Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning (2008)
Celebrititties was written on July 27, 2016

Flash of Breasts

Amy flashes her breasts when putting on her bra in bed.

Angelina Jolie in Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow (1993)
fat2tap was written on July 26, 2016

Breasts in sex scene

One of the rare sex scenes where Ms Jolie gets some tender lovemaking.

Her costar put a ring on her finger in bed. She is topless and shows her breasts. He also gets to suck one of her breasts while she is riding him. The shot when he sucks her tit is not clear. She is younger looking in this scene and she looks less better than she did in some of her later roles.

Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives (2004)
fat2tap was written on July 26, 2016

Sex scene

Jolie looks very attractive and beautiful in this movie. She also looks amazing in her sex scene.

Her man knocks on her door and when she opens it, she finds sex written all over his face. She lets him back her up to the bedroom wall and slowly open her dress revealing her amazing knockers. She is standing in front of him with her breasts exposed and he looks at them and licks his lips. Her eyes flicker and there is moment of anxiousness as she realizes that he is into rough play. She thought she had him in this where they were playing this little game but now she realizes that he knows she is easy to fuck and he is just going to fuck her without sweet talk and he knows that she is game for casual sex. He probably has no respect for her either which makes her nervous.

She herself looks sex starved and surrenders to him. He exposes her pubic hair, which is not a very good shot, and proceeds to penetrate her. She looks like to be in pain but enjoys it. Putting her on a table he rough handles her breast and inserts his finger in her mouth.

Next he lifts her and carries her towards her bed. She wraps herself around him letting him carry her, implying she is ready for anything. However he only throws her on her back and climbs on top of her. The patch she is wearing on her vagina is visible at this point. He penetrates her again and she does not even flinch. He continues thrusting in her and the scene fades out from here.

We know later on that he had ejaculated inside her. He obviously did not treat her well.

Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke (1999)
fat2tap was written on July 26, 2016

Full Nude

Kate Winslet is one actress who is beautiful and has a womanly body.

She goes full frontal in this movie. She is beautiful from head to toe. The quality of the scene, when she walks completely naked towards the camera, is a bit on the grainy side. I guess it was done to hide her pussy lips from being visible. Nevertheless the nudity is amazing and her breasts look great.

In the next moment she is in bed being fucked in missionary position. She is nude on her back and her costar is on top of her and he suffers from premature ejaculation. Kate is in a state of pleasure and has totally surrendered to him. However, even though she pleads him not to cum and theteby continue fucking her, he lasts for a few thrusts.

She is again shown naked lying in her bed next morning. Good watch.

Elisabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
fat2tap was written on July 26, 2016


There is a make out scene involving Shue and her costar. He is lounging drunk by the pool. She comes out swimming and sits on him. Slowly she peels of her swimsuit baring her beautiful natural breasts.

You can even see hair on her arms and her big nipples. She lets him suck on one breast. She puts her breast in his mouth and lets him feed on her tit.

Short but very hot scene.

Angelina Jolie in Original Sin (2001)
fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016

Steamy nude sex scene

Angelina Jolie plays a prostitute in this movie. Fairly into the movie she has a sex scene where she gets fucked like one. Infact in several scenes she is treated like trash. She gets fucked in the ass, get spit in her mouth and gets gang raped too.

But it is her sex scene with Antonio Banderas, who plays her husband, that is above all. It is her steamiest scene ever filmed by her.

She has a beautiful luscious body. Antonio touches, caresses, kisses, gropes, squeezes her breasts and thrusts into her in several positions. He even turns her around and puts it in her ass. She takes whatever he throws at her. Jolie's character plays her part to the full as she is a paid prostitute and easily takes the rough treatment given to her. He thrusts into her very hard and her breasts flay around with such speed that you wonder if they will break free from her body. He puts her legs on his shoulders and gives it to her with all his strength. His thrusts are hard and rough. For a moment you wonder if she is not his wife and he knows that she is a prostitute picked from the street. Jolie calmly spreads her legs for him, you even get a peek at her tatoo just above her vagina, and lets him fuck her to his satisfaction.

She looks extremely beautiful and but used in this scene. Her breasts are a spectacular and her skin is creamy smooth. Not to be missed.

Nicole Kidman in Paperboy, The (2012)
fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016

Sex scene

There is a sex scene between Kidman's character and Zac Effron.

She fulfills his long standing fantasy.

Kidman looked really hot in this scene but the fact that there is no nudity destroyed the scene. The Director filmed the famous sex scene of Halle Berry in Monsters Ball. The lack of nudity in this film dents the films plot since Kidman's character is a trash whore.

During her sex scene with Zac, she appears in her underwear and gives him a blowjob. She then gets on top of him and takes his virginity. He is in love with her. The situation and the age difference would have ensured this scene to become a classic but the fact that there is no nudity by Kidman earns it a zero.

Same for her sex scene with John Cussack. He fucks her like a savage. No nudity meant zero for it too. This too could have been really hot scene but is boring and not worthy of watching.

Nicole Kidman in Birth (2004)
fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016

Sex scene

Early on Kidman's character is shown having sex with her fiance on a bed.

