Misty Mundae in Satan's School for Lust (2002)
vizier was written on May 3, 2016

shows all,as usual

in her first scene she is seduced by Darian Caine showing her cute b-cups and furry bush in a dream sequence then showers full frontal.
later part of this scene is repeated with Darien supposedly inserting a cross into her.
at the end is a short scene showing just breasts as she is masturbated by another woman when Darien comes in and Misty goes down on her to end the film.
not one of Mistys best films for nudity

Dawn Monacco in Vampire's Seduction (1998)
vizier was written on May 1, 2016

doctors patient

she is the patient Paige Turner plays with and then together they tease the pizza guy.

Paige Turner in Vampire's Seduction (1998)
vizier was written on May 1, 2016

plating doctor

near the end she plays a doctor who undresses and makes out with her patient then the tease and play with the pizza boy when he arrives.like all the girls in this film topless only.

Kiki Michaels in Vampire's Seduction (1998)
vizier was written on May 1, 2016

breasts only

she undresses and showers,then rubs lotion on her body on the bed but the panties never come off...

Ruby Larocca in Misty's Secret (2000)
vizier was written on May 1, 2016

stripping in window

in the middle of this film(interrupted by cut scenes)she does a slow strip tease in a window,then some masturbating....only 3 stars as the panties never come off.

Darian Caine in Gladiator Eroticvs: The Lesbian Warriors (2001)
vizier was written on May 1, 2016

naked throughout

She has 6 scenes,fully naked in all.several loves scenes,2 "gladiator"matches that end in girl/girl action and of course in the mass girl orgy at the end.Typical seduction cinema film,all the girls are naked and getting it on thoughout the film.

Katie McGrath in Labyrinth (2012)
Forsberg was written on April 28, 2016

Damn those are some sad tits, floppy as fuck!!!!

Katie McGrath's tatas look better with a push up bra on, her tits are saggy 34B's with large pancake nipples.

Marisol Padilla Sánchez in Fever (1991)
Prosaic was written on April 15, 2016

Full Frontal

0:07 Marisol steps up onto a platform and goes full frontal, as she removes her red robe, to model for a art class.

Pamela Anderson in Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The (1952)
vizier was written on April 2, 2016

see thru

in one of her appearances she is wearing a sheer black mini-dress and when she comes out with the bright lights on her you can see her breasts thru her top

Laetitia Chauveau in Adolescente, L' (1979)
vizier was written on March 26, 2016

partial nudity

unless there is a different version I haven't found there is no full frontal in the mirror scene,just breasts and butt.

Judy Angel in Southern Comforts (1971)
vizier was written on March 19, 2016

very naked

she and the other 2 main girls start the flesh fest by skinny dipping in a creek showing everything
at 23:00 she joins the other 2 in getting naked in the barn and playing together.
at 34;00 she and Carol are naked in the woods, kiss,skinny dip and have sex with a bumpkin
at 54:00 all the girls get naked in the barn and have sex with local guys
at 1:15:00 she gets naked with 6 other girls for the "beauty pageant"in the barn and parade around full frontal for several minutes

Monica Gayle in Southern Comforts (1971)
vizier was written on March 19, 2016

naked alot

in the beginning her and the other 2 main actresses strip by a stream and skinny dip full frontal.
at 19:00 she and Julie are naked in the barn massaging each other and she walks outside naked several times to get water.
at 34:00 she and Brenda are naked,kissing and skinny dipping then have sex with some bumpkin
at 54:00 all the girls get naked in the barn and have sex with yokels
at 1:15:00 her and 6 other girls strip down and walk around the barn naked for several minutes in a "beauty contest"

Wendy Winders in Southern Comforts (1971)
vizier was written on March 19, 2016

nude troughout

4 main scenes...at the beginning her and Carol and Brenda skinny dip together full frontal.
at 19:00 in she and Carol strip in the barn and massage each other.
at 54:00 all the girls get naked and have sex in the barn with local guys.
at 1:15:00 her and 6 other girls strip and parade around the barn for their beauty contest for several minutes

Glori-Anne Gilbert in Vamps 2: Blood Sisters (2002)
vizier was written on March 19, 2016

buy the dvd

her best nudity is not in the film but on the dvd extras.in an outtake,she does a very hot striptease to the song"Hot time in hell"while wearing devil horns and a fire mans helmet.would be 4 stars but no bush.

Brigitte Maier in Marriage and Other Four Letter Words (1974)
watcher000 was written on March 16, 2016


Scene 1- She is naked with her husband who is pushing her head towards his flaccid penis for a blowjob but she doesn't do that.

Scene 2 - Two guys and a girl attack her and her husband in an open field. A guy pushes a banana in her mouth and girl forcefully kisses her on mouth. The guy cuts her top over both her boobs which become visible and the girl presses one of her boob in a rough manner. Then he cuts one side of her lower and her bush becomes visible. One guys kisses her on the mouth and other spreads her legs to allow the girl to play with her pussy but not much is visible.

Scene 3 - She is licking her husband's cockhead and then she slowly takes whole cock in her mouth and sucks it nicely while massaging it with her tongue.

Scene 4 - She is dancing with another guy as her husband is dancing with other guy's wife. The other guy kisses her and pushes his tongue in her mouth. He presses her boobs from the top and opens the top slowly. Her boobs are visible and he cups them and plays with them as he kisses one of her boob.

C.D. LaFleure in Dirty Mind of Young Sally, The (1970)
vizier was written on March 13, 2016

is not a female actress

C.D.LeFleur is one of the psuedonyms of George"Buck"Flowers

Marilyn Chambers in Behind the Green Door (1972)
watcher000 was written on March 8, 2016


Marlyn is naked on stage and a group of girls is playing with her. They are kissing her, sucking her nipples and licking her busy pussy. An african american guy enters the stage and his cock is out. As he comes near Marlyn, she is shown to be lying on the stage with her hips on a pillow and her bush fully visible. He licks her pussy for some time and then he enters her pussy. She seems to be in some discomfort as he pushes in more. He then gets on top of her and is shown to be doing humping motion. His buttocks not visible as he has his pants on. There is brief view of his cock around her pussy but due to darkness, not much is visible. He licks her ears, neck and then nibbles on her nipples and then there is a close up shot of his penis moving in and out of her pussy. It is implied that he is fucking her deep and she shows painful expressions on her face. He pushes his tongue in her mouth and she raises her legs and wraps them around his buttocks.

Katya Berger in Piccole labbra (1978)
vizier was written on March 7, 2016


at 46:00 in she has her shirt open and is admiring her budding breasts in the mirror when the soldier walks in on her

Katya Berger in Piccole labbra (1978)
vizier was written on March 7, 2016

playing dress up

at 28:00 she is in the attic putting on dresses,she goes behind a painting to change and when she slips off the dress you see her butt and side view if a breast bud in the mirror

Michelle Bauer in Bad Girls (1994)
vizier was written on March 7, 2016

hardcore lesbian action

She is credited as "Pia Snow"in this film and naked often.at 28:00 she has an explicit lesbian scene with one of the other "bad girls"licking her vagina and being licked in return,the other girl is rubbing her breast against Pias pink lips when Ron Jeremy interrupts.near the end of the film she performs oral sex on a guy and then another woman.she has claimed that in her adult film appearances a body double was used for the sex scenes but here you can see it was definetley her.

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