Traci Lords in Red Hot Rock (1984)
vizier was written on February 5, 2017

not illegal

To answer 12-strings question....since she is just topless and the sequence does not focus on her genitals and she is not acting explicitly sexual,then no it is not pornography and is fully legal

Fabiana Udenio in Boarding School (1978)
vizier was written on February 4, 2017

Regarding actress age

just a note on the idea that if an actress is under 18 she cannot do a nude scene.Katya Berger was 11-12 when she was nude in Piccole Labra.Eva Ionesco and Laura Wendl were 12 in Maladolescenza as was Brooke shields in Pretty Baby.Virginie Ledoyen went full frontal at 13 in The Children Thief.Natassja Kinski was 15 for her first nude is not pornography unless they are posed suggestively or the focus is on the genitals......just being nude is considered art.(this is according to a U.S.Supreme court ruling)

Tim Blake Nelson in Good Girl, The (2002)
levimike was written on November 21, 2016

An OK-looking actor

An OK-looking who does a lot of roles where he looks like a hick but cleans up real well in person. In the film, he's outside wearing just a sheet after he chases after Jennifer Aniston's character. The sheet goes away, exposing his maybe four inch penis with a nice bush and a little chest hair. He turns around to hide his package, but it's exposed for a short while. He's a small actor (I think five foot five) but , I think, fairly good looking, and this scene comes as a surprise for a mainstream film.

Misty Mundae in Screaming Dead (2003)
vizier was written on November 14, 2016

great line

nudity in this one was below par for Misty.beast part of movie is when she says"most of my fans watch my movies with the remote in one hand and their dick in the other" true,as i had my remote in one hand as she said this and.......

Dakota Fanning in Very Good Girls (2013)
Celebrititties was written on November 5, 2016

Sexy Skinny Dip

Dakota goes skinny dipping with Elizabeth Olsen at the beginning of the film, both briefly baring butt. Dakota did use a body double though.

Alice Krige in Lonely Hearts (1991)
Wolframpau was written on October 27, 2016

Hot Nipular Action

Alice is hot and sweaty in her sex scene with Leto. While we do not see her face, it's clear those long, pointy nips belong to Alice. Too bad her character bites the dust in the midst of the sex scene.

Chris Evans in Secretaries (2005)
tim0no817 was written on October 26, 2016


this is a different Chris Evans actor in 'Secretaries'
this movie is rated NC17

Adèle Haenel in Les Diables (2002)
vizier was written on October 24, 2016

too dark but good anyways

with respect to the previous reviewer,her vulva is not the stormy hallway scene you can clearly see pubes.

Kathy Shower in Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (1988)
TribeKing1 was written on October 15, 2016

Extended scenes

An early european version for late night TV showed Kathy being undressed by the tribe women before her oil rub ritual. They surround Kathy and two women attend to Kathy's boots and trousers removing them while two women hold Kathy's arms to steady her while another tribe woman removes her belt then rips open Kathy's shirt exposing her breasts. All Kathy can do is feebly struggle and grimaces.

The women hold Kathy down and oil her naked body. In this version the oil scene is much better and longer where you see more of Kathy being oiled up to the point where you swear Kathy is cumming.

Later in this version she is also manhandled by the chief into position with her ass up in the air where he then starts to bang her hard from behind. It's not a side view or head on but in between and after maybe ten strokes picks up as in the US version.

Marjorie Eliot in Serpico (1973)
bushyboy was written on October 1, 2016

Rape scene

There's several flashlight lit views of both boobs and a couple flashes of bush towards the end of the scene.

Cornelia Sharpe in Serpico (1973)
bushyboy was written on October 1, 2016

Nice pointy boobs

Both boobs visible from the side while she is in the tub.

Julian Wells in Naked and Betrayed (2004)
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

good scene

at 20:00 in she has a sex scene with some douchebag guy.good views of her breasts and landing strip bush.

Misty Mundae in That 70's Girl (2003)
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

classic Misty

her first scene is at 8:00 where Kelli Summers ans then Julien Wells spy on her in the shower.full frontal with some nice bush close ups.
at 14:00 she and A.J Khan have a love scene but only show breasts
at 25:00 she A.J. and Kelli Summers have a 3 way but just breasts from Misty,you do get to see Kellis bush though
there is a brief,breasts only 4 way at 24:00
in the last scene Mist calls for a "beaver check"and she ,Kelli and Julien lift there skirts and show bush(see my Julien review for an opinion on the trueness of the bushes shown)

Julian Wells in That 70's Girl (2003)
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

mostly breasts

at 36:00 she masturbates in the shower,lots of breasts but just 1 shot of her bush,mostly covered as she fingers herself.
in the last scene Misty Mundae calls for a "beaver check" and she Julien and Kelli summers lift their skirts and show their bushes.I think this scene for some reason was faked as Juliens ans Kellis bush were VERY blonde and almost identical and Mistys was too light brown and curly.

A.J. Khan in That 70's Girl (2003)
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

breasts only

A.J. only shows her breasts in this film
at 14:00 she and Misty Mundae have a make out scene,kissing and fondling only.
at 25:00 she Misty,and Kelli Summers do a 3-way,kissing,breast sucking and breasts only from A.J.

