Will Smith in Wild Wild West (1999)
AmazingQ was written on May 21, 2015

Surprising for a kids movie...

At the beginning of the film we see Will bathing with a woman in a water tower. It falls over, we see Will fall and then proceed to fight a group of cowboys in the nude.

Nothing real explicit is shown, but we do see a bit for a kids film. We get a car shot of Will falling, but we can't see much through the water. When he falls, we get a blurry, quick shot of his frontal area. It's not clear, but it's totally there! As he gets up, we get a nice glimpse of his fat ass, and a peek of his big balls! He quickly covers up with a hat, but if you freeze frame you can get side shots of his fat ass. Will was nice and young in the movie, and quite sexy.

Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon (1998)
watcher000 was written on May 20, 2015

Pamela getting pumped

Pamela is sitting in bathtub and acting shy her boobs are visible over the water.

Tommy and Pamela are in a car. Tommy's cock is out and Pamela takes it in her mouth and gives blow job. But her hair makes it difficult to see clearly.

Pamela is lying naked on a boat and she spreads her legs to show her shaved pussy. Tommy goes near her and puts her cock in her pussy and start pumping slowly. she is playing with her pussy.

In the next shot Pamela is clearly sucking Tommy's big cock. Massaging his cock with her hand as she gives blow job focussing on his cock head. She then gives him a fast hand job.Then there is a close up shot of Pamela's pussy as Tom's hard cock is banging her.

Isla Blair in Final Cut (2000)
watcher61 was written on May 19, 2015

Topless, well-lit

Clarification: this review relates to "The Final Cut", the last instalment of the BBC's "House of Cards" trilogy.

Isla Blair plays an MP having an affair with a colleague. In each of the first three episodes we get a good look at Ms Blair's breasts. She is in very good shape for a 50 year old.

Claire Danes in Stage Beauty (2004)
bushyboy was written on May 16, 2015

OK tit views

About 1 second of her left tit when she bares it for the artist and another 1/2 second after the scene split. The bed scene towards the end shows her right tit when her shift drops down when she rolls on top. Nice lighting on the erect nipple!

Zoe Tapper in Stage Beauty (2004)
bushyboy was written on May 16, 2015

Rear view

Nice full rear view when the camera switches from front to rear on the stage.

Agni Scott in Spooks (2002)
watcher61 was written on May 13, 2015

Good side view

Nice side view of her boobs with the nipples erect. Most exposure of anyone in the series so far.

Dorothy LeMay in Taboo II (1982)
watcher000 was written on May 12, 2015


Dorothy takes out one of her boob from nighty and lets Kevin suck her nipple.

Leslie Hope in Paris, France (1993)
thornhillsouthguy was written on May 12, 2015

let's not go overboard

While I am a huge fan of this page and respect the hell out of Leslie Hope for this movie, I think that overall the accolades need to be toned down just a touch. I am giving this movie four stars but just barely. Let us analyze:

Honey Wilder in Taboo II (1982)
watcher000 was written on May 12, 2015

Nice looking babe

Honey is in bed with Eric. She is removes her blanket to reveal her hairy pussy and she starts massaging it and rubs Eric's cock from top. She puts Eric's hand on her pussy. she then removes his shorts and kisses his legs and then gets on top of him. She rides him and he removes her top to show her hanging boobs from behind. The movement of his cock in her pussy is shown. He then gets on top of her and fucks her with short thrusts as their son watches them. He has bent her legs at knees and pushes his cock deep as she moans. She grabs his bums and pushes her pussy as he pumps her. She asks him not to cum as she is not ready but he could not stop himself. He takes out his cock from her pussy and she rubs it as he cums. She starts to suck his cockhead to make him hard again but he stops her.

She is kissing Kevin who drops his pant and puts her hand on his cock. She starts to rub it as she is kissing him. Later he is sitting on sofa holding his big hard cock in his hand. He motions her to suck it but she shows reluctance. He holds her head and a little forcefully brings her mouth near his cock. She tastes his cock head before starting to suck it more. She then gives him nice blowjob licking and sucking his cock and taking it more in her mouth.

