Robert Forster in Medium Cool (1969)
bushyboy was written on December 19, 2015

Too dark

The lighting is very poor and the scenes flash quickly, but he does show his butt and does frontal.

Mariana Hill in Medium Cool (1969)
bushyboy was written on December 19, 2015

Rather dark

Yeah, she shows boobs, butt and bush, but it's rather dark and it's just flashes here and there.

Lena Stolze in Nasty Girl, The (1990)
vizier was written on December 19, 2015

2 scenes

near the beginning you see a breast when she bends over and her nightgown comes open,then a little later,breasts and brief bush as she swims

Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon (1998)
Gianobil was written on December 15, 2015

Female Perfection

Gorgeus body,pure ecstacy for the eyes.Boobs,vagina ready to be licked and her mouth starving for receiving semen in extraordinary.The best woman on earth.Feet,legs,lips everything is a simphony

Tommy Lee in Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon (1998)
Gianobil was written on December 14, 2015

A Monument between His Legs

The sex tape concerns The most famous couple of the 90 s,Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.Even if the attention was all on Pam and her gorgeous body we cannot deny the power seen inside Tommy'pants.Every time i see the tape i can t resist to the beautiful baby between the legs of this man..The world should make a statue of it.The tape showa his huge cock in different circumstances.i Will list the best in my opinion.One of the best shotd is certaintly the car scene;Tommy is driving and suddendly pull out his baby from his shorts and starts moving it with is finger.The cock is not fully erect but it is already big,veiny and juicy.Pam blows it and strokes it for a while.Now,the number one part is the Blowjob scene and man..what a scene .Tommy is fully nide along with Pam ,and his cock is on full display,hard as a rock and wet by pam s saliva.Pamela blows it like a queen and Tommh moans for the pleasure.The cock in this scene is beautiful,making both men and women wanting to suck it.The shaft is thick ,hard and the glans is like the head of a huge mushroom ready to explode.After a perfect blowjob sessiom Pam s starts to jerk it.The penis is in control lf her hand ,and you can enjoy its full beauty.Another shot is kitchen scene:Tommy is prepairing a drink fully nakes and his beast if out fully erect,almost hitting the 9 inch.The beautiful cock is hard like a stone and ready to make action.The action comes in the last scene wehere Tommy is having intercourse With pam,and his cock is in full power concluding with a great ejacultation shot.The point with Tommy s cock is that i love it too much,it is a pleause for me watching it.I am a steaight man,i love women ,love pamela anderson but i love Tommy Lee s huge cock.I would love to blow it and drink his cum since his oenis is something special,an icon ....something you can t say no.I give 10/10 to this sex tape and every point goes to that extraordinary penis.Best cock in the world,pure perfection.

Rupert Graves in Room with a View, A (2007)
cfas1 was written on December 12, 2015


It was this scene all those years ago that made me realise how beautiful the naked male body is, and I never get tired of watching.

Graves is the pick of the bunch, though the hardest to see in the best detail. Perseverance with the pause button reveals all though. A fantastic slim body, a gorgeous dark bush, and dangling from it a penis that is so, so desirable.

Definitely one to watch over and over again.

Susanna Javicoli in Private Vices, Public Pleasures (1975)
bushyboy was written on December 12, 2015

Great bush shot

Plenty of boobs, butt and bush in the movie. The best is a rear view as she raises her leg to move it over the others in the bed - fairly well lit vagina shot.

Teresa Ann Savoy in Private Vices, Public Pleasures (1975)
bushyboy was written on December 12, 2015

Plenty of nudity

Lots of boobs, butt and bush - with a penis emerging! She's covered up when she does the general so nothing to see. The Prince and her are in a scene where they swap doing each other.

Ilona Staller in Private Vices, Public Pleasures (1975)
bushyboy was written on December 12, 2015

Nice boobs

Boobs bouncing around while dancing.

Pamela Villoresi in Private Vices, Public Pleasures (1975)
bushyboy was written on December 12, 2015


Boobs, butt and bush galore many times.

Sandy Ratcliff in Last Days of Man on Earth, The (1973)
Ghostwords was written on December 3, 2015

Musical nude

Ms Ratcliff (billed as Sandy Ratcliffe) is unexpectedly seen playing a piano, completely naked (viewed from the left, we see her bare back, plus part of her left breast and seated rump). She then stands up and walks towards the camera (good frontal shot of her breasts and fulsome red bush).

Nearly 20 years later, Ms Ratcliff was one of the original regulars on the BBC soap Eastenders, playing taxi driver's wife Sue Osman.

Helle Fagralid in Skaldede spøgelse, Det (1993)
MelancholicAlcoholic was written on October 25, 2015

Skaldede spøgelse, Det (1992)

According to the Danish film database, this film is from October 1992, not 1993.
Assuming this was shot in the summer of 1992, Fagralid must have been 16. She might have been 15, if this was shot one year earlier, but there's no information about that.
Mille Lehfeldt is around 11, and also topless, but hasn't any girlparts yet, so ....