The scene is shown to be taking place in their bedroom at night, as it is very dark and they are having sex with lights off. They got engaged early in the evening and now are fucking after making it official.

Kidman's character is mentally cheating on her fiance. Even though she is naked in his arms and he is inside her, she is thinking about someone else who came to see her and claim her as his wife early in the evening during their engagement.

Both are fully naked with him lying on top of her with his dick in her. There is no foreplay or undressing and sex is shown from mid point. Her legs are spread and he is systematically moving in and out of her in classic man on top. His thrusts are strong making her moan. He grabs her wrist in a rough manner and gives long deep strokes making her hug him tightly. The camera pans out showing her underwear on floor and an unopened condom on bedside table implying they are having unprotected sex. The scene cuts before they finish. We briefly see her breasts during the scene and his whole backside as he repeatedly thrusts into her. The scene is very dark and better lighting would have made it better.

Nicole Kidman in Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)
fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016

Anal sex scene

There is a scene depicting anal sex between her and her husband. No nudity. He is working out in his gym. She comes upto him and initiates sex. Next she is shown bending over their sofa with her husband behind her. She is moaning hoarsly while he fucks her in the ass. He gets rough and pushes her down and gives a few thrusts in belly down anal position. He asks her if she likes it and she says yes. They remain fully clothed.

She also massages Robert Downey Jr.'s dick when she shaves him. It could have been erotic but turned to be boring. He was naked she was not.

Nicole Kidman in Birthday Girl (2001)
fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016

Handjob scene

Early in the film Nicole comes up into the main leads room at night to masturbate him. He is nervous. She takes his hand and puts it in her shirt making him cup her breast. She than takes out his dick, which is obviously hard, and starts to jack him. She is shown rhythmatically pumping his dick with her fist. He comes in her hand quickly. She returns to her room leaving him to catch his breath. Nothing is shown and everything is implied. Although he may really have cupped her breasts under her shirt but we dont see it.

There are other minor scenes that show her nude from back but nothing spectacular.

Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain (2003)
fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016

Hot sex scene

Nicole Kidman's character indulges in wedding night sex with her partner, which is Jude Law. Although there is no traditional wedding ceremony, they take informal vows just for the sake of it. Both characters had been longing for each other for a long time and now that they were in front of each other, nothing could stop them from having sex.

Nicole Kidman' s character is a sophisticated lady known as Ada. She is frail, reserved and beautiful. She is also very desirable but is chaste. Although there are better sex scenes by other stars, still this scene is quite arousing on the senses.

Jude Law gropes her buttocks and then removes her flimsy bottoms revealing a very good shot of her ass. This has to be the best shot of her ass in all of her movies.

Next we are treated to a breathtaking view of her pubic hair! I just wish the shot was a little longer and captured more area as the camera angle was very good with excellent view.

Next he gets on top of her and bares her one breast. He makes thrusting motion on top of her and you see their genital areas pressed together. It is all fake and there is no doubt about it. We even see a cloth where their genital area is joined together.

Also there is no breast sucking which is disappointing. No tounge use during kiss.

Jude Law' s character is able to manage only two thrusts and cums in her after the second thrust. She seems surprised by the intensity of his orgasm. She calms him and reassures him after he appears to have prematurely cum in her. He was obviously as pent up with sexual desire as her.

All in all, it is good sex scene that shows her ass, one breast and pubic hair in clear shots although the shots are very brief. You need uncut dvd to see this. Could have been better though, especially the breast, pubic hair shots and a few more thrusts since the camera angles were excellent.

Nicole Kidman in Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016


Nicole Kidman is one of the most beautiful actresses right now. She goes completely nude in a sex scene with Clive Owen. However, the scene fails when compared to memorable great sex scenes by other A list stars.

She disrobes and bares her breasts while on top of him. He is already disrobed by her only moments earlier and is presented with her gorgeous nude breasts. She presses down her breasts on his naked chest and he disappoints by not grabbing or sucking on her breasts.

Next he turns her over and moves on top of her with her under him, and it is very hot moment as her loose robe falls of completely from her and both actors are fully naked in missionary position. He proceeds to thrust on top of her. There is implied penetration and she gives out a moan when he enters her. There are a few thrusting motions in missionary position. Kidman is quite flexible and her leg is pressesd back to her shoulders! This is as deep as he can go. But his thrusts are weak and lack passion or energy, as he looks to be struggling. Kidman looked like she could have taken a good pounding in this position, but the scene missed a great moment. He also kisses on her shoulder while thrusting on top of her; he should have instead sucked on her breasts in that position and not just lay there. Another missed moment!

Then there is a blast which spoils the mood for the viewer. Next view shows their bodies covered by plaster. Kidman is lying on her stomach and is in a pretty inviting posture. He is obviously still hard and proceeds to have anal sex with her. He grabs her throat and chokes her before penetrating her ass. This is not shown but implied. The director messed again by not showing enough and leaving it to viewers imagination.