Kay Parker in Taboo II (1982)
watcher000 was written on May 11, 2015

Kay Parker Does it All

Kay is lying fully naked on a table and another woman is giving her a massage. She massages her thighs and then starts to massage her pussy. She opens her pussy and enters a finger. She fingers her pussy while pressing her boobs. She then licks her pussy. A young man enters the room and the woman shows him Kay's boobs and pussy. Kay presses his cock from the top of his pants. The man and woman start playing with Kay's boobs as Kay takes out man's cock. The boy licks her pussy while fingering it and Kay rubs his cock. They get into a threesome both women start sucking his cock. Kay starts riding the man in reverse cowgirl position and the boy start fucking her from under her. The other woman presses her boobs and kisses her. The man then gets on top of her and starts fucking her in missionary style as Kay bends her legs. There is a close up shot of his cock going in and out of her pussy. As he is about to cum, she takes his cock between her boobs and then he cums. After that she sucks his cock clean.

Kieran O'Brien in 9 Songs (2004)
AmazingQ was written on May 11, 2015


I've always found Kieran super sexy, nice to know he's good at fucking too. Fit body, cute body and a big uncut cock! My favorite part is the blowjob scene. Kieran lets out some sexy moans as Margo talks his big business in her mouth. She must be doing a good job because he keeps sucking in his stomach and moaning uncontrollably. We even see him finish! He shoots out a nice big load. Looks yummy!

Angelina Jolie in Original Sin (2001)
watcher000 was written on May 11, 2015


Angelina Jolie nude in a very steamy love scene with Antonio Banderas as he kisses down between her breasts and then she goes down on him. They then have sex in a variety of positions, Angelina sitting in his lap before he has sex with her from behind in doggy style. He then raises one of her leg up in the air and enters her from top. Her boobs bounce wildly as Antonio fucks her hard. Angelina then twists into a few more positions, as seen from above the bed, showing more of her boobs.

Angelina is forcefully held by a man on a staircase and he tries to kiss her. He then inserts his hand under her skirt and it is implied that he fingers her pussy forcefully.

A man lifts Angelina's skirt forcefully and kisses her and it is implied that they have forceful sex.

There's a bathing scene with a man and a woman together. Both of Angelina's breasts are visible.

It is not clearly shown but implied that a man penetrates Angelina's ass from behind and has anal sex with her.

Jennifer Connelly in Hot Spot, The (1990)
watcher000 was written on May 11, 2015

Nice Boobs

She is sitting on a beach topless beside another girl who is topless. Nice view of her young boobs.

David Boreanaz in These Girls (2005)
AmazingQ was written on May 11, 2015


Boreanaz is left expose after getting caught having sex. He jumps out of bed, only to have the cover ripped from him, forcing him to hold a small jewelry box to cover his goods. Afterwards he walks off screen, giving us an extended look of his butt. This is one of my favorite nude scenes due to the embarrassment factor. It's hot seeing him completely exposed for a few moments. It goes by too quick to get a look at his frontal area.

Chris New in Weekend (2011)
AmazingQ was written on May 11, 2015

Brave lad

Unlike his costar, Chris is pretty brave and doesn't mind showing off. At the beginning of the film he hops into bed naked, giving us a glimpse of his pasty cute ass. Then we get a full frontal shot of his circumcised penis as he gets up to get dressed. Late in the movie we get some more shots of his ass during a sex scene. While Cullen is the prettier man here, I'm definitely team New. New has a very sexy, playful attitude that really turns me on this movie. His body is charmingly average and his cock looks pretty nice.

Skylar Astin in 21 & Over (2013)
AmazingQ was written on May 11, 2015

Total babe

Skylar and his costar are stripped, tortured, and forced to make out by a demented sorority. He spends a good portion of the movie wearing only a sock to cover his manhood.

First off, let me say Skylar is a total dreamboat. Beautiful dark eyes, black hair, and a fit little body. You get his close ups of his fit, but still fairly plump ass. At one point he gets paddled, and grabs his cute buns in pain! He doesn't have a lot of body hair, and his pubes seem fairly tame. There's a naked fight scene but it's shot too far out to get a good luck of anything. Highly recommended scene for the excessive nudity and embarrassment factor!

