Anna Levine in Outside the Law (1994)
bushyboy was written on August 8, 2015

Great nipples

There are 2 scenes with good views of her boobs that are tipped with really nice nipples.

Stephanie Swinney in Outside the Law (1994)
bushyboy was written on August 8, 2015

Not quite full frontal

There are numerous views of those luscious boobs, a great full back view, but there's never a real full frontal. She's always mostly sideways to the camera, thus only vague bush views.

Charisma Carpenter in Bound (2015)
shawtymike was written on August 5, 2015

Her first full nudity debut on TV/film

This 2014 movie was created from The Asylum film studio which is known for making and releasing low budget movies which has similar titles and plots to those of mainstream films. Despite its weak plot, those who had watched this movie would definitely agree on one thing i.e. Charisma Carpenter's first full nudity on film. Most of us who had known her since her mid 20s playing the sultry beautiful Cordelia Chase in Buffy vampire slayer series would have been dying to see a naked cordelia on screen. Well, enough of her teasing us with those sexy tight outfits & bikini, we finally got to see what he wanted. This movie has gratuitous nudity of pretty Ms Carpenter in it, at least around 4-5 occasions. At 44 years old & with one kid, she still had that great voluptuous body that could turn on any living man on earth right now. Her breasts have definitely grown bigger over the years as she matured on with age & her large brown suckable nipples/areolas, they are just spectacular. A great nudity for fans of matured & big breasted women. Two thumbs up!!

Marc McClure in Grim Prairie Tales (1990)
cecil was written on August 2, 2015

sex scene

A few frames of his bare rear end as he has sex with Michelle Joyner.

Valérie Allain in Carnal Knowledge (1971)
bushyboy was written on August 1, 2015

Not in this movie

Why she's listed here is a mystery.

Ann-Margret in Carnal Knowledge (1971)
bushyboy was written on August 1, 2015

OK nudity

At 49 minutes right boob as she's reading a paper in bed, then a full back view as she gets up to go to the shower. At 67 minutes, we get a quick side boob as she drops her robe to don a bra.

Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin (2013)
sanan243 was written on July 28, 2015

Scarlett Johansson Nude scenes besst

Scarlett Johansson Nude scenes besst:

Amina Annabi in Sheltering Sky, The (1990)
shawtymike was written on July 27, 2015

tunisian singer with massive boobs

long before amina annabi was an accomplished singer in her native tunisia, she was an international actress portraying middle eastern roles in a couple of Hollywood films. (actually, at this time, she had also been singing in tunisia & having her own music videos). I had watched her music clips and trust me, I had never knew about her gargantuan rack at all not until this movie!!! In the beginning of the movie, a then 20 years old plus amina was playing a prostitute in Morocco and john malkovich visits her for some fun. She later dropped her top off, showing her uberly massive brown tanned rack. They definitely look natural to me though. By natural genes, middle eastern women have one of the large breasts in the world. She then tries to steal his wallet and he runs from her. We see more of those heavy milkbags as she reprimand malkovich character in arabic. a great nudity if you're fan of her or middle eastern woman

Marion Cotillard in Chloé (1996)
shawtymike was written on July 27, 2015

Marion's first full frontal nudity

There are couple reasons why the nudity in this movie are awesome & is a must watch if you're a fan of Ms Cotillard. One reason is; if you had guessed correctly, it is Marion's first foray into on screen full frontal nudity & sex scenes at around 18-20 years of age. In this TV movie Marion plays a 16 year old teen girl (yes, you heard it right, 16) who runs away from home and is lured by her boyfriend into prostitution. Firstly, we will see her made to strip full frontal nude whilst dancing with some girls in a club under blue light. I would say she is one curvy young woman with gorgeous natural melons, large areolas and a full thick pubes. Secondly, come to think that she is playing a role of 16 year old, it is definitely great imagining a naked teenage girl with such large breasts & curvy body and hips. There are several more scenes, including one where she in black stockings and red panties when her boyfriend beats her with a belt. Then she strips to take a shower and soaps her large breasts. Incredible performance from a very young Marion in her first nude appearence and the nudity is top of its class.

Nikki Fritz in Virtual Encounters 2 (1998)
Jay7788 was written on July 26, 2015

Motorcycle Scene

You can see Nikki riding this guy with full frontal nudity. A+++ Nudity. Her bare breasts and perfect body are shown in this. Great video to whack off too.

Jennifer Connelly in House of Sand and Fog (2003)
DustinFed was written on July 23, 2015


It was nice

Ryan Guzman in Boy Next Door, The (2015)
Derek was written on July 19, 2015

Mostly distant rear shots

Ryan Guzman is as gorgeous as they come but as usual the director works very hard to make the shots of his nudity hard to enjoy. Most of the shots, as is largely the case for male nudity, are shot from a fair distance. Even when the camera closes in, it's hard to tell who it is exactly because his face is never in the same shot. When Ryan's love scene with JLo happens, we do get a fairly decent shot of Ryan's lovely buns. Far better than most male nude scenes, but still not nearly as good as it should/could have been.

Fiona Gubelmann in Employee of the Month (2004)
bushyboy was written on July 18, 2015

Close up of boobs

At about 42 minutes, she's sitting in a guy's lap and the camera assumes his POV for very nice views of her boobs for about a minute.

Teddy Sears in American Horror Story (2011)
gymnofrater was written on July 11, 2015

S01 E08 - Nice view of buns

Teddy Sears shows us his beautiful ass briefly but clearly twice and his full backside once in Season 1, Episode 8: Rubberman. Soon after 9:20 the gorgeous, muscular, blond actor removes his towel during an argument with boyfriend (Zachary Quinto) and shows his entire backside with bouncing buns and strong shoulders as he walks away to put on his underwear. At about 18 minutes, dressed as a cowboy, he is violently killed and his pants are pulled down in a pleasantly gratuitous exposure of his jiggling, voluptuous buns. Three stars because the nudity is clear and unobscured, not four stars because of the relative brevity of the exposures.

Harriet Eires in Seduction of Inga, The (1971)
bushyboy was written on July 4, 2015

Nice boobs

She strips for Tommy Blom, showing a nice pair.

Marie Liljedahl in Seduction of Inga, The (1971)
bushyboy was written on July 4, 2015

Nudity all through this movie

Less than a minute in, we get boobs. Then all the way to the end, there's boobs, butt many times and bush a couple of times!

Inger Sundh in Seduction of Inga, The (1971)
bushyboy was written on July 4, 2015

3 scenes

Boobs in the first, boobs and butt in the second when she seduces her 'father' and boobs and butt during the lezzie scene with Marie.

Scott Carson in Cannibal Taboo (2005)
bushyboy was written on June 27, 2015

Bed scene

As he drops his shorts and crawls up on the bed, there's a side view of his butt. If you have the DVD, his nuts are visible from a camera at a different angle.

Kat Glick in Cannibal Taboo (2005)
bushyboy was written on June 27, 2015


She shows both boobs during the ceremonies.

Ashlie Rhey in Cannibal Taboo (2005)
bushyboy was written on June 27, 2015

Lots of boobs and butt

She shows both boobs during both ceremonies many times and in the hot tub scene there's boobs and butt views.

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