black and white and grainy. First the camera is looking up at her as she lowers her top, then sits atop Carson. Another angle shows most of her bare rear (she's wearing a thong bottom) as she climbs on top of him. Another part of the scene, that doesn't appear in all versions, show her face down on the bed with Carson on top of her, thrusting in to her. Another brief view from the grainy security camera shows her sitting on top of him as he reaches up to caress her breasts.

Jenni Burns in Stripped (2013)
cecil was written on September 12, 2014


At 44 minutes, she leads Graham (Brent Tarnol) to a private room and proceeds to dance around him. The scene returns at 48 minutes, she dances around him in a red bra and panties for a minute or two, with close camera work. Finally she removes her bra and dances a bit more before a typical horror film event happens and the scene ends.

Nathalie Walker in Stripped (2013)
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Making Out

At the 4 minute mark, we see her at a medium distance kneeling on a bed, topless. Our view is supposed to be from a camera in another room, which is being adjusted by Carson Aune who is trying to secretly videotape them. She is initially out of focus, then he focuses the camera on her. He returns to the bed, they embrace, and she climbs on top of him, showing most of her rear, though she is wearing small white panties. The phone rings and she sits up, showing her breasts again. He leaves, and the scene ends. One star because of the distance from camera to subject.

Brittany James in Coven, The (2002)
cecil was written on September 11, 2014

Sex Scenes; In the Woods

At about 3 minutes, she has a sex scene with Jack Offstein (made-up name?). She's on top, starts out with several quick side views of her bare breasts. Then several very quick front views. At one point he sits up and kisses her breasts. Lasts well over a minute, but the best is at the end when she's still sitting on top of him, bare breast exposed for a while, then she puts on a top.
Then at 25 minutes, she's been tied to a tree, hands tied above her, as she is harassed by Jack Offstein, Rick Hebert, and John Kyle Grady. Jack grabs her top and pulls it over her head, exposing her breasts. Several good views. Then about a minute later we return to this scene as she is freed by Tanya Dempsey.
Then at about 38 minutes she and Beverly Lynne are standing topless in the woods.
At about 49 minutes she sneaks into the dorm room of Brannon Gould as he sleeps. She climbs on top of him as he awakes. She removes her top and starts to kiss his face and chest. Then he gets on top and kisses her face. Some brief breast exposure. A minute or so later we come back to the scene. She gets back on top and he spends most of the time with his face between her breasts as she moves up and down on him.
She and Beverly Lynne make out on a bed at about 66 minutes, but undress only to their bras. The outtakes at the end of the movie include one or two of her topless scenes.

Beverly Lynne in Coven, The (2002)
cecil was written on September 11, 2014

Bathing; In the Woods

At about 17 minutes she takes a bath, trying to remove a facial scar. She drops some magical potion items (looks like potpourri) in the bath, then climbs in topless. The scene lasts well over a minute, with great views of her breasts. Then at 38 minutes she and Brittany James are in the woods, both topless. Again good views. Then at about 66 minutes, she and Brittany James make out on a bed, but they only undress down to their bras. The outtakes at the end of the video repeat some goofs from her bath scene and standing in the woods.
BTW, her facial scar does disappear after bathing in the magical water, even though we never see her get her face wet with the magical water!

Steffi Wickens in Kill Theory (2009)
cecil was written on September 9, 2014

Unbuttoning Shirt

At about 17 minutes, she starts to entice her boyfriend (Theo Rossi). We watch as she unbuttons her shirt and opens it, no bra, so her breasts are exposed for about 10 seconds. They start to make out, but his body prevents any further view of nudity. He falls asleep before anything happens and the next we see, her shirt is buttoned back.

Theresa Russell in The Proposition (1996)
bri78 was written on September 8, 2014

The Proposition

at about 65minutes in their is a sex/lust scene. (cut in TV/PG-13 versions)
This is a lusty love making scene that really doesn't belong in the movie.
Theresa is a beautiful woman but this movie doesn't show her off that way.
You do see her breasts and the scene is great in terms of lust but just doesn't fit.
Wish I could give 1.5 stars; better than a 1 but not a 2 star nudity scene.

Gilden Tunador in Voodoo (1995)
cecil was written on September 8, 2014


She is credited as "corpse" in this movie. Sure enough, they roll out the drawer at the morgue. The camera is above as the body bag is unzipped, and we see her bare breasts for a few seconds.

Teri Taylor in Voodoo (1995)
cecil was written on September 8, 2014


She is credited as "girlfriend". We first see her in bed rolling over to face a gun, a brief view of her breasts. Then several times we see her in the bed pulling up a sheet that covers her breasts. Each lasts only a few seconds, and that's her only appearance in the movie.

Dyanne Thorne in Blood Sabbath (1972)
cecil was written on September 1, 2014


At about 62 minutes she is topless and dances around Anthony Geary. Several close up shots of her bare breasts. Her "skirt" covers only the top half of her rear. Then at 76 minutes she opens her robe, exposing her breasts briefly, before embracing Geary. A few minutes later she falls to the floor. The camera is from the side, so we see breasts and side of her rear. Then an overheard view, though her leg is bent and covers full frontal, before the other witches surround her to feed off her. This film has several other scenes that involve the fully nude witches, including at about 34 minutes where they encircle Steve Gravers, at 44 minutes when they encircle Geary out in the woods to harrass him, at 66 minutes when they encircle Susan Damante to harrass her, and a nude female sacrifice at 56 minutes.

Anthony Geary in Blood Sabbath (1972)
cecil was written on September 1, 2014

Nude Sacrifice

At about 47 minutes several of the witches approach their outdoor altar. They are nude and dance around the altar. Anthony Geary and Dyanne Thorne approach and stand on the back side. The camera is a medium distance away, but we see her undress Geary and see the top half of his bare rear. He then climbs on the altar face down. However, the dancing witches get in the way most of the time. By the time we get a close up shot of the altar, he is lying on his back with the lower half of his body covered by a cloth. They continue to dance around him, touching him, for another minute or two. Finally he climbs off the altar showing his bare backside very briefly. Only one star.

Susan Damante in Blood Sabbath (1972)
cecil was written on September 1, 2014

Waiting for her lover

At 62 minutes, she is lying on the ground, nude, but all we see is her bare backside. Anthony Geary approaches and caresses her body, but she suddenly jumps up and runs off, again showing only her backside. At about 62 minutes, she is dancing around Anthony Geary. She appears to be topless, but her hair covers her breasts. Maybe a frame or two where the hair moves enough to expose a breast.

Uschi Digard in Blood Sabbath (1972)
cecil was written on September 1, 2014

Passenger in a Van

In the opening moments of the film, she is a passenger in a van driving in the countryside. They pass by Anthony Geary, she spews him with her soft drink, then leans out the window and bears her breasts. They drive around a few times to harrass him with her breasts hanging out the window.

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