Chlo√ę Sevigny in Brown Bunny, The (2003)
watcher000 was written on May 11, 2015

Explicit Blowjob

Vincent removes Chloe's bra and feels her boobs and pulls her nipples. Chloe then sucks his cock from the top of his pants. She presses his cock from the top as he kisses her. Vincent drops his pant and she clearly sucks top of his erect cock. Gradually she takes more and more of his cock in her mouth while holding his cock. He head is shown bobbing up and down from behind. He is then holding his cock as Chloe is trying to suck as much of it as possible. He then holds her head as he is about to cum. His ejaculation is not shown but the movement of her cheeks suggest that he ejaculated and she swallowed his cum.

Karen Lancaume in Baise-moi (2000)
watcher000 was written on May 11, 2015

Very Explicit

Scene 1 - Karen goes to meet a guy and proceeds to remove her clothes. She is in her bra and panties. The guys becomes fully naked and has one hand on his semi hard cock. He asks her to join him. Karen joins him and is shown to be rubbing his cock and then takes it in her mouth. She clearly sucks it and gives him a blow job. The guys pushes her head on his cock and deep throats her. He then removes her panties and tries to kiss her lips but she does not let him. The guy enters her in missionary position and pumps her pussy. Then he asks her to turn over into doggy style and fucks her from behind. Again the movement of his cock in her pussy is clearly visible.

Scene 2 - Raffaella and Karen are in same room with two different guys. The guy passionately kisses her on lips and feels her bums which are exposed as only her butt crack is covered by the bottom she is wearing. He enters her pussy from the top and puts her both legs over his shoulders and pumps her pussy very hard. The whole bed shakes with his thrusts. He licks her pussy. He gets her in doggy style and does her from behind while fingering her. Then she is lying on her back and he bends her legs and pumps her with slow long strokes before raising her legs and pumping her hard.

Scene 3 - She takes out a guy's cock and feels it. He in turn fingers her pussy over her panties. She takes off her panties and there is a nice view of her hanging boobs as she bends. She then turns around and bends a little as her pussy is visible between her legs and she is massaging it. She then presses her boobs and looks at the guy who is rubbing his cock. She starts sucking his cock and licks the underside of his cock head.

Claudia Christian in Never on Tuesday (1989)
bushyboy was written on May 9, 2015


In the version I have, starting at ~59:38, both boobs are on full display as she rides cowgirl in the guy's fantasy. Very nice boobs and nipples!

Rosario Dawson in Trance (2013)
thornhillsouthguy was written on May 8, 2015

let's not go overboard!

OK, I am giving a reluctant four star rating, not because Rosario is not nude---she most definitely is---but because her scenes are so incredibly short.
I recorded this off network TV so can only estimate how far in the scenes are.
1) About 60% in (other reviewers list at 1:10), the BIG scene, while fantastic, decently lit and showing off ALL of Rosario's assets, boobs and bush in all their glory, is also a disappointing FIVE SECONDS LONG. Had she not been fully nude, and had we not been certain it was her body, this would have rated two stars maximum.
2a/b) Around 80% in (1:35?), we have two short scenes, flashbacks with Rosario narrating, of her in bed with James McAvoy. The first is in dim light where you can make out the outlines of her body, and another shot where you can see her left breasts reasonably clearly. The nude part of this scene is also well under ten seconds.
Finally a few minutes later, there is a soft lit (but clear) scene of the two of them together, naked, him behind her (well done, Danny Boyle!), and although normally i would be suspicious since her head is not in the nude shots, I am fairly confident it is Rosario again. McAvoy gently fondles her especially in and around her beautiful shaved pubic area. But this lasts ten seconds at most. And had the first scene NOT been in the movie, I woudl have screamed "body double" which negates any rating for it.

So yes, Rosario is completely nude and we see it, for which I am very grateful. But ALL THREE SCENES TOGETHER are under a minute long, and possibly under 30 seconds. Certainly not worth buying or renting this film on that basis.

As I said, a reluctant four stars.

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