Marilyn Chambers in Behind the Green Door (1972)
watcher000 was written on March 8, 2016


Marlyn is naked on stage and a group of girls is playing with her. They are kissing her, sucking her nipples and licking her busy pussy. An african american guy enters the stage and his cock is out. As he comes near Marlyn, she is shown to be lying on the stage with her hips on a pillow and her bush fully visible. He licks her pussy for some time and then he enters her pussy. She seems to be in some discomfort as he pushes in more. He then gets on top of her and is shown to be doing humping motion. His buttocks not visible as he has his pants on. There is brief view of his cock around her pussy but due to darkness, not much is visible. He licks her ears, neck and then nibbles on her nipples and then there is a close up shot of his penis moving in and out of her pussy. It is implied that he is fucking her deep and she shows painful expressions on her face. He pushes his tongue in her mouth and she raises her legs and wraps them around his buttocks.

Katya Berger in Piccole labbra (1978)
vizier was written on March 7, 2016


at 46:00 in she has her shirt open and is admiring her budding breasts in the mirror when the soldier walks in on her

Katya Berger in Piccole labbra (1978)
vizier was written on March 7, 2016

playing dress up

at 28:00 she is in the attic putting on dresses,she goes behind a painting to change and when she slips off the dress you see her butt and side view if a breast bud in the mirror

Michelle Bauer in Bad Girls (1994)
vizier was written on March 7, 2016

hardcore lesbian action

She is credited as "Pia Snow"in this film and naked 28:00 she has an explicit lesbian scene with one of the other "bad girls"licking her vagina and being licked in return,the other girl is rubbing her breast against Pias pink lips when Ron Jeremy interrupts.near the end of the film she performs oral sex on a guy and then another woman.she has claimed that in her adult film appearances a body double was used for the sex scenes but here you can see it was definetley her.

Déborah Révy in Q (2011)
watcher000 was written on March 6, 2016


Scene 1 - Deborah takes a guy in toilet who grabs her right boob from the top of her dress and presses it. She takes his hand and puts it over her pussy and he apparently fingers her but not much is visible. Later in the scene, his hand is shown to have grabbed her pussy. There is brief view of her ass before she turns towards the wall and he pushes himself on her. But then nothing much happens.

Scene 2 - She is naked in the kitchen only side view) and a guy is standing with his face towards kitchen platform. She wraps her arms around his chest from behind. Her boobs are pressed on his back. The she grabs his semi erect cock. and rubs it. You can see the skin going up and down. She then gives him fast handjob even as he is asking her to stop. His cock visibly hardens in hr hand. He turns around and kisses her hard and leaves. Her nice boobs are properly visible.

Scene 3 - She enters a room naked. In the dark setting her boobs and pussy are visible. Her ass is clearly shown from behind. A guy is sleeping on the bed. She gets on the bed and grabs his cock and starts giving handjob. There is a nice view of her hanging boobs. He wakes up and she straddles him. She is shown to be putting his cock in her pussy as she gets on top. She puts his both hands on her boobs and he squeezes them hard. She asks him to squeez her boobs hard and fuck her hard. He puts her down and bends her over and enters her from behind. He grabs her hair and starts fucking with hard shots. She asks him to hit her and he proceeds to do that as he fucks her rough. Her boobs bounce as she feels his thrusts in her.

Darian Caine in Lust for Dracula (2004)
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

nude throughout

she plays Dracula and is nude through the whole film and had several lesbian scenes,mostly with Shelley Jones.nice body,but plays a very weird character

Shelly Jones in Lust for Dracula (2004)
vizier was written on March 5, 2016


my mistake...this was Casey Jones not Shelley,got the sisters mixed up

Misty Mundae in Lust for Dracula (2004)
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

nude throughout

as in all of her films Misty is nude numerous times doing simulated lesbian sex scenes.there is jusr something about her petit body with small breasts and full bush that made her perfect for her films

Julian Wells in Lust for Dracula (2004)
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

couple scenes

her first scene is at 19;00 in where she is humping Misty Mundae you get breasts and butt when she walks 1;10;00 full frontal when Misty discovers that "johnathan"is not a man.