Melinda Kinnaman in My Life as a Dog (1985)
MelancholicAlcoholic was written on October 25, 2015

Going the tomboy route.

Kinnaman shows us her subtle breasts twice, and they are small but well developed. With a typical innocence she asks a boy if he doesnt'agree they have grown. She overcomes her tomboy ways at the end, when she's dressed in a very feminine dress

Sandrine Bonnaire in À nos amours (1983)
MelancholicAlcoholic was written on October 25, 2015

One of the few underage nudity in mainstream films

This is a good movie, its about a 15 year old girl, played by 15 year old actress Bonnaire.
There's good but brief nude scenes: One shot of her breast as she changes, a longer shot when she sits topless in a bed, and one shot of her butt in the distance, brief.

Lina Leandersson in Lat den ratte komma in (2008)
MelancholicAlcoholic was written on October 25, 2015

Typical Swedish realism

In many Swedish or Scandinavian films, there's some brief child nudity. "My life as a dog" comes to mind, as well as Badhuset, Kundskabens Trae. In this film, there's some very functional, non-gratutious brief nudity when Oskar peeks as his girlfriend the vampire changes dress. Almost certainly there's not a body double, since that would be diametrically opposed to Swedish customs in filmmaking. As to the assertion that that 12 year old girls don't have pubic hair ..... you must not have seen many 12 year old girls in the nude, or none at all. Plenty of 12 year olds have some sparse pubic hair. It's not as if they're 8 or something.

Eva Green in Dreamers, The (2003)
shawtymike was written on October 9, 2015

Great full frontal nudity - Incredible Large breasts with huge pink areolas

The first time I saw Eva Green was in the 2005 movie, 'Kingdom of Heaven', where she played the jerusalem queen Sibyyla. My thoughts was like "Gawd, this girl is so pretty!". In an instant, I was drawn to this young French actress's beauty and decided to do some read up on her filmography. Back then, she hasn't that much movies in her resume but there was one which had an impressive review i.e. the controversial 'The Dreamers' of course. What's controversial about this movie is the amount of gratuitous full frontal female nude scenes & uncensored male genitalia in it.

Eva was in her early 20s during filming & this also happened to be her first nude appearance in a movie. This young woman has beautiful features; gorgeous slim figure, looks intelligent & pretty face with nice legs & shapely curved hips. The first scene is when she started to dance swaying and slowly removing her floral blouse top. You get to see her 22-year-old large natural breasts (reportedly a 36C bra size) with her huge puffy pink areolas as she dances in small panties. Her breasts are pendulous, a proof that they are natural.

Shortly thereafter is the moment every straight man been waiting for, is a long look at her full frontal nudity as she prepares to have sex. She was standing stark fully naked at the door (eva has really thick pubic hair btw). You see more looks at her full frontal nudity as she had sex. At one scene, she lays on the bed naked and the camera scans slowly up her body, revealing her vaginal lips underneath a fur carpet. Moments later, the guy puts his head on her bush, and the camera lingers there as his mouth rests among her pubes. Another time, she gets into a tub with 2 guys and you briefly see her frontal (mirror) and rear nudity. After the tub scene, she argues with a guy about shaving his pubic hair, as the camera lingers on her large breasts & swollen puffy nipples which were covered with foam and massive bush. At some points in the film, she wears a see-through flimsy summer dress that reveals her breasts and thick pubes.

Another scene Eva was wearing only a sheet round her hips and a pair of long black gloves, with her ample large breasts & pink nipples on display.

I conclude that this film is a must see if you're a fan of Eva green. Eva is the goddess Aphrodite in human form for her beauty & gorgeous womanly figure. Last but not least, she will always be remembered for that natural large breasts & huge puffy pink areolas of hers.

Sharon Kelly in Boob Tube, The (1975)
vizier was written on September 28, 2015

not her best work

Sharon shows breasts and butt several times in the opening skit of this is campy and not very sexy....she has done much better(full frontal)work elsewhere

Lina Leandersson in Let the Right One In (2008)
vizier was written on September 28, 2015

this is origional title

"let me in"is the American remake of this film....anyway in her nude scene she is dressing after taking a shower and the boy peeks around the corner as she is pulling up her panties and sees her 4 or 5 pubic hairs.

Becky LeBeau in Nudity Required (1990)
vizier was written on September 28, 2015

nothing you haven't seen before

she has 5 topless scenes in the film,none all that long or arousing.

Julie Newmar in Nudity Required (1990)
vizier was written on September 28, 2015

over hyped

the filmed was hyped as "see catwoman naked" but all you see is a little side boob and butt behind a frosted shower door.all the other actresses show more.

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