Ewa Aulin in Candy (2006)
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

wrong year

this film actually came out in not know where someone came up with 2006

Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm (1989)
tremors was written on August 19, 2016

Sex Scene

Nicole Kidman is forced into sex by her captor. She reluctantly submits to intercourse in a hot scene.

She is married but her husband is not around. Her captor, played by Billy Zane, wants to bed her. She appears to be aroused and enjoy the sex, even if she is not a willing participant.

The situation is like a forced sex on first date. She does not say no but only tries to get out of the situation by making lame excuses. This only makes Billy Zane try harder and he succeeds in seducing her. She does not protest at all when he removes her clothes to get her naked. She tries to make an excuse but he gets her again naked on the couch.

She looks at his arousal and lies back. She again tries to leave when her dog shows up, but it seems his hardness was too much for her to resist. She does not say no to sex even once and lets him penetrate her. From her expressions it seems he was rather big and was a snug fit in her. It was implied they had sex for quite some time. As no use of protection was shown, it was implied he came inside her.

Nicole Kidman in Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
tremors was written on August 12, 2016

Sex Scenes

Ms Kidman has a couple of scenes where we get to see her beautiful body. Everything about her is beautiful. Her breasts, ass, legs all are shown. She looks amazing lying nude beneath her costar, who is also nude. But we do not get full frontal shots of her breasts or full back shots showing her ass . Her ass is captured well by the camera in her pants, when she walks up the stairs to her hotel room and before that in a bar scene. Just wish there was a similar shot of her in nude. Also we did not get full view of her breasts or a good shot of her nipples even though she was naked. Plus the sex was lame in missionary position. Even though it was a good sex scene, camera angles could have been better.

Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm (1989)
fat2tap was written on July 29, 2016

Sex scene

Nicole kidman was about 19 when she starred this movie. She plays a hot young wife to a middle aged man in this movie. They are on a sea voyage to cheer Kidman as she is depressed.

Both husband and wife end up in a situation where a young sexually frustrated male gets to fuck her while the husband has no idea of what happened.

They give refuge to a young man, Billy Zane, who immediately starts to make passes at Kidman. The husband is unaware of all this. Kidman, although aware of his sexual desire towards her, keeps quiet. She is faithful to her husband and does not return any of his signals.

Zane takes advantage of a situation and takes control of their ship, leaving her husband on another abandoned sinking ship. Kidman is trapped in a situation where she must do everything to save her husband.

Zane is aroused by her presence and lets her know that he desires her. Kidman knows he wants sex but rebuffs him. He later finds her crying and comes to console her. He takes her hand and hugs her. She is frightened and lets him hug her and kiss her hand. While Kidman was looking for a shoulder to cry on and gain sympathy, she get anxious by his obvious arousal against her. She looks dazed by his obvious hard-on pressing into her.

The suggestive situation and surroundings are very arousing. Kidman, a faithful married woman, is about to get fucked by a young aroused male. She is about to commit adultery and subsequent sex between the characters is very graphic.

He kisses her deeply and squeezes her breasts. She is shown aroused by the situation and is unable to fight her own aching desire for sex. He takes her to another room and tears off her clothes. We see her completely naked lying on top of him and grinding her pussy on his dick in lying face down position. It is implied that his dick is touching her vagina and both are sweating from the heat of the moment.

Kidman is glowing in this scene and Zane rubs her backside pressing his dick into her. The suggestive moan implies her aroused state. However, she manages to escape from the situation.

Zane later on again forces her on the couch and gets on top of her. There is quick view of her sweat covered breasts and very small pink nipples. Inspite of her protests, he penetrates her quickly. Kidman is surprised by his penetration and appears to be in discomfort. Implication is that he had a big dick and she was stretched by him. She is also probably not wet enough for him. His thrusts make her moan and pant. She is clearly uncomfortable, by his size as well as due to the fact that he is inside her without protection.

The scene cuts and next we see her sitting up with a resigned look on her face after a few hours, imying that they had unprotected sex to his full satisfaction and Zane also later appears to be completely relaxed. Kidman obviously does not look happy. He obviously got to release all of his pent up sexually energy into her and ejaculated inside her a few times.

Hot scene with extremly suggestive situations.

Kate Winslet in Jude (1996)
fat2tap was written on July 28, 2016


Kate Winslet in a hot actress with a body to match. Her breasts are ripe and firm in this movie, unlike in some of her later movies where they appear shrunk and saggy.

Her costar is sitting on her bedside. Kate takes of her robe and exposes her completely nude body to the camera. She lies down and we see a full nude shot of her from above. Her bush is visible but no lips or labia is seen; suggesting that she may be wearing a merkin.

Her costar takes of his clothes and straightaway starts sucking on her breasts. First he gives a good deep suck on her left tit taking it into his mouth as much as he can. We see his saliva on her breasts when he releases it and takes her other breast into his mouth to suck on it. He gets to suck on her breasts good and deep.

Kate looks young, refereshing and extremely beautiful in this scene. Her breasts are amazing and gets sucked real good. Must watch.

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