Shelby Taylor in Spiderbabe (2003)
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

wrestling with Misty

at 26:00 in Spiderbabe(Misty) wrestles Queen Bee(Shelby) it turns in to a lez-a-thon.lots of tongue kissing and fondling with both actresses showin breasts and but and some nice bush shots from Shelby

Julian Wells in Spiderbabe (2003)
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

lesbian scene

at 36:00 in miss Wells has a scene with her"eye candy"typical softcore scene with lots of kissing and fondling with breasts and butt from both actresses.Julian shows bush and a hint of lips also

Robbie Benson in Running Brave (1983)
levimike was written on February 27, 2016

2008 version of the 1983 film.

Looking at several review sources for Running Brave, the later edits seemed to have clamped down on any nudity of the actors. I watched a theatre version when the film was first released, and saw a several second-long bum view of Robby's fine bum going into a shower room. The version I bought is rated PG and the butt shot is edited higher on his body and even that upper crack shot only lasts for(it seems)less than a second, before he's at a locker in his white briefs. There are several scenes when he and a few other actors are in their briefs, changing or exercising, but I can't recommend buying the PG edition for more nudity than that. Buy it for the uplifting moments, and not if you hope to see Robby's body in less than street clothes or running togs.

Lina Leandersson in Lat den ratte komma in (2008)
wgr was written on February 26, 2016

There is no nudity in this film

lina leandersson isn't nude, nor is there a human body double. The figure you see where Oskar comes around the corner and sees "Eli" changing is actually not a real person but plastic

In the commentary track for the film the director states this..

Spoilers (if you haven't read the book)

Eli is actually a castrated male in the story (Elias in his name) and the nudity you think you see is actually the scar of his removed penis.

Mariska Hargitay in Welcome to 18 (1986)
vizier was written on February 18, 2016

because it wasn't her

Mariska has confirmed that the scene used a body double.....looked good but would have been better if it was her

Wendy O. Williams in Candy Goes to Hollywood (1979)
vizier was written on February 13, 2016

shooting ping pong balls

Wendy O has a brief appearance as a contestant on the gong show where her talent is shooting ping pong balls out of her vagina.some good close up shots of the 'ejections' and full frontal when she gets up and walks off stage after getting gonged.

Deborah Shelton in Silk Degrees (1994)
LeapGuy60 was written on February 13, 2016

Half-Hearted Job of Editing...

The sex scene between Shelton & Singer seems rushed here, very much as though this is the R-rated version - and an UNRATED version was waiting in the wings. The music, too - punctuated by brass - seems very inappropriate for a sex scene.

Hey - maybe I'm being too hard on this one because "Sins of the Night" gave us those protracted nude scenes with a moaning sax... :)

Roberta Leighton in Stripes (1981)
Ghostwords was written on February 8, 2016

Briefly topless

When Bill Murray gets home, his girlfriend Anita (Ms Leighton) steps out of their bathroom and we get a brief view of her smallish breasts as she gets dressed. Pretty gratuitous, to be honest, but welcome.

Luke Hayden in Father Ted (1995)
Spraoi was written on January 31, 2016

Full frontal reflected

Luke obviously filmed his scenes for the 'Hell' episode fully naked. He was aged about 35/36 at the time and his physique is quite nice..

In the scene where he punctures the tyres he can be seen walking around the car fully naked and there is a brief reflection of his full frontal nudity in the reflection of the car door, although no genitals are clearly seen.

After he is finished slashing the tyres he stands in front of the car and he leans forward and we can see a big close-up of his big hairy arse, which fills half the screen. His buttocks are quite hairy.

Luke Hayden in Father Ted (1995)
Spraoi was written on January 31, 2016

Reflected full-frontal nudity

Luke obviously performed his scenes in 'Hell' totally nude, i.e. no G-string. He would have been in his mid-30s at the time, and had a good physique.

In the scene where he bursts the car tyres you can see his pubic region reflected in the car door, although his genitals are not visible. Then he stands in front of the car and leans forward and we get a nice close-up view of his big hairy arse, which fills half the screen. His buttocks are quite hairy. As he seems to have performed the scene nude, Dermot Morgan and Ardal O'Hanlon would have had full view of his genitals.

He then walks down the road totally nude and we get a few seconds view of him from the rear.

Robert Patrick in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Spraoi was written on January 31, 2016

Squatting scene

In the scene towards the beginning, when he is squatting next to the cop,his genitals are clearly visible for a few frames. His pubic hair appears to be trimmed.

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