I would give it 4 stars but as we did not get a clear view of her ass, no bush was shown, and a clear view of her breasts from front was also missing. Plus inspite of implied heat there was no breasts sucking or passionate thrusting motions. Camera angles could have been better. Therefore, only three stars.

Corey Rand in Predator 2 (1990)
enrimalu was written on July 22, 2016

Escena de sexo y Colgado del techo desnudo

La escena de sexo sí fue de verdad, de hecho en la cinta original en el minuto 22 en esa toma cuando la Weigel se estira hacia arriba y entran los jamaicanos se alcanza apreciar el pene erecto de Corey Rand introduciendoselo en su vagina, pero esa toma en las cintas posteriores fue disimulada por la censura. Tan real fue la escena que ambos quedaron muy calientes, de hecho en la escena siguiente cuando cuelgan a Corey Rand del techo de los pies desnudo este seguía caliente ya que se le volvió alli a erectar el pene, bien dotado unos 20 cms mas menos y sus tetillas estaban también muy erectas. Lo muestran en la cinta original de frente cuando el negro lo unta en sangre y Corey Rand tiene su pene completamente parado y sus bolas hinchadas de semen. Teri Weigel por su parte aparece en la toma sentada en el suelo agarrada por el otro negro, esa parte del suelo quedo toda mojada con fluidos vaginales que le salian a la actriz mientras estuvo sentada allí. La toma así gustó mucho dado que le daba mucho realismo a la escena el sexo mezclado con violencia, pero el director temia que Corey Rand mientras estaba así colgado excitado y con las bolas hinchadas perdiera el control de sus genitales y eyaculara en plena filmación, por lo que cortaron y les dieron a elegir si cada uno se masturbaba por su lado para botar la calentura, o teniendo la cama allí mismo concluian el acto sexual si a ambos no les complicaba, eligieron esta ultima, y el corte y descanso la entretencion del equipo y actores fue verlos follar desenfrenadamente a la pareja, ambos estaban muy calientes de mirrse desnudos el uno al otro. Fue un expectacular orgasmo, es increible la cantida de semen acumulado que tenia Corey Rand porque no paraba nunca de eyacular y dejó practicamente bañada en semen a Teri Weigel encima de su vagina en sus pechos en su cara y su pelo, la chica tuvo que ir a bañarse para continuar la filmación pero eso apago al menos ommentaneamente la calentura de ambos.

Uschi Digard in Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972)
vizier was written on June 4, 2016

her and hundreds of others

it is impossible to list all the actresses in this film.basically the plot is some guy saves a sultan so is paraded through rooms and tents filled with nude women...odd that a name actress like Uschi is in this...there about a hundred fully nude,full bushed 70'swomen on parade in this film

Jeremie Renier in Un fils de notre temps (2003)
bjoh249 was written on May 20, 2016

Best Jeremie Renier nudity on film.

The military induction scene at the start of this movie has Renier baring it AL as he has to strip completely naked for a medical examination to join the military. In this scene we also get to see a lot of other sexy nude young guys being examined. Renier's penis and butt is in full view during the entire scene and we see plenty of his penis bouncing as he walks around while being examined. Best Renier nude scene by far!

Jeremie Renier in Faites comme si je n'étais pas là (2000)
bjoh249 was written on May 20, 2016

Teenaged Jeremie Renier having bisexual sex.

19 year old Jeremie Renier's sex scene is the highlight of the otherwise not-so-great film. Near the end of this movie he has a sex scene with both a guy and gal, a couple his character had been stalking throughout the movie. He starts making out with the female, and then the male, before ending it by having a three-way with them, This is the only nude scene but we get a great shot of Renier's smooth twinkie butt as he has sex with the girl. Unfortunately, you can't see his butt seen when he has sex with the male character, but it is very erotic nonetheless.

Kym Malin in Weird Science (1985)
Ghostwords was written on May 8, 2016

All too brief

Normally, this would have scored two stars, but -- as DMan points -- the view of Ms Malin's breasts is momentary, badly lit and blurred.

Monique Parent in The Witches of Breastwick (2005)
vizier was written on May 6, 2016

best hot tub scene ever

she has a nice scene early on getting full frontal naked and having sex with a guy in the woods but her best scene is in the middle with Glori-Ann Gilbert and Julie Smith in the hot tub.all are fully nude showing incredible bodies while carressing each other and making out.
she has another scene near the end with Glori-Ann and another girl in the bath tub

Glori-Anne Gilbert in The Witches of Breastwick (2005)
vizier was written on May 6, 2016

hall of fame nudity

in her first (rather tame)scene she and 2 of the other witches get topless ans they play with a guy prior to sacrificing him.
in her second and best scene she is with Julie K Smith and Monique Parent in the hot tub.all are fully naked and kiss and fondle in what easily should be in Mr.Skins top 10 hot tub scenes.
then she dances topless again around a fire with the 2 witches from the first scene.
in her last scene she meets a guy in the woods and does a striptease showing full frontal before having sex with him.

Darian Caine in Satan's School for Lust (2002)
vizier was written on May 3, 2016

only breasts...once

she has several scenes with Misty but stays covered until the end where she just shows breasts as Misty goes down